Hi everyone!

Im sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written anything!

Well, Its January, And I have lots of New Years resolutions. One of them is eat as healthy as possible and workout a minimum of 4 times a week. (and try to keep it up for longer than a month) ;)

Sometimes when I get motivated to eat healthy and to tone up a little more, I think of a drastic quick way of doing it, but that would end up in me over eating at the end of the week because I felt so deprived.

The way to eat healthy is ofcourse something we have all heard a billion times. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, grains, low-fat dairy (if you aren’t a vegan) Lean Proteins (if you are not a vegetarian)

So now to not fall back into old patterns here’s a tip I want to share that helps me stay on track and doesn’t make me feel starved during the day..

-Eat a great breakfast. A breakfast you actually enjoy to eat. Of course make it as healthy as possible. So for example if you love pancakes, make them but use whole grains, top it with fruit and alittle agave nectar. That will give you fuel throughout the day (and make you happy!)..

For my favorite breakfast at the moment I cut up a banana, I put it in a bowl, I add flaxseeds, raisins, muesli (nuts and dried fruits added in there) and scoop yoghurt (sometimes soy yoghurt) over it. I make sure the bowl is completely filled, no stingy portions aloud especially when its healthy like that! I take my time to eat that with a cup of green tea..

I dont feel the urge to eat much for the rest of the day because breakfast satisfied me so much. If I feel the urge to eat a lot of something that I know if bad for me later on in the day I say no, wait until tomorrow morning..(ok it doesn’t always work haha)

Then for the rest of the day I do like to eat lots of greens and fruits.

I look forward to start the day and don’t feel depressed because I’m thinking “argg another starving diet day” ;)

I hope this tip helps!