I was born, raised and educated in a country that I’ve always loved but that never exceeded my expectations. That’s because every single one of us Brazilians knows how valuable our land is – talking about ALL aspects !This is the first time after a long period, people are finally going to the streets to claim their needs and to fight against what our country is facing… It all begun with a 0,20 cents of Reais ( around 0,08 of us dollars) increase on public transportation fares. For one single ride on buses, the paulistano ( citizens of São Paulo) paid R$ 3,00 Reais already.

People say, and I agree : Brazilians are not fighting only because of 0,20 cents, but for a greater cause! We’ve been dealing with bad governor’s administration for so long that I cannot remember when people were really satisfied.

I feel strongly about this, and I can’t wait to see by beloved country finally turning into something I’ll be even prouder of. Brasil is destined to be BIG: Change Brazil!

So for those not knowing what’s going on, protests dimensions are increasing everyday and tomorrow will be the 6° act happening in the whole country and more…! It all started and got bigger helped by the social medias – so people started going to the streets leaving their homes, jobs and computers behind. The streets are the stage now.

Supporting Brazilian protestants coming from all over the globe are adding forces to the revolution by getting together to protest, so of course I was one of them when it reached New York city!

Watch the video #CHANGE BRASIL and see the pictures to have an idea of what we are all asking for:

[youtube id=”AIBYEXLGdSg” mode=”normal” align=”center”]

Protect your nation, care about leaving next generations a better and united COUNTRY.

XO Carol