So, did we all survive Blue Monday?? THE day of the year that we all have a legitimate excuse to be depressed.. Look, we can’t help it, it’s human nature!

A little background info:

The ‘father’ of Blue Monday is British psychologist Cliff Arnall. He compiled a formula, which calculated that the third Monday of the year is the day that most people feel sad, miserable and depressed. This because of the assumed failure of good resolutions, the fact that holiday season is over, the days are dark etc.

W = weather
D = debt
d = monthly salary
T = time since Christmas
Q = time failing New Year’s resolutions
M = motivation level
N = feeling of need to take action

(Yeah, I can’t help you any further, not a big math person)

So what are we (poor slaves of our emotions) supposed to do on this day??? I can personally recommend simply counting your blessings. (Cocktails also help, until a certain point.) As a megaperfectionist I can get a little depressed sometimes. The life of an artist can get very dynamic, not to say crrrrazy rollercoaster-like. Constant alternation between rejection and admiration (just read that back, it almost sounds like a rap, hah! I swear to God I didn’t plan that) When I feel overwhelmed, counting my blessings ALWAYS helps. Even if it’s as obnoxiously basic (to us) as ‘I’m healthy, safe, have enough to eat, a roof over my head, etc.’ Yes, it’s very politically correct… but it’s true isn’t it?!

If you need more help, I read a great article this week on things you need in order to stay happy. Simple but effective, check it out here:

Seriously, I really did my best to join in on the Blue Monday fun, it was all over the news! But I couldn’t, it was too sunny a day to feel bad. And I think, with me, a lot of people went against the trend this year, if only to be a bit recalcitrant. Gotta love human nature…