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Brazil Nut Milk Recipe

If you want to start a healthy diet but you don’t know where to start, nut milk is a great way. You can use for your smoothie, oatmeal, coffee, tea, and off course just as it is. So lets get started! Brazil Nut Milk A lovely recipe for home made Nut Milk. This recipe contains […]

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Chocolate Shake

Chocolate shake

For the kids sweet tooth here is a delicious chocolate shake. Adults will enjoy this as well. My daughters dad loves this shake as well. The ingredients are: 1 organic frozen banana A few ice cubes 1 table spoon of Maca powder 1 table spoon of raw chocolate nibs 1 table spoon of chocolate sun warrior protein […]

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Fruit Juice by Joey

Choose your JUICE!

One day in October 2011, I quit drinking alcohol. I quit after the worst hangover E-VER. The day before this hangover, I had a great party, and drank some beer. I didn’t drink too much, but my hangover on Sunday was terrible. My headache was so painful, and I couldn’t get out of bed. I […]

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