Olympic Gold Medal London 2012

Go for GOLD! part 1

Olympic Gold Medal London 2012
Olympic Gold Medal London 2012

Are you watching the Olympics in London?

Are you just as inspired to get in shape by all these amazing athletes? I know I am!

Swimming just finished, And the Netherlands had great success with 2 Gold medals by Ranomi Kromowidjojo besides some silver and bronze medals. I recently interviewed Ranomi about her sport and inspiration and you can watch that interview here:



Ranomi Kromowidjojo
Ranomi Kromowidjojo
Go Ranomi
Family of Ranomi are there to support her
Ranomi with 3 medals
Ranomi on Instagram @RanomiKromo

Other great achievements were the ones from Team USA Michael Phelps becoming the athlete with the most Olympic  (Gold) medals ever won by any Olympic athlete in history.

Michael Phelps
Michael Phelps

Ryan Lochte was also successful and won medals, but he was more in the news because of his looks and what his mom said about him and women. He is also in the race to become #HottestOlympicAthlete. A contest I am holding on Twitter. Join me there if you want to tell me which athlete, man or woman, you think is the hottest one!

Ryan Lochte
Ryan Lochte

I watched all the swimming from my cute hotel room in Paris because I was in Paris to work:

My Paris hotel room
My Paris hotel room
My Paris view with Eiffel Tower in background
My Paris view with Eiffel Tower in background
Lonneke work in Paris
Lonneke work in Paris in an old Mansion/Night club


The rest of the week I am going to enjoy the equestrian sports. The Dutch team can win a team medal and Adelinde Cornelissen & her horse Parzival could potentially win an individual medal as well in dressage.. Great-Britain and Germany are other contestants that could win a medal in this discipline... Germany already won team Gold in the Eventing and at this moment all countries are competing in Jumping as well... exciting!

Extra attention to Salinero, the horse ridden by Anky van Grunsven in dressage: It is 2 TIME OLYMPIC GOLD WINNER Salinero's 3rd Olympic Games and with his 18 years old he might be a Senior but he is in really amazing shape! Anky is up for her 7th (!) Olympic Games. They are up for a good placing as well!

Anky van Grunsven & Salinero
Anky van Grunsven & Salinero

See their Olympic Gold ride in Beijing 2008 here:


Good Luck to all remaining athletes competing. May the best one win!

What are your favorite sports or athletes? Let me know who you are rooting for!

Love, Lonneke

Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden

People come down to Miami to enjoy a sunny weather and a beautiful beach. But if you can’t imagine what else to do here, I highly recommend visiting Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden. It is about 1 hour drive from South Beach toward Fort Lauderdale.

I went there couple of days ago and I was so amazed! It is beautifully arranged landscape filled with lots of different gardens. Each one of those gardens has it own theme but all of them has a significant touch of a Japanese culture. Take a look at the pictures I took from there:

Me and my sister giving food to turtles

"rock garden" :

structure made of rocks:

bonsai tree:

me,  eating fake soba, made of used elastics (now thats recycled or what?!!)) at the Japanese museum that located on the territory:

PS. ofcours i didn't swallow it, otherwise i wouldn't be writing this post

This is japanese farmer who, after his death, donated his land to Florida State. The land eventually became what it is today:


visit  www.morikami.org for more info

Teresa Lourenco

Introducing top model Teresa Lourenco

Our newest member of the Organice Your Life®  family is top model Teresa Lourenco. Born in Trinidad, and raised in Germany, she currently lives in NYC with her young family. You might have seen her face in multiple advertising campaigns throughout the years, as well as her lead roll in Lenny Kravitz’ “Again” video. She has a young, healthy daughter and lives a Raw food lifestyle. From now on she will share her secrets to her perfect physique with us, as well as how to raise a child on a mostly raw and vegan diet.

