Something I love almost as much as my chocolate ~ is BITTER GREENS.

Why you ask!?

These powerful healing leaves actually become quite delicious the more you eat them, PLUS they are amazing for promoting beautiful skin, detoxifying the liver, & encouraging sluggish digestion.  Pictured is a fresh crop of dandelion leaves from my small herb garden… also marinated BITTER GREENS.

Bitter Greens

Recipe: 1 bunch dandelion leaves, 1 small bunch radicchio (very bitter!), 4 tablespoons cold pressed organic olive oil, 1/2 teas celtic salt, 1 teaspoon agave necter, half a lemon – squeezed.  I sprinkled over a few marigolds to serve.

Cut out stems as far up as you can using a sharp knife to cut leafy bits off or remove manually. Chop finely, add oil, lemon, salt & agave. YUMMM! Honestly so good. Enjoy a small spoonful with your next tasty vegetarian dish (such as the stuffed mushrooms & rice in Issue # 7)  for all the blessings they bestow!

Love & chocolate xxx Abigail