Hi guys!

I am trying to eat better so I will get rid of my cold, and I just eat what is good for me. Really trying to eat perfect…

Sometimes that means I am eating something which is not the best tasting thing, or I am  not really craving it. Ok, I also prefer to eat chocolates and cookies all the time, but fact is that that is not that good for you. Duh. So we need to find ways to either cook food that tastes good without any additional sauces and condiments added, OR find a condiment which makes the food taste good but is not so unhealthy.

I like gomasio (or gomashio). It is used in the Asian (Macrobiotic) kitchen as a seasoning. Put on the table at dinnertime for anyone to just add how much they’d like, it is just a simple mix of sesame seeds and salt. And it makes everything taste so good!

Gomasio (Salt mixed with roasted sesame seeds)

Today I made a super simple dish, that maybe looks a bit gross, but that became really yummy with the mix of gomasio in it!

My dish today
lentils, butternutsquash stew and avocado with gomasio.

I cooked green lentils until they were soft, mixed it with simple butternut squash stew I cooked with thyme, salt, pepper and a bouillon cube. I added avocado and gomasio. So delishious!

Eden foods has a nice range of organic gomasio. Sold at Whole Foods too.

Eden Foods Gomasio
Eden Foods Gomasio

Eating well is all about being creative. Be your own chef. Try out foods. Sometimes you fail, but with gomasio you almost always succeed!

Love, Lonneke