5 Quick questions with top model Teresa Lourenco.

Teresa Lourenco

 1. You are a rawfoodie, what does that mean?

Teresa: Being a rawfoodie means eating everything that is still alive and uncooked. Once you cook foods above 104 degrees it looses all the enzymes and most of the vitamins and minerals.  The diet consist of eating fresh vegetables , nuts , seeds,salads and fruit in the purest form . Nothing is processed.   

Teresa Lourenco
Teresa Lourenco for Elle

 2. What is your favorite food?

Teresa: I have so many favorite foods. A few things I couldn't live with out are coconuts , avocado, kale, hemp seeds, water melon, spinach, lemons  all fruits and green leaves  and salads. My favorite meal is a huge salad with mixed greens preferable fresh from the farmers market with avocado , hemp seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, sea salt and cayenne pepper.

Teresa Lourenco
Teresa Lourenco for Cosmopolitan

 3. Favorite restaurant in NYC?

Teresa: My  favorite restaurants are Pure Food and WineCaravan of Dreams Quintessence and ABC Kitchen. Sorry couldn't just pick one. If I had to choose just one it would be Pure Food and Wine. These are just my favorite spots in NYC.

Teresa Lourenco

 4. What is your easy thing to take care of your skin or take off makeup?

Teresa: An easy take on skin is to eat the right foods. The purer the better. What you put into you body reflects to your skin. My skin care lines are very cheap and very simple.I wash my face with Dessert essence tea tree oil( I have been using it for over 10 years) . Then I spray my face with pure Rose water from Heritage.( Been using rose oil for 16 years). My moisturizers and serum's are the only things that I switch up but it has to be natural preferably organic . I love organic Argan oil for my face at night.  For my body I use pure coconut oil or rose oil . I take my make up off with Rose water.

Teresa Lourenco

 5. Favorite memory of a photo shoot? My favorite memories of photo shoots are always the one's shooting in a tropical Island and feeling like I am on a vacation rather than at work. Eating fresh local foods and drinking lots of coconut water. I have always been the one to request coconuts whenever I am working in a tropical place.

Teresa Lourenco

Teresa in Lenny Kravitz "Again" video:


Simple Steps to Detoxing

I just want to highlight a few small steps and additions you can make into your life, that are simple, easy, but truly make the world of a difference.

The important thing to remember: Do not get so caught up in eliminating this or that, but focus on adding healthy meals, practices and thoughts into your life! The moment you start adding, your live will abundantly change for the better, and everything else will fall into place. It is all about balance, and treating your body with gentle love and care. Therefore do not stress over the things that you are forgoing, focus on the good, and with time the perfect balance will be found for you and your body

My simple detox steps:

Dry Brushing

Do this before you shower or bath in the morning. It helps drain and stimulate the lymphatic system. It also improves skin texture and appearance (Hello summer and short shorts :) )

Coconut Oil

Use this after your shower/bath or anytime as a moisturizer. Hands down, best moisturizer you will ever use! Val wrote an amazing post on its benefits and uses. All natural, multi-purpose, life-saver.


Sometimes this is both over-looked and under-rated, but in my opinion the most important! As if you do everything else, but are getting a few hours sleep a night, everything else will be negated. So as you begin this week, set the intention of catching a few more zzzzzzzz's than normal.


Lavender, peppermint, ylang-ylang, moroccan rose... any essential oil. Use them to relax, fall asleep, as scents, in the bath.


Drink, drink, drink as much as you can. H2O will naturally detox your body by flushing out all the unnecessary toxins and dead cells. Have a hot cup in the morning with fresh lemon, and carry around a reusable water bottle throughout the day. Heaps of fluids is key, for all of your bodies functions. Dehydration can produce some nasty side affects.


Green Juice (or any veggie green)

Try to drink a green juice everyday! Give yourself this challenge. If this is unattainable, then plan to eat as many green vegetables in a day as you can. Try different varieties of kale, lettuce, broccoli, green beans... the choices are endless. Green = the best.


