There is a new phenomenon in the food world: freeze- dried snacks. Another way to snack healthy!

Freeze-dried snacks are food that have been frozen, and then by drying have been depleted from all their water content. You can do this basically with all fruits & vegetables. One bag can be  only 1.2 oz, but has been made with 12 oz of fresh fruit… or even more!

For the Winter days I found this Organic Pumpkins & Cinnamon by Nature’s All Foods. Pretty tasty I must say! Organic, non-GMO, raw & vegan. But with all the nutrients still in there, just totally dried. They also have green apples, blueberries, mixed tripical fruit to name a few of their other snacks.

pumpkin snack

See more of their products at Nature’s All Foods.

Nature's All foods

Because the snacks are now light-weight, they are very good to take with you when traveling. And I love easy, delicious and nutritious snacks!

Love, Lonneke