I made it to 100 consecutive days of the NYC lockdown! From Covid 19 to Chaos, I am sharing it all with you.

NYC Lockdown

This was my message at the beginning of the NYC Lockdown:

“I am a homebody by heart, so I have been preparing for this NYC lockdown all my life it feels like! It feels NYC has finally adjusted to my lifestyle. I am going to keep you posted on what is really going on in NYC and what I have to deal with as a resident of this amazing city. So subscribe to my channel  and chat with me daily at 3.30pm!”

100 days of livestreams

So I did 100 days of every day doing research and live chatting with my viewers. It was so much fun! I learned a lot along the way. I fine-tuned my research & speaking skills, and the routine every day definitely kept me sane. I had some anxiety the first time going live, but the breathing technique I learnt from my girlfriend Maruja in a live video we did, helped me A LOT. I encourage you watching that video and trying it too if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks once a while!

Now I have finished the 100 days and I am proud of myself that I made it. I am going to do more livestreams in the future, but first I am going to take a bit of time to recover from it, and focus on other tasks I have to do. I hope it was informative for you and that you enjoyed it as well! Please Subscribe to my Youtube Channel and you will get a notification when I am online again!

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And see all the other daily videos HERE: LONNEKE ENGEL YOUTUBE NYC LOCKDOWN UPDATE.

This is how I started:

My first video during the NYC lockdown:

…. and this was the last one with all videos and photos my husband and I took over the past 100 days. Watch it and enjoy!

Day 100 video of the NYC lockdown


Love, Lonneke