If ever in doubt, or if you are feeling a bit off, simply sit down with a cup of tea and try to relax and let the days worries melt past you. There a million teas to try so you will never get bored, and with sweeter teas available, they will help curb people who have major sweet tooth's :) My favorites are: Egyptian mint green tea (Gypsy), Kava Stress Relief  (Yogi), Rooibos, peppermint

Quiet time

Pray, meditate, take 10-15 minutes of complete solitude. Sometimes we just need the time to just be. No distractions of any kind. Allow yourself these moments, to be thankful, regain energy, or just to be still.

Get moving

Walk, run, jump, play... just get your body moving and your heart rate up and SWEAT!

I hope this helps a little!

Just remember to be gentle with yourself, listen to your body and know that any and every healthy choice that you make is a big deal. Don't get too caught up with the details, just start adding more of this into your life, and you will notice instant changes.

Legalize Gay

Gay Pride NYC 2012

rainbow flag 1

Yesterday New York City was full of gay men and lesbians who were partying like their life depended on it. for good reason: It was the annual Gay Pride Parade!

Gay Pride NYC 2012

I love to be in NYC when this parade is happening. Everybody is so happy and smiling! The streets are a big mess (but the City cleans up perfectly at night). For me growing up in a  liberal country like the Netherlands, I do not even see the difference between straight people and gay people as a human being. They are all equal and I don't even think twice. Unfortunately in some places in the world they still think gay people are not equal which I think is insane.  Nobody should tell you who you can or cannot love. The gay people in my life are all in long, lasting, loving relationships. So they are actually a great example of what a good relationship should have to me!

Legalize Gay
American Apparel understands it! "Legalize Gay"

I even have 2 older men in my life who I call my "Gay Dads": George & David. Since my real dad passed away 10 years ago, they are my adopted surrogate parents. They are always there for me. whether it is to talk about my love life, or important decisions I should make, or just to hang out. I love them! And I have to say, the best remedy to get over a heartache as a girl is to hang out with gay men! They cheer you up right away!

George & David
George, David and I.

Some more things at Gay Pride NYC 2012:

A car at Gay Pride 2012
Always safe sex of course! A car is promoting this at Gay Pride 2012
Dress up at Gay Pride 2012
A lot of people did dress up at Gay Pride NYC 2012!

I can't wait for next Gay Pride! Amsterdam Gay Pride is August 2-5 with the big Canal Parade on August 4th. Read more here.

If you want to read a touching story about what it is like to be gay and trying to get accepted, read our OYL contributor Joey Holthaus' story: Proud to be Gay.

Love, Lonneke

Workout playlist: 12 songs that make me push a little harder

Music is essential to my daily workout (ok, almost daily)! I picked some of my faves for you, these always get me running a little bit faster... What are your favorites workout songs?

Burn, baby, burn from MarujaRetana on 8tracks.

Interview with Wendy Parr on Vocal Health and Wellness

As a singer-songwriter, I’m always looking for tips from people in the industry about vocal health and wellness.  I have learned a lot from my close friend, singer-songwriter Nikki Jean. After collaborating with Lupe Fiasco on his single  "Hip Hop Saved My Life," Nikki joined Kanye West's  Glow in the Dark Tour and had to perform consecutive nights in front of large audiences. One of the best tips from her and other singers in the spotlight, is the importance of vocalizing and diet. Nikki recently performed on the David Letterman Show and invited me backstage to watch vocal coach Wendy Parr warm her up before taking the stage. Wendy has trained an impressive list of talented recording artists across genres from Regina Spektor to Kelis. What struck me most about watching Wendy work was how much of Wendy’s instruction went beyond scales and incorporated a mind, body and spirit approach to mastering the human instrument. I interviewed her and wanted to share the advice:

Do you believe that diet affects the voice? And if so, what should singers strive to incorporate into daily eating or avoid?

Absolutely, diet impacts the overall wellness and function of the whole body so it's best to create a way of eating that supports your individual wellness, providing nourishment and vitality. Some things that adversely affect the voice: drugs, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, dairy and sugar. That being said, enjoy your life! Sometimes it's about choices and timing. Alcohol for example swells the vocal cords, this doesn't mean don't ever have a glass of wine, but it's best not to drink 48 hours before a gig or recording. It can damage, injure and just plain make it much harder to sing. Smoking and caffeine are dehydrating, dairy can cause mucus and phlegm.

