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Editorial Policy


Organice Your Life LLC (“Organice Your Life” or “we” or “us” or “our” or other similar pronouns) and the editors of (the “Site”) and the Organice Your Life® Online Magazine and Newsletter (the “OYL Magazine”) are ultimately responsible for all decisions concerning the content of the Site and the OYL Magazine. In selecting content, the editors of the Site and the OYL Magazine work in consultation with the staff and with other members of Organice Your Life.

We welcome suggestions concerning content but can make no assurances regarding the use of suggested or provided material. Although the Site and no single issue of the OYL Magazine can fully reflect the diversity of the readers of the Site and the OYL Magazine, the editors of the Site and the OYL Magazine will make every effort to represent, over the course of time, the great diversity of interest, opinion and background inherent in the Site and the OYL Magazine’s readership.

Statements and opinions expressed in the Site and in the OYL Magazine are those of the bylined contributors or of the editorial staff, and do not necessarily represent the official position of Organice Your Life.

In covering controversial topics, the magazine will make every effort to provide balanced coverage and a representative mix of opinions. Since, despite all disclaimers, the Site and the OYL Magazine may be interpreted in courts of law as an official voice of Organice Your Life, when an article deals with a topic that is the subject of real, pending or probable litigation involving Organice Your Life, the editors will consult with legal counsel before proceeding with publication. In such cases, the article will be published only if legal concerns can be met without damaging the journalistic integrity of the article in question.

All articles are subject to editing by Organice Your Life and its editors and staff members. As a courtesy, programs and people prominently featured in an article may be given the opportunity to preview portions of the story that concern them in order to check the accuracy of quotes and facts. The final decision on changes to the article belongs, however, to Organice Your Life and its editors and staff members.

Words that are generally agreed to be obscene should not be included gratuitously in the Site and in the OYL Magazine, including without limitation, literature, blogs, comments, articles, letters or notes therein, and will be edited out if their omission does not damage the integrity of the text. Such words will be published only when they are an integral part of a quotation, title or other cited passage that adds essential meaning or context to an article. It is not the policy of Organice Your Life to replace characters with asterisks or to otherwise disguise objectionable words.

Photographs that purport to depict an actual event should not be manipulated in any way other than cropping and correction for color, sharpness, brightness and contrast. Photographs used as illustrations of features are subject to greater manipulation, but should be labeled “Photo illustration” if they involve substantial alterations to the image that may not be obvious to the reader.

We reserve the right to determine whether material submitted for publication in the Site and the OYL Magazine shall be published and reserve the right to delete, modify, edit or rewrite, as needed, for space, libelous statements, length, spelling, grammar or personal unwarranted attacks, and to fit the format of the Site and the OYL Magazine. It is the policy of Organice Your Life to disallow any attacks of individuals and refuse to print any article deemed improper or unfit for publication. No article, blog, comment or the like will be published that in any way demeans or insults any individual or entity. The decision to use any articles, blogs, comments, questions, answers, message boards, or the like submitted shall be at the discretion of Organice Your Life, and Organice Your Life reserves the right to delete anything that violates its Terms and Conditions or that we deem inaccurate, misleading, threatening or offensive. All material submitted must be signed (name withheld upon request). Opinions are those of the individual writer and not necessarily those of Organice Your Life. User-generated content is not typically reviewed by Organice Your Life and is not edited for content or accuracy.

Organice Your Life may change this Editorial Policy at any time in its sole discretion. If Organice Your Life makes changes to this Policy, the updates will be posted here.

If you have a question or comment about our Editorial Policy, please send an e-mail to

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