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Super Snack - Avocado on bread

My Favorite Snack: Avocado on bread!

When I get hungry, and need to eat something healthy fast, I make Avocado on Wasa Crackers or a slice of roasted multigrain bread. It is so easy and tasty! I got this idea a little bit from one of my favorite restaurants in NYC: Cafe Gitane. There they serve a slice of Multigrain bread, […]

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roasted figs with goat cheese & honey

roasted figs snack

I love me some figs! Besides that they are tasty, they are also very good to help with digestion (dried or fresh) as they are a good source of fiber and full of vitamins and minerals & anti-oxidants. Read more about figs HERE. roasted figs snack simple roasted figs with a sweet taste Author: Lonneke Engel […]

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I cook in varying degrees, if you like, of healthiness!…Depending on whom I’m cooking for. This is a recipe I enjoy for myself, although my family who are not as raw conscious as I am, much prefer chocolate pancakes… I know Organice Your Life readers are quite raw food minded, & I’m sure you’ll enjoy […]

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