Have you noticed a correlation between exercise, such as Pilates or Yoga, and breath control? Would you encourage your students take up either practice?

Both pilates and yoga are great for singers for so many reasons. I'm a big fan and long time practitioner of yoga. Overall wellness, suppleness, flow of oxygen to all the muscles, mental stillness, overcoming challenges, present moment awareness... I could go on and on…we actually calibrate the breathing by correcting the function of the cords and larynx. We are born with the body doing its job without our "help". A lot of learning is unlearning habits that get in the way and allowing the body to do it's job again…making music a part of your life improves the quality of life.


Wendy Parr, Vocal Coach

Should a singer vocalize every day? In your opinion, how much singing is too much in a 24-hour period?

Yes, working out daily keeps the singer in shape. Duration depends on the singer's skills and current health and habits. For new students who are learning from me, changing old habits and learning new healthier ones, I recommend 15 minutes of vocalizing a day and another 15 minutes of working on songs. Repetitive, attentive and effective workouts far outweigh long ones that reinforce bad habits. A little bit of quality practice daily can create major improvements.

Practice and growth are much more than just doing scales. Singing is about sharing yourself through song so many skills are valuable to develop - being inspired, listening to music, learning rhythm, how to allow your emotions to come through a melody, improvisation... creating a full and enriching life.

Is complete vocal rest before a performance a good idea? If so, for how long and to what extent?

This really varies on the singer. Rest is always important. Silence the day of a show, conserving your energy is wise (whispering is worse than talking), then warming up for about 20-30 min about an hour before the show, waking up the voice and getting physically and mentally focused.

Wendy is also a songwriter. Her song "Dreams on Fire," co-written by AR Rahman, is featured on the Grammy and Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack. To read more about Wendy and her vocal technique please visit: www.wendyparr.com

This interview took place on September 21, 2011

Proud to be Gay

Joey Holthaus has been a singer in a boy band called "All of Us" for many years. Today he works as an illustrator and fashion consultant in the Netherlands. He is sharing his experiences as an openly gay man with Organice Your Life®.


... "Hey, dirty F*GG#T!"... Damn! I just did my best to look like a cool dude today. I'm wearing my baggy trousers, old school sneakers, big hoodie, Diesel cap and it's all in traditional masculine colors. Thought I looked like a straight guy, but guess I was wrong. When I look up I see some kids laughing at me, some are giving me the finger. Grrrrrr. Just another bunch of kids who think they have the right to call me dirty.

Strange. Strange because I'm never ever been a dirty boy (well, not in that way). I take a shower every morning, wash my hair, put on my Aussiebum's (for the straight guys & girls: it's the Bjørn Borg for gay people) & some new fresh socks, and as a final touch my everyday (Malin + Goetz) fragrance. Why? Because I can't stand dirty stuff. I gag when I smell sweat, mold and unpleasant odors. I can't quite place have to disappear as soon as possible. I've heard too many dirty stories, told by my best friends, even though they know I can't stand them (so I run to the bathroom to throw up). I visualize every little thing. So funny, but not for me...

Well, I know that the kids are referring to that other 'dirty' something. You know, how gay people have sex. How they do it. Probably some of those kids also do it with their girlfriends, lovers, or maybe each other? But when gay people do it, they think it's more disgusting. That's why they call us dirty. And say f*gg#t. Right in your face.

I know that it's in fashion for straight people to have a*** intercourse. It's not a gay thing anymore, doing it "the Greek way". When I'm listening to all the many sex stories of my female friends (about their relationships) I know it's true, and they do like it (and quite surprising, some straight men too, if you know what I mean..)

