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Dutch Design Week

From 22 till October 30th was the tenth edition of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. This is a week full of events and exhibitions dedicated to what’s happening in design in Europe. Approximately 1500 designers showcase their work at about 300 events on 65 locations in industrial design, graphics, textile, fashion, architecture, sustainable design and trends.

There isn’t just room for established names in the industry but the locations are a mix of showcases with new and up and coming talents as well, and is even the location for the graduation exhibition of the internationally renowned Design Academy in Eindhoven.

During this week there was a lot of attention for sustainable design, like a special dedicated route visitors could take, many individual designs, design shop hosted organic drinks and there was the launch of The Green Design Competition.

I took some time to explore the Dutch Design Week (DDW) and went looking for the green world of design.

At the Temporary Concept Store there was an organic drink with performances and exhibitions by young designers of which most of them were using sustainable materials or very innovative concepts which allowed the clothes to be used in many ways.

Multifunctional sweaters by ELEMENTUM

Dresses made from paper by “Paper to party”

Biodegradable leather bags by KYMM (made from the same leather as OAT shoes)

Then I went to the Design Academy graduation exhibition and I was very happy to see that there were many new designers working on sustainable or social projects.

These were some of my favorites:

Looms with the once popular wool from the island of Texel designed to be used for people with mental inpairments by Wolwaeren

3D scan in a project about sizes and bodyimages by Maya Zimmerman (in the booklet there were many photos with different body images and how it’s dealt with in the press. OYL’s Kate Dillon was in one of them!)

DIY wine making set by Sabine Marcelis

Tap water catafes that represent whether the water is ground, surface or dune water by Lotte de Raadt

Living on leftovers is a project by Noesjka Klomberg that helps farmers sell the produce that they were unable to sell to supermarkets but are still perfectly fine for consumption.

Dolls created from your favorite old T-shirt by POP-its

DIY made easy. Choose and cut out the shape of your new dress yourself thanks to the patterns designed by Marly van Lipzig

Money with a message by Michael Kluver

Outdoor shower heated by the sun

Beautiful and innovative laundry tree by Launtree

Low-tech evaporation watercooler by Bastiaan Hemmes

Wooden textiles by Lenneke Langenhuijsen

Textiles made from waste and local materials by Jetske Visser

Natural pigment injection by Yannic Alidarso

There was so much more to see. If you ever happen to be in The Netherlands during Dutch Design week make sure you visit Eindhoven!

Irene Dirks 

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2 Responses to Dutch Design Week

  1. Irene Dirks November 7, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    My favorite was the beautifull launtree (want one ASAP when I have a garden)
    And the money with a message! wouldn’t it be great to have a message like the ones on sigarette packages that make you think twice before you spend? (Do you really own this money? or do you really need to buy this?)

  2. wilma November 24, 2011 at 11:15 am #

    Thank you Irene! A nice overview of the best DDW projects. It was sooooo inspiring to be there!

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