I hate flossing and I always “forget” it. That hasn’t been so good because I got my first cavity :(

So now I want to floss more, but how do I get it into my system? Maybe if I do it during taking a shower?  That is a good idea…

But I also don’t like how flossing works. You have  a piece of thread and you floss it in between your teeth. The thread is always too short, and your hands glide over the thread, also over the piece you already used. Yuck.

Then I found out that floss picks exist by Crest Glide!


It is super easy, you don’t have to touch your teeth and it goes much faster. Only bad thing is that it is made of plastic and since you throw it away after each use, so that means more waste and that’s not so good…

Crest Glide Floss Pick

If you still want to do it the old way, I recommend you using Tom’s or Desert Essence to floss, especially the Tom’s is nice as it has a flat floss that I like.

Desert Essence FlossTom's of Maine flat floss