Okay, back to the kids. I'm so surprised they outed me. When you look at all the straight men these days, I can't see a difference in style with the fashionable gay men of a few years ago. Famous metro men (like über metro David Beckham) set the trend, and half of the straight young men followed. It was hot to look good and fashionable for a straight guy. Before David, gay people created the most wanted styles in fashion. Now I can't spot the difference anymore. For me, a normal gay guy, it became very difficult to trust my "gaydar". I thought I had one, but these days I think everybody looks gay. Think my gaydar is really out of order...

Don’t get me wrong, I like to “dress up” for the nights, but my "Yoohooo... look at me, I'm gay" look lies far behind me right now.

I remember my first year in 1996 as a fashion student, when I transformed from a little young boy to a self-assured boy with waaay too much make up on my face. One of my classmates (and still my BFF) looked like the inspiration for Lady Gaga's looks nowadays (but in a so much better and creative way). He was the one who supported me to polish my nails. First I let them grow and then I polished them all black (how gothic). Then I used all kinds of colours and finally I was drawing all kind of little creations on my nails. How creative! My signature eyebrows before my first year Fashion Design looked like I was Bert's cousin (Sesame Street). An ugly unibrow.

During this first year I discovered the magic of a tweezer! First I pulled out a few hairs, then a little bit more, and then... Oi. I looked like I drew two stripes above my eyes. Yikes.

I also put too much make up on my face to cover up the rings underneath my eyes and pimples, and I've made my eyebrows more colourful with a black eyeliner. On top of that you must know that it was very hot to be a fan of the SPICE GIRLS (well that is, if you were a four-to-twelve year old girl, or a screaming young gay like me and my BFF), so imagine what we looked like. Dressed in shirts that were too small, low bootcut jeans,  high (20cm) plateau shoes and blond spikey hair (aaaargh!!!) I was clubbing in Arnhem's gay club Entre Nous every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Like every night we waited (after whining for a long time) till the DJ played our favorite song: "SPICE UP YOUR LIFE"! Shake it, shake it, shake it... ENCORE!

Okay, maybe I looked like a drag queen, but at that time (1996!) I had never been bullied openly on the streets. No one had ever called me "dirty F*GG#T", no matter how flamboyant my outfit was. It’s so sad that the times have changed.

May 2012: On the cover of Dutch magazine "L'Homo" you can see two straight famous Dutch male actors kissing each other, with their tongue. The magazine is telling us that you don't have to be ashamed when you kiss another guy.

                 * Cover Dutch gay magazine "L'Homo" 2012 *

This cover made headlines in Holland. In 2012! Why? Just because of that kiss. Even though Holland seems very accepting of homosexuality to the outside world, in fact gays get bullied here everyday when they walk hand in hand. Some gays get beat up on the streets when they come out of a club. When you kiss your boyfriend, EVERYBODY is watching you. Like you're an attraction at a carnaval.

That’s why "L'Homo" magazine had to make that cover. Those covers HAVE to make headlines. We HAVE to talk about it. We have to get used to it, because most of the people are sadly not.

I’m so proud of president Obama. Last week he told the whole world that same-sex couples should be able to get married. BAM! Thank u Mr. Obama. We (the gay people) just need that kind of support. So stand up with the president & sign here!



So, how can I support myself and others gays? How can I tell the world that I’m an openly gay man for more than 18 years, and that I'm proud of it? That I love the way I'm living my life, and that I'm not ashamed for being gay? I think this self-made picture of me and my husband says enough:


I tweeted this picture to the magazine L'Homo, and they started a contest: Share your kiss & win! You can see Mark and I right here.

I am glad you all can see I'm gay. Looks like I haven't change a bit since 1996. Minus my nail polish, but plus spicing up (& organicing!) my happy life with my beautiful and gorgeous husband Mark.

Be proud. Be yourself.


X Joey

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Farmers Market in Miami, Fl

Oh, how much I love to shop at local farmers markets! I was super excited about this one, because I knew I will found lots and lots of tropical fruits. Located in Coconut Groove, Miami FL. Open Saturdays 10am-7pm "rain or shine".

