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Just Married!

On the birthday of my late father Rob Engel, 29th of January, Dirk Verest and I, Lonneke Engel, would like to announce our marriage to the World! I am a lucky woman and have never felt more excited for our future together!  Just married! Dirk and I are extremely happy with our intimate & spiritual […]

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Give a Tree

We love to give inspirations for gifts to your loved ones, and this is a great one! A fun gift, to give and to get is a tree. So why don’t you give a tree? You don’t have to go to a flowerist, instead you go online and buy a tree or certificate at one […]

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Lonneke chilling in the park


What is a fun activity to do, when the weather is nice, that doesn’t cost a lot of money? Something that is active as well, and a great time with friends? A Picnic in the park! Invite your best friends, and together go to a nice park/forest or field. Take a bike or walk, instead […]

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Hello guys. Inspired by my life and love I have to share some words with you… Everyone wants to love and be loved…I hear it a lot that isn’t an easy journey to find TRUE love. Actually it can be really simple, in my opinion. Listen to your heart , to your true self that […]

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Things you can do to strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. We are talking love, family, kids, friends & more!