Food. Do you love it one day, hate it the next? Or even worse, loathe yourself for the awful consequential emotions which overeating sweet, fatty or salty foods leaves behind?…

We’ve all experienced the negative feeling of food-abuse to a greater or lesser extent, & it certainly doesn’t leave us feeling pretty! :( Usually, its sugary, processed, packaged foods which we fall the victim to eating at times of stress, discouragement or hunger & often the cravings won’t leave until the damage is done! This is a huge subject, so today I’d like to simplify it into a few do’s & dont’s we can each remember. Things which have helped me personally to understand my body better & prevent the cravings which can lead to binging.

Let’s firstly dwell on the POSITIVE! This is the secret of SUCCESS!


*NUTURE YOUR BODY WITH WHOLESOME FOODS! This means taking the time to eat nutritiously. You can either choose to listen to your body as it cries out for the essential ‘building blocks’ it desperately needs to make you healthy & happy, or silence it with all the wrong things. Foods like vegetables & fruits, are like gold. Beans, nuts, seeds, sustainably caught fresh fish (if you’re not vegetarian/vegan) or free range organic eggs & dairy are good sources of protein & are highly satisfying. Including whole grains helps to balance blood sugar levels & also natural sweeteners – like raw honey, dried fruits etc eaten in moderation. Filling your body with nutrients is the FIRST & BIGGEST LEAP forward you can make in avoiding food cravings. Fresh green drinks/juices, spirulina/green barley, leafy green vegetables in salads or lightly steamed are paramount to a healthy body daily. Green foods STOP you craving processed empty calories in a flash. Smoothies with chia seeds & hemp protein added will abound your lifestream (your blood) with so many antioxidants, good fats & nutrients that you’ll simply feel too good to crave unnatural foods & REMEMBER, eat something vitamin/mineral packed before hunger strikes.

*NUTURE YOUR MIND WITH POSITIVE THOUGHTS! Say things over in your mind like: I love my body! I love natural foods! I love the colours, the flavours, the abundance of texture, the unending variety of natural foods! I love eating avocados, strawberries, olives, almonds! I love feeling good about myself. I love salads! Etc. Imagine yourself at your most healthy YOU. Imagine yourself feeling great about the meals you can choose to enjoy daily. Beautiful foods that nourish you & taste more than delicious! :D

*TREAT YOURSELF! I like to indulge. DAILY. We like to feel a little spoiled & thats okay. It all depends on WHAT I choose, as to how my choice affects me afterwards. I love the feeling of indulging in a whole punnet of organic strawberries from the farmers markets. I love the glowing feeling of health afterwards as well. Perhaps try indulging in a few squares of dark fairtrade chocolate (a cultivated taste – you will get to like it & it helps with cravings!). So good for the body & mind. Or make a raw ice-cream out of frozen mango/banana or berries. For a salty/fatty fix, try half an avocado (or a whole one) filled with your favourite olives. My seaweed chippies are my potato crisps preference! So tasty.

*HYDRATE! So simple! So vital. Drink a few big glasses of water between meals. Herbal teas, fresh juices & plenty of raw foods at meals. Helps to prevent you craving out of plain ol’ dehydration. Keeping hydrated is a powerful positive tool against cravings. When you know you really need food, try going to the fridge/garden before the pantry.

*DISTRACTION! Sometimes we’re not hungry or craving anything. Sometimes we’re simply bored!… Sometimes we need a hug or a walk or a lesson in music/painting or dancing!… Sometimes we (me speaking to me) just love food too much! Distract yourself with something else thats nice – even a face mask, shower or visit/chat with friends. Yoga is a lovely thing to do when nothing will satisfy! Something else I love to do is read/re-evaluate my goals/pray or even lie in the sun or take a few deep breaths in the fresh air.

There’s probably more… Hmmm… What else? Ok lets move onto a few no-no’s.


*Do any of the opposite to the above. I’m sure you pretty much know what leaves you feeling grim. DON’T DO IT. DON’T HATE YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND, YOUR LIFE. DON’T FEED YOURSELF NON-FOODS (mostly stuff out of packets)… Don’t stress. THIS IS ALL A JOURNEY.

It takes time, it takes love, but by making positive choices daily – you can BEAT FOOD CRAVINGS. Mostly, by taking advantage of the option to eat all the good foods you really need & love & letting go, of the ones you know you don’t. 

Love & chocolate (pictured above is my supergorgeous pie from my up & coming book – MODEL CHOCOLATE) xxx Abigail