Lately when I have been flying on long-haul flights, my eyes become incredibly dry. It becomes so bad that it gives me a headache, nausea and when I arrive, I have to go straight to bed as I don’t feel so good.

They say that when you watch tv or look at your computer for a longer period of time, are in areas with extreme dry/dirty air, your eyes can get irritated. When you watch tv anyway, you blink your eyes less than you usually will (staring), so an eye drop could work!

I found these eye drops from Weleda in de Natuurwinkel , an organic grocery shop in the Netherlands. They are very mild to my eyes and I love them!


They are called in dutch “Oogentroost“, and in English “Euphrasia 3X“. They are homeopathic and even come in seperate ampules so you can take it with you on the plane.


Ogentroost, or Euphrasia, is a plant that people have used for ages for redness/swelling and other issues of the eyes. Read more here.

Weleda Eyesaver

The cool thing is that weleda has the”Weleda eyesaver software that you can install on your computer. Because if you stare at a computer you are less likely to blink your eyes. This tool will remind you on time to blink so your eyes don’t get red! Smart tool! (There is also a dutch explanation for this Weleda tool)

Weleda Logo 1Weleda Logo

Weleda has as their motto: ” In Harmony with Nature and the Human Being”. Since our founding, we have believed the well-being of our planet is vital to the well-being of the people”. This they do over 90 years and their products are

Since I found these eyedrops, My eyes feel much better!

What do you do to avoid dry/itchy/tired/irritated eyes?

In USA you can buy them here, and in the Netherlands here.