Sometimes you watch an old movie that makes you think about your own life. Whatever Works is a movie by Woody Allen, that only he could make. It is insane but most of it is also hilarious! Big part of the movie is for Larry David, known for the show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. He plays Boris, but you basically see the Larry David as you know him.

The story of Whatever Works

Boris is an older man, who hates everything and finds always something wrong about anything. A Pessimist, he always thinks of the negative.Then a young woman comes into his life, played by Evan Rachel Wood, who is very optimistic and a happy person. They get married( I know it sounds insane) She is trying to make Boris think happy thoughts, as he is always so down and mad at everything.Then at one point her crazy parents come by and other funny things happen…All relationships change, to something that makes that person happier. At the end of the movie, they all start to live their lives the way they really want.


What I got out of the movie

You have to really follow your dreams and hopes, the things you want to do.

If you want to be happy you will be happy.

But if you want to be sad, you will be sad.

Happiness is a choice

You are the only one that can make yourself feel good.

You are the only one that can change yourself, or things around you.

You are the only one  that can decide if the relationships you are in are right, or need to be changed.

You make your world.

Nobody but you, choses how you live your life!

Whatever works for you!

Love, Lonneke