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fitness-motivation3Lets talk about exercise! No rather… let’s talk about EMPOWERMENT and how wonderful it is to feel powerful, healthy and sexy (or beautiful) in one’s own skin.

I’ve always been an exercise lover. From quite young I loved horseriding, swimming, running long distances and dancing. I always wished I was a ballerina. More recently I’ve enjoyed mastering the art of surfing my 9.4 longboard, and probably less than I’d like, practicing yoga. Then I wrote a book! Yes, talk about a lot of sitting, eating, and radiation! I now well and truly know how that feels. In the last 3 years I certainly have exercised a lot less than I like to recommend, and, for many days, even weeks, I skipped exercise altogether. The awful thing is – the less you exercise, the less you feel like exercising, and the worse you feel all over – all of the time! The great thing is – The more you exercise, the more you become utterly addicted to the wonderful way you feel in all aspects of your life, and in every moment of the day or night! ;)

Most recently, I’ve been tapping back into my usual obsession with exercise… and LOVING IT. I’ve began Bikram Yoga once a week, throwing in the odd walk and surf, and its working wonders on my perspective, body, and strength.

Here I am trying on a new sporty outfit on my anniversary last week! I felt so so good!… EXERCISE truly does = EMPOWERMENT! I wore it to a local Bikram class, and I’m sure it helped me perform with even greater stamina! The more I exercise, the prettier and more energetic I feel which in turn makes me want to exercise more; which then makes me feel more satisfied and excited about life. This is the power of exercise. Let’s tap into it!
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EXERCISE creates a dynamic shift in the way you feel. Don’t think about it, ‘just do it‘ as Nike says, and when you ‘lose your breath’, be sure to ‘find your answers’ ~ image Abigail O’Neill for Lorna Jane active wear – 2009

And remember… we’re not living in heaven, so there’ll always be some aspect of PAIN in a day! You choose. I choose. We either choose “Joy now (sitting around, choosing not to exercise), pain later (feelings of ‘fat’, ‘ugly’, ‘moody’, ‘unhealthiness’)” OR we choose “Pain now (exercise!), joy later (incredible feelings of ‘elation’, ‘beauty’, ‘body acceptance’)” – hmmm what’s it going to be today?… I must confess after all that typing, I’m desperate for a beautiful walk in the fresh Winter air!

Stay well, strong, spoiled!! xxx Love Abigail

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  1. christophe July 29, 2013 at 11:17 am #

    Hello Abigail and thank you for this beautiful article.
    Not better than you to prove that exercise is good for health, good for the body and head.
    Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re still not convinced that exercise is good for you, Abigail has three children, look at the pictures and see for yourself the merits of exercise daily !!
    I like exercice too, if I don’t make a minimum of daily exercise, I die, it’s like a drug to me.
    Eat healthy, get regular some exercises is the key to a happy and fulfilled life, I think.
    (Woww! I don’t live next to the sea, otherwise I really would have loved to try to learn to surf, the feeling of gliding on waves must be really something extraordinary, I think !).
    Thank you again Abigail for your great Article.

    • Abigail ONeill July 31, 2013 at 1:28 am #

      Thanks Christophe you always say such nice things! and yes agreed exercise becomes such a healthy drug/addiction, well worth the effort all round :)

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