I used to fly a lot all over the world, and I used to be so tired upon arrival. Well, those days were over when I found a solution: I found Peace with noise canceling headphones.

Bose noise cancelling head phones

There are many different options for noise cancelling headphones, But I got a pair of Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones. And ever since I use them on a flight, I am so much more relaxed and fit when I arrive in a new time zone.

Taking care of your health

I always eat healthy, (carrots with vitamin D to avoid a jetlag), drink lots of water, and sleep on a plane to avoid a major jetlag. But with noise cancellation headphones I sleep much better, as you don’t hear your surroundings anymore: It’s silent! The noise of the running engines mid-flight is pretty loud. I am always happy to arrive safe, but if I can do it while feeling great, that is even better. With these headphones on, it totally channels out the outside world. Listening to the movie is so nice now, and sleeping is quiet…

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Noise cancelling headphones to heal yourself

Not only does it give you a great sound when watching a movie or listening to music, it also helps your brain relax. I have a feeling that a brain that gets overstimulated with sounds or visuals can make you tired. I realized this when my health deteriorated a few years ago, when I was burned out. Any stimulation, whether it was noises or daylight was too much for me and would totally knock me out. I would spent days on end inside my home and even in bed to rest. I started wearing my noise cancellation headphones to find some peace and quiet when things got too loud, and I think that they were part of my healing. My brain was not stimulated by sounds anymore. Now I advice people who suffer from a burnout or who are sensitive to lights and sounds to try to wear these headphones to give their brain a rest. So they are able to deal with daily life if loud noises are present. Because you maybe won’t notice it, but your brain will and it will take away your energy to deal with it. A lot of people experience relief and feel more energy to function in their daily lives.

An investment in your health

The noise cancelling headphones are not cheap, but an investment in a quiet and peaceful life.

I got (an older version) of these:

Love, Lonneke