Farmers Market. Miami, Fl


As you can imaging I walked out with a 3 enormous bags filled with  all-organic produce: leafy greens, herbs, coconut water, papaya, mango, watermelon, mamey (its very sweet tropical fruit, taste like carrot-pumpkin-honey. YUMM!), raw chocolate treats, bunch of herbal teas, sea salts, aloe vera leafs, cacao butter, local raw honey, aloe vera and avocado oil hair conditioner (they sell natural skin care as well!), brazil nut butter...

I wanted to buy the whole market, but it wouldn't fit into my car ! LOL

shopping for leafy greens


It was such a great experience! Cant wait to come back




Style Recycling

In my transition from psychologist to superstar I have come across a TON of challenges.  Some are tremendously boring, like administration (although i do get a nerdy feeling of satisfaction when I'm done with it, or - oh, who am I kidding - when I even so much as hold a stapler).  Others are incredibly fun, like the challenge of finding a unique style and look. But...fun as it may be...it is freaking difficult!

When I discussed it with the manager and A&R manager (both guys, what the hell was I thinking?) they merely said: Just be yourself. Myself. Ok. Well, I love fashion, but what is typically me? And with that I mean: typically me that will make me a style icon!

So let's analyze: what do I think is important?  One thing I personally believe in with all my heart: you should have a sense of humour about fashion. Don't take it too seriously; have fun with it!  But know how to channel that humour... One of my good friends was complaining that she couldn't wear her favourite pink blazer to work (she's a lawyer).  As much as I hated that as well, I had to admit that wearing pink blazers (and glitter stars on her shirt) was kind of sending the message that she was a little girl and not the highly intelligent woman that she is.

What else? I really like a lot of styles, which means sometimes I'm casual, other times femme fatale, sometimes business woman, other times super-girlie, you name it. It's all me, but it might be a little confusing for my audience if I present myself as a rock chick one day, and as a hippie the next.

So, as much as I love authenticity, it doesn't seem to ensure success. Actually, after some research I realized it might be better to steal something good than to come up with something bad.

We already knew that every style comes back at some point: Leggings and oversized shirts are in fact so 80's, and the bell bottom jeans that are going to be the new trend are obviously inspired by the 70's.

So I think I will take something that has worked in the past and adopt it as if it were MY style. Stealing? No, I prefer the term 'style recycling'. Now, the only thing to figure out is...who to copy.

Haha, I'd better do a little more research! Looking for someone with a sexy, classy and feminine style, but with an edge. Sweet and spicy... What are your thoughts, lovely readers?

Any suggestions? How would you describe your personal style? Who are your style icons?

XOXO Maruja

Raw Food Cafe "Thrive" Miami Beach, FL

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you my recent raw food experience in Miami Beach, Florida. Friend of mine recommended to me this place, I was super excited about it because there are not many raw food places in Miami. Always nice to know organic, fresh, healthy restaurants  to stop by :)

Place calls "Thrive" . It is super cute and cosy. Located on the Alton Road and 12th st inside a  Garden Center. To get to the restaurant, you pass by beautiful flower shop! Yes, I fell in love with this place right away!


Food was beyond amazing! Prepared freshly every day by two lovley women ( I took a pic of them).


Here what I had for lunch:

fresh juice (beets,carrots,ginger,lemon)

coconut thai soup with onion biscuits ( so delicious and refreshing in a hot Miami day)

taco salad (yummy! with nut pate and lots of veggies! )

If you live in Miami area, let me know what are your favorite healthy restaurants!



"THRIVE" 1239 Alton Rd. Miami Beach, FL 33139


Food Cravings. To Silence or to Listen?

Food. Do you love it one day, hate it the next? Or even worse, loathe yourself for the awful consequential emotions which overeating sweet, fatty or salty foods leaves behind?...

We've all experienced the negative feeling of food-abuse to a greater or lesser extent, & it certainly doesn't leave us feeling pretty! :( Usually, its sugary, processed, packaged foods which we fall the victim to eating at times of stress, discouragement or hunger & often the cravings won't leave until the damage is done! This is a huge subject, so today I'd like to simplify it into a few do's & dont's we can each remember. Things which have helped me personally to understand my body better & prevent the cravings which can lead to binging.

