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Yesterday New York City was full of gay men and lesbians who were partying like their life depended on it. for good reason: It was the annual Gay Pride Parade!

Gay Pride NYC 2012

I love to be in NYC when this parade is happening. Everybody is so happy and smiling! The streets are a big mess (but the City cleans up perfectly at night). For me growing up in a  liberal country like the Netherlands, I do not even see the difference between straight people and gay people as a human being. They are all equal and I don’t even think twice. Unfortunately in some places in the world they still think gay people are not equal which I think is insane.  Nobody should tell you who you can or cannot love. The gay people in my life are all in long, lasting, loving relationships. So they are actually a great example of what a good relationship should have to me!

Legalize Gay
American Apparel understands it! "Legalize Gay"

I even have 2 older men in my life who I call my “Gay Dads”: George & David. Since my real dad passed away 10 years ago, they are my adopted surrogate parents. They are always there for me. whether it is to talk about my love life, or important decisions I should make, or just to hang out. I love them! And I have to say, the best remedy to get over a heartache as a girl is to hang out with gay men! They cheer you up right away!

George & David
George, David and I.

Some more things at Gay Pride NYC 2012:

A car at Gay Pride 2012
Always safe sex of course! A car is promoting this at Gay Pride 2012
Dress up at Gay Pride 2012
A lot of people did dress up at Gay Pride NYC 2012!

I can’t wait for next Gay Pride! Amsterdam Gay Pride is August 2-5 with the big Canal Parade on August 4th. Read more here.

If you want to read a touching story about what it is like to be gay and trying to get accepted, read our OYL contributor Joey Holthaus’ story: Proud to be Gay.

Love, Lonneke