When I do my laundry, I use a dryer for towels, but most of my clothes I let dry on a rack inside my home, or I dry them  outside, with nature helping me ( If the weather is good of course).

About 6% of annual total electricity use in a family home seems to come from drying clothes with a dryer. As the clothing dryer takes a lot of electricity each time you use it, it is the best choice for the environment to dry it with help of the sun and wind.

Besides that, the laundry dried this way stays better, longer. Yes a dryer makes the clothes feel softer, but it actually weakens the fabric ( the lint is pieces of fabric out of your clothes) And drying it outside doesn’t do that. The sun also helps clear up stains, and makes whites look whiter. (this of course if you live in an area with little air polution)

It is good to think about things you do at home every day, and find ways to keep your clothing in shape longer, and saving money as well!

Here are some nice site with more tips!



Love, Lonneke