Humans consist mostly of water. That’s why we need to make sure we drink enough water during the day. Do you every think about your water supply? I do!

Tap water

Clean tap water is essential for everyone on the World. Your hygiene depends on it. Unfortunately not many people are so fortunate, but I am happy so many good causes are doing their best to bring healthy and clean drinking water to people in need. One of them is Charity: Water.

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Many places in the World do have tap water at home. The quality differs depending on where you live. Even places where the water is considered safe to drink and to shower with, can still have toxic elements in it.Water is usually clear and certain toxic elements you can not smell, see or taste. So it is smart to filter it, but that also means essential minerals are taken out. It is important you supplement these.

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Bottled water

You can drink water from bottles, but then you have to worry about BPA (Bisphenol A) a hormone disruptive chemical that is found in different kinds of plastics. Also, you have to worry about the quality of water. While mineral water from bottles have essential minerals, it is also found that many brands have tiny microplastics in the water. Yes, big chance you are drinking tiny amounts of microplastic!

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Eliminating plastic

Most brands offer their water in plastic bottles as it is easier, and you can throw it away after. But this ads to the enormous plastic soup we have in the World! There are ways to lower your plastic waste:

  • Use reusable bottles and fill them up with water
  • Buy glass water bottles instead of plastic water bottles.
  • Some companies offer them in glas bottles. I feel drinking water from glass bottled water is better, and I have been ordering glass bottles for use at home for years. Even my dog is so spoiled he usually drinks mineral water!

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home water filtration system

Right now, I am looking into ways to filter tap water at home as well. Not only to use for cooking, but also to add to my shower head so my hair will stay shinier longer (hard water has a lot of minerals like calcium, lime and magnesium can make your hair dull) and to avoid heavy metals and other potential toxic stuff. I will update this article when I found the right filtration system. There are even systems that alter the energy level of the water, or make it alkaline. So much to learn!

Basically, living well to me means every day doing everything in your power to lower your exposure to toxic substances in the air, food and water. Unfortunately it is all around us, but we can flush it out with good quality water!

Love, Lonneke

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