Today is Day 3 of my juice cleanse – the last day! I feel amazing! Last 2 days I didn’t feel great – I was sleepy all the time, that much that I had to take a few naps during the day. Which never happens to me! But I decided to give my body a rest and I just went with the flow. Good thing is I wasn’t working, so I stayed at home chilling and reading and napping!

This morning I decide to make my own grapefruit juice. I just have purchased a brand new Citrus Juicer, which can proudly take the same “5 star” rank among my other favorites: the bamboo steamer, blender and “green Star” juicerJ

To make any kind of juice, make sure that your fruits and veggies are organic.

So, pick 3 large organic grapefruits. Run through a citrus juicer. Ready!

I just LOVE the vibrant colors of  fruits and veggies!

MMMMM! yumm!!!


I just had to take this picture! “Citrus Art”