Let's firstly dwell on the POSITIVE! This is the secret of SUCCESS!


*NUTURE YOUR BODY WITH WHOLESOME FOODS! This means taking the time to eat nutritiously. You can either choose to listen to your body as it cries out for the essential 'building blocks' it desperately needs to make you healthy & happy, or silence it with all the wrong things. Foods like vegetables & fruits, are like gold. Beans, nuts, seeds, sustainably caught fresh fish (if you're not vegetarian/vegan) or free range organic eggs & dairy are good sources of protein & are highly satisfying. Including whole grains helps to balance blood sugar levels & also natural sweeteners - like raw honey, dried fruits etc eaten in moderation. Filling your body with nutrients is the FIRST & BIGGEST LEAP forward you can make in avoiding food cravings. Fresh green drinks/juices, spirulina/green barley, leafy green vegetables in salads or lightly steamed are paramount to a healthy body daily. Green foods STOP you craving processed empty calories in a flash. Smoothies with chia seeds & hemp protein added will abound your lifestream (your blood) with so many antioxidants, good fats & nutrients that you'll simply feel too good to crave unnatural foods & REMEMBER, eat something vitamin/mineral packed before hunger strikes.

*NUTURE YOUR MIND WITH POSITIVE THOUGHTS! Say things over in your mind like: I love my body! I love natural foods! I love the colours, the flavours, the abundance of texture, the unending variety of natural foods! I love eating avocados, strawberries, olives, almonds! I love feeling good about myself. I love salads! Etc. Imagine yourself at your most healthy YOU. Imagine yourself feeling great about the meals you can choose to enjoy daily. Beautiful foods that nourish you & taste more than delicious! :D

*TREAT YOURSELF! I like to indulge. DAILY. We like to feel a little spoiled & thats okay. It all depends on WHAT I choose, as to how my choice affects me afterwards. I love the feeling of indulging in a whole punnet of organic strawberries from the farmers markets. I love the glowing feeling of health afterwards as well. Perhaps try indulging in a few squares of dark fairtrade chocolate (a cultivated taste - you will get to like it & it helps with cravings!). So good for the body & mind. Or make a raw ice-cream out of frozen mango/banana or berries. For a salty/fatty fix, try half an avocado (or a whole one) filled with your favourite olives. My seaweed chippies are my potato crisps preference! So tasty.

*HYDRATE! So simple! So vital. Drink a few big glasses of water between meals. Herbal teas, fresh juices & plenty of raw foods at meals. Helps to prevent you craving out of plain ol' dehydration. Keeping hydrated is a powerful positive tool against cravings. When you know you really need food, try going to the fridge/garden before the pantry.

*DISTRACTION! Sometimes we're not hungry or craving anything. Sometimes we're simply bored!... Sometimes we need a hug or a walk or a lesson in music/painting or dancing!... Sometimes we (me speaking to me) just love food too much! Distract yourself with something else thats nice - even a face mask, shower or visit/chat with friends. Yoga is a lovely thing to do when nothing will satisfy! Something else I love to do is read/re-evaluate my goals/pray or even lie in the sun or take a few deep breaths in the fresh air.

There's probably more... Hmmm... What else? Ok lets move onto a few no-no's.


*Do any of the opposite to the above. I'm sure you pretty much know what leaves you feeling grim. DON'T DO IT. DON'T HATE YOUR BODY, YOUR MIND, YOUR LIFE. DON'T FEED YOURSELF NON-FOODS (mostly stuff out of packets)... Don't stress. THIS IS ALL A JOURNEY.

It takes time, it takes love, but by making positive choices daily - you can BEAT FOOD CRAVINGS. Mostly, by taking advantage of the option to eat all the good foods you really need & love & letting go, of the ones you know you don't. 

Love & chocolate (pictured above is my supergorgeous pie from my up & coming book - MODEL CHOCOLATE) xxx Abigail