We love good books that can help us “organice” our lives! Here is another good one:

The Simplicity survival handbook by Bill Jensen is about how you should manage your time at work, and help you be more productive.

The main idea? DO LESS! A few insights we got from the Simplicity Survival Handbook:

  • Filter all the stuff you receive through your phone and email and try to perfect the art of work not done.
  • Of 325 pages of info, only 5 you NEED!
  • Ask yourself what is in it for me?
  • Prevent information overload.
  • Every 550 days mails, texts and messages DOUBLES!
  • Pay attention during meetings! (don’t check phone and mails)
  • 2 to 4 hours a day are wasted on communication.
  • This also about respect: Treat your colleges like you would want to be treated!
  • Find the guts to make changes!
  • There are only 1440 minutes a day! You don’t get any more.

Interesting right?  [button color=”green”]BUY THE BOOK[/button]

simplicity survival hand book