The Climate Action Summit 2019 at the United Nations is happening this week in New York City. Many leaders from all over the World are coming together to talk about climate change. 

What about Climate Change

Let me start with going back about 10-12 years in time. In 2007 I went to school to become a Certified Health Counselor. I started Organice Your Life a bit later, and I was super focused on green living and doing good for the environment. I remember presidential candidate Al Gore made a documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth, and preach for the protection of the Earth, with something he called “Global Warming”.



He said that in a few years ice would melt, and places like New York City would be under water. Of course I did not want that to happen so I started buying eco-friendly products instead of regular ones, eliminating plastic bags and using a sturdy reusable shopping bag, using a bike instead of a taxi, even offsetting flights. Then I became chronically ill and I had to use all my energy towards my healing. I missed a few years about what was going on.  Now in 2019, I kind of woke up in a different World. Well actually, the World is still here like it was in 2007. New York City is still doing fine (so far). There is still ice in the places Al Gore warned us there wouldn’t be “in a decade from now”. The only big difference is that we don’t talk about Global Warming that much anymore, it has become “Climate Change”. Al Gore is not the Spokesperson anymore, Greta Thunberg is.

Greta Thunberg, 16 year old Climate Activist

It is impossible to not have seen this 16 year old girl on the news this past year. Instead of going to school, she  was basically on TV daily urging politicians for more actions against the change of the climate, whether it was with her sailboat sailing to New York City instead of going on a flight (because the carbon footprint of her flying on an airplane is “bad”), or the many protests that she has attended.  She gave a passionate speech at the UN today:


Activists & Deniers

There now seem to be 2 groups: “the Activists”, and the “Deniers” who think it is one big “climate hoax”. I consider myself a person that uses common sense to analyze an issue. What I learned about the Global Warming warnings from 2006-2007 is that some have turned out not to be the Truth. I was a bit disappointed because I had been so worried before! What I learned is that Scientists do not know everything, they can not 100% claim to know what is going to happen in the future. They can look back in history to see a trend, but you never know if that trend is going to continue. And at this moment there are  different scientists who claim different things on WHY the climate is changing and what needs to be done about it. 

When I speak to people who were born decades before I was born, they mention that there was a time they even warned us for a cooling of the Earth. In the 50’s people were worried about nuclear wars and they built shelters. It seems that at any moment in time in our history, people are worried (or made to think they should worry) about something that could happen. Luckily most of these catastrophic events did not happen. The truth is we never know what tomorrow will bring. We could be hit by a meteorite, or aliens could invade us (maybe they already did!).

My position on climate change in 2019

Too many people are focused on stopping or reversing climate change with questionable measures that could end up being very counterproductive in the end. Spending trillions of money, killing good economies along the way. I believe Climate change IS happening. It has happened for millions of years. We have had ice ages (some scientists actually say that we are due for another one if you believe the trends from the past). We have had periods of drought, and periods of extreme weather. We have even had catastrophic events happen that wiped out whole civilizations (AND even dinosaurs!) .

Who thinks we can stop the climate change of Mother Earth? I don’t think so. Mother Earth is too powerful. We do need to be prepared though. And that is something that I totally miss from the current discussion: climate change is real. What are people going to do when certain places become inhabitable? what are we going to do to be self-sustaining, how are we going to build homes? Maybe we need to build homes more in the ground instead of on top. Maybe we need to fly less due to more heavy storms, or build different airplanes, Maybe we need to focus on technology to make drinking water out of sea water. Just some ideas. I do not think the discussion between the activists and the “deniers” is that there is climate change happening, I think the difference is that one side thinks they can do something to stop it, while the other doesn’t think so and thinks we should just be prepared as it comes.

The hypocrisy of climate activists

Climate activists say we should change to different energy sources, we should stop flying, we should eat less meat. But while the things they propose sound good, sometimes they are again counterproductive, and sometimes they are themselves complete hypocrites. I mean, remember when Prince Harry started an initiative to offset emissions from flights while flying private 4 times in 11 days?  Or all the “big shots” who flew 1500 private jets to Davos to discuss climate change.? And while each child adds enormously to your carbon footprint on this Earth, it is still very weird to me when politicians and celebrities wanting climate change action are at the same time happy when they welcome a child, let alone a second, third or even a fourth one. Having one fewer child will save 58.6 tonnes (!!!) of CO2-equivalent per year. This is an enormous impact if you, for instance, compare it to what you will save if you eat a plant-based diet. That will save you “only” 0.82 tonnes. (source: Wynes & Nicholas, Environmental Research Letters) What I am trying to say is: STOP BEING HYPOCRITES. Don’t tell others what to do when you don’t do it yourself. Walk. The. Talk. or just shut up.


At moments, Climate Change Activism seems to me a total propaganda machine, even using vulnerable children to scare other children and their parents like I was scared back in 2006. A tactic to get the regular people to spend their hard earned cash on measures for lowering emitted greenhouse gasses, that might not even make that much of a difference in the total climate change that is happening. All while the Elitists who campaign for it keep enjoying their privileges.


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A clean environment

While we talk about climate change, one topic has completely lost your attention: The environment. You see, climate and environment are 2 different things. You have enormous impact on your environment. How clean the streets are, how clean the water and air is, how fertile the soil is where you live, how many trees you have in your community. I like to focus on things and activities with a big impact. I mean, protesting during a Global Climate Strike is great, but can you imagine the impact if all those millions of people  putting on gloves, and picked up a shovel and a garbage bag? The neighborhoods would be so clean and nice!

Luckily there are some people who do go to neighborhoods and clean up. We know that especially Los Angeles and San Francisco are suffering from waste all scattered on the streets. Medieval diseases have made a comeback like Typhus. Rodents haven taken over whole neighborhoods. Since politicians haven’t done anything about it for decades, Scott Presler  AKA The Persistence decided to start the Cleanup Movement. He first went to clean up Baltimore, and other cities, and on September 21st he went to Los Angeles and cleaned up more than 50 tonnes of garbage with 200+ volunteers. Amazing!

You see it is easy to start a movement within your own community by inspiring others to come help clean up and make your community green, clean and a place to be proud of!

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Love, Lonneke