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Get the right running shoes for you

I have been trying to improve my running skills for the past years ,and I have learned and experimented with things that really makes “the ride” more enjoyable. Usually listening to the perfect playlist, having good earphones and controlling your breathing were the first steps I had in mind, but it seems to be not enough!

I have found out that wearing the right running shoes is mandatory if you’re looking to have the perfect run. In the past, not only did I not ever get a good run but also and most important: I could injury my body pretty bad.

So I did some research and visited couple shoe stores  to find the right running shoes. After a treadmill test, I had discovered my feet were over pronators, which basically means that I strike the ground with my heel and it rolls inward onto the front… Then I bought the model with most support on the back and construction to wrap up my mid foot giving it a glove- like fit. Stability and support are strict needed in my case.

See back support of my right running shoe

See back support of my right running shoe

Also because all of that , I have started to rebuild my sense of good posture, as before I did not have good shoes, but now feeling confident and protected by my new companions, I gained the consciousness on how to move my whole body. In my daily walking routine I  have been trying to correct some mistakes made in the past by continuously repeating bad habits –  it’s not as easy as it seems-determination and focus are keys to success!


my improved posture


my old bad posture















THIS video shows how I do walk on regular basis

THIS video shows how I used to walk over pronating my feet

You might also have either over pronation or under pronation. If you’re lucky, you have a neutral running gait. Check your most worn running shoes soles to see which kind are you, they should look like one of these:


The most damaged area are the ones in RED

Don’t forget to ALWAYS stand on both feet!

And good luck running with in your perfect gait!

xo Carolina



Edited. First published on March 24th 2014.

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One Response to Get the right running shoes for you

  1. christophe March 28, 2014 at 12:06 pm #

    Hello Carol,
    Thank you for your article very interesting and informative.
    It makes me really happy to see that you practice running !
    Three weeks ago, I also bought new shoes running (I have a big race next week) and it is true that a good pair of running shoes well suited to your feet is crucially to have an optimum stride.
    Thank you again for your excellent article Carol.

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