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Oven cleaning with lemon

For everyone who needs to “Organice” their home, and especially clean their home regularly, it is great if you know smart tips to make it easier and more fun! Here is another one for your oven. As you know I love cooking,as cooking yourself is just the healthiest thing you can do! But that means […]

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The sand dune

Drying Laundry

When I do my laundry, I use a dryer for towels, but most of my clothes I let dry on a rack inside my home, or I dry them  outside, with nature helping me ( If the weather is good of course). About 6% of annual total electricity use in a family home seems to […]

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Save the Bees!

It is not a new news that  bees are having a difficult time and the population has gone done about 85% in the past years! Bees pollinating plants is vital for human foods and this decline could cause a threat to food supplies in years to come. “Achim Steiner, head of UNEP, said in a statement: “Human beings […]

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Organice Your Home: Vertical Garden

There are so many ways to grow your own herbs and vegetables! Even if you have a small balcony there are ways to incorporate growing fresh herbs into your life. A great way is a vertical garden or green wall which fits into even the smallest space. You can make one indoor or outdoor, depending on what […]

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Organice my home!

Last year we had a big renovation in our rental house. Finally we got double (or insulated) glazing, central heating, a new ventilation system, new kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and new balconies. Everything was really old and dirty, so we were happy for this big change in our house. Not to mention the mount we […]

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Feng Shui Your Desk

I just came a cross this article about Feng Shui – How to organize your desk so Feng Shui can start to work its magic. It is quite simple to understand, so stay with me and read on! Imagine you are looking at your working desk from the above. Now divide it in 3×3 board […]

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How to store your greens in the fridge

Quick tip how to store your greens in the fridge. I have just learned it, and I wish I knew this trick long time ago, cause I love my greens, but they go bad really fast if I don’t consume it in the first couple of days. So, here it is: Cut your greens (it […]

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Salt Lamps

Recently I was searching for a new natural  skin care products and I came a cross this website This company uses pure Himalayan Sea Salt as a base of all their products. On their website, beside the beauty products, they sell natural cleansing products for the house, shampoos, bar soaps, clay cookware, candles, organic […]

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Play a game for fun and for your brain!

I find them still amazing: The old board games! The old board games especially look great. I love the design of the games of the 70’s and the 80’s. The time when internet was not used throughout the world, and families spend more time together to play games at night…. My boyfriend and I play […]

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organizing my office

Organizing your Office.

Because of tax time coming up, I was like: “My office space is so not organized! I can’t find anything! “. So I went to find the perfect shelves, which I found at Muji. Then it was the task of putting it together! My friend Antoniette helped me to put together the first shelves, and I […]

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Soapnuts! Nature has it all ;)

Easy Clean ~ with ‘Soapnuts’

WOW. Now I really know nature has it all. I’d never heard of these clean as a whistle little munchkins until I attended a soapmaking class a few weeks ago… The information shared was AMAZING. Afterwards, people lined up for ages to purchase soap setting boxes, natural ingredients to make soap with…AND the best thing […]

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5 tools for a healthy kitchen by Valentina Zelyaeva

Want to change your diet and achieve a radiant health? But don’t know where to start? Start with your kitchen. Make it a healthy kitchen! Here are 5 essential tools that will help you to create delicious and healthy meals. I have all of them and use it every single day. I can’t imaging a […]

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Everything to make your home an happy and “organiced” place!

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