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Christmas Spectacular New York

Christmas in New York City top 5

When you are in New York City in December, there is a lot to do for grownups and kids. And they are not all pricey. In fact, some are for free! Here is my top 5 activity for Christmas in New York City.

NYC snow

1. Go see the Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes at Radio City Hall. I have been many times and I still get mesmerized by the wonderful performance and Christmas theme of this show. If you are in NYC in November or December, you must try to get tickets to see the show. It will definitely give you the Christmas spirit. In the busy Holiday season they have up to 6 (!) shows a day! (price depends on date and time) an impression (also find the Youtube channel: RadioCityChristmas for more videos) The are performing until the end of December.


Read my article on the Radio City Christmas Spectacular

2. Watch Home Alone 2 and go see the Plaza hotel for yourself from Central Park. (free) When in Central Park, go ice skating at Wollman rink, and then walk over to the Plaza hotel. downstairs of the Plaza hotel they have a cute food court you can check out. You can also go into the Plaza for a Breakfast buffet in the morning.

and full movie:

3. You can also take a trip to Rockefeller Plaza. You can see the biggest Christmas tree you will ever see! You can  go iceskating there too. And if you turn around, across the street of 5th Avenue, you can see the 3D show at Saks Fifth Avenue at night!

Home Alone Christmas Tree

During the Holiday season, Saks Fifth Avenue always had huge snow flakes ornaments on their building that would light up with a musical show,  but in 2013 they unveiled their 3D show on the building that they perform every night from 5pm to 11pm. You just have to wait and see when the show starts! (free)

4. Not very healthy, but If your kids love candy, desserts or sweets, you should go toDylan’s Candy Bar (Ralph Lauren’s daughter). And you should drink frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3, the best Frrrozen Hot Chocolate in the World, just like Sara and Jonathan in the movie Serendipity did.  Hey, it is a Holiday right?

serendipity frozen hot chocolate

5. Go shopping for gifts at the Holiday Market at Columbus Circle at the South West corner of Central park, or  Union Square South. Or Visit F.A.O. Swarz, a very nice toy store (next to the Apple store uptown at 5th Avenue), and play the enormous piano, like in the movie “Big”. Even a grown-up feels like a kid again!



(These  above attractions are all uptown around Central Park South except Union Square Holiday market.)

If you want more inspiration read my post on the NEW YORK CITY WINTER MOVIES TOUR AND LOCATIONS IN NYC YOU CAN VISIT!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Lonneke

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