Recently, I did a live stream with Brazilian top model Carolina Fontaneti about “energy healing”.  It became a lovely chat about life, work, Coronavirus and the energy around us that can help us heal ourselves.

Carolina Fontaneti

Carolina and I know each other for years already as we did a photoshoot together many years ago in Milan, Italy for the fashion brand “Fay”. We were represented by the same agency, and we became friends after that shoot.

Lonneke for Fay, with top model & OYL contributor Carolina Fontaneti, booked by IMG Milan

Organice Your Life

Carolina also became interested in organic food, and we cooked many times together. We had many different brainstorm sessions in my loft, and wonderful conversations over dinner or brunch over the years.  Carolina became an author for and started contributing many amazing articles about her work, good food, and spirituality.

Cat’s Healing

Over the years I saw Carolina become a strong woman finding her voice, and she became more and more interested in spiritual practices like meditation and healing gems. She started making her own jewelry with amber from Lithuania, a natural product that has been around for many thousands (even millions) of years! Many ancient stories say that amber has healing properties. I bought a necklace from her and wear it frequently. You can find her Cat’s Jewelry online!

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Energy healing

Now it is time to chat about self healing, energy healing and healing jewelry. Thanks to your questions it became a nice chat live all the way from Brazil and the USA!

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Love, Lonneke