My Pea Soup Recipe.

Ingredients for 2:

* 4 Handfuls of green peas (frozen)

Green Peas

* 3pieces of celery


*  handful celeriac leaves

celeriac leaves

* 3 Green onions

green onion

* Vegetable stock (cube or half a liter)

* Olive oil (table spoon)

spoon of olive oil

*Fresh Thyme


*stockpot with 6 cups of water.

* Salt


How to make it

Cut the veggies in piece and add to stockpot. Boil water and turn low. Add salt, pepper and the olive oil to your liking. Add the fresh thyme. Simmer low for 45 minutes. Remove thyme when serving.


P.s. I added a slice of multigrain bread with red pepper harissa spread and 2 slices of smoked mozzarella with pepper on top, yum!