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vegetarian gyros

Delicious fast food recipe

vegetarian gyros

This is a great dinner if you are craving something delicious but fast!

First of all, I don’t like to cook for hours, so all my dishes are made in a short amount of time.

Shopping list for 1 (try to buy organic and local when possible):

– 1 Sweet potato, medium to large

– Cottage cheese (hüttekäse organic  by Latois)

– Half a cucumber

– 1 Tomatoes

– 2  Onions or scallions

– 2 Garlic cloves

– Aoïli (you can make this yourself too, Jamie Oliver has a delicious recipe on his site)

– Salt/pepper

– Mild olive oil to stir fry with (or another healthy oil to stir fry with to your liking, like tea oil)

– Vegetarian gyro (gyros) from a health food store. I love the one from Healthy Planet that I buy at Ekoplaza. But there are other brands too, just google it online!  ( for this dish you can also use seitan or other stir fry vegetarian pieces, to stir fry too with some of your favorite spices, or if you eat meat, go find organic lean gyro(s) or other lean meat to stir fry with. Ask your local organic butcher. I still believe vegetarian is better for you and the environment so that is my preference)

Total price: less than €9  per person for this dish. The vegetarian gyro(s) by Healthy Planet I bought was €3.39 (good for 2 people or if you are hungry you can eat the whole thing), the cottage cheese by Latois €1.69, Aoili by Florentin for one package costs €3,19 (you can use this one for a long time as you only need a large spoon or so, so per portion it is under a Euro) The rest of the 3 Euros is for a tomato, a cucumber,sweet potato, garlic and onions. I think everything you can buy a version in the regular supermarket, but this type of Gyro(s) I only find in a health food store as Ekoplaza. You can use other stir fry products that are vegetarian at most supermarkets worldwide though!

How to make:

Cook the sweet potatoes in their skin in water with a pinch of salt, until they soften a bit. Take them out, dry them, put a cut in the middle.

While the sweet potatoes cook, you cut the tomatoes, onions or scallions and the garlic cloves and stir fry it with the gyro(s) in a bit of olive oil. If your gyro is seasoned you don’t have to add seasoning. But if you use seitan you have to add a bit of salt, pepper and herbs to your liking. Add the stir fried gyro(s) on your plate.

Cut the cucumber and place on also your plate. Add a spoon of aioli.

Fill up the sweet potato with cottage cheese (hüttekäse), add a bit of salt and pepper on top. Add on your plate.This dish takes about as long as the potatoes have to cook. Because in the period they cook you prepare the rest of your food!


Love, Lonneke







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