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Beauty Bites ~ Stuff I Do

Hi everyone! Let’s talk about BEAUTY. Just quickly! Beauty bites!? ;) OYL is a great place to find lots & lots of ‘beauty bites’ by beautiful people! But as Miranda Kerr said in her book ‘Treasure Yourself‘ – ‘Don’t compare yourself with others’ she says…’a rose is beautiful, but so is a sunflower.’ So as you read here I hope you keep true to YOU. Are you ready to start your very own beauty revival, & be the most beautiful person you can be? Starting from the inside, & allowing that beauty to shine without! You may enjoy my post ~ Cultivating Confidence. ..because just as important as what you put into your body, is how you feel, & what you think every day.

Most of what I do personally as a beauty regime comes down to the famous quote. ‘WE ARE WHAT WE EAT’. Believe it!!! Say it until you cringe at the thought of processed, sugary, unnatural, dead foods. This is your foundation for life. Life to your bloodstream means beauty all over.
I believe in raw foodssuperfoods & lots & lots of good fats! I believe in chocolate. I believe in green drinks, I believe in GREENS (period). I believe herbs grow prolifically for a reason, I believe in thinking outside the square. I believe in climbing trees & I believe in smiling!

Ok. What else can I say in a nutshell? What you put in & what you feel is so very important, but there’s a whole lifestyle package that will contribute to radiance like no other.  My top 8 beauty rules would be: Water (inside + out), Sunlight (daily), Exercise (vital to how you feel & look!), Nutrition (fill your body with lifegiving raw & unprocessed foods), Air (breath deeply, avoid toxic air), Rest (8 hrs sleep minimum, 3 of them before midnight best), Temperance (no to toxic substances; yes in moderation, to all that is good!), Trust (peace inside = anti-wrinkles). These points may seem to you too simple to prove effective. The image below from a recent shoot, is of me over 35 (SHHH DON’T TELL ANYONE!). I won’t say exactly how far gone I am just yet…but suffice it to say, this simple stuff really works. Natural living is your most powerful tool against the signs of aging. The odd detox doesn’t hurt either. For gorgeous glowing skin, do all you can to live closely to nature, you’ll be amazed at the results! PROMISE.

Something else I love to do is use all sorts of natural things on my skin. By this I don’t mean things that come in packages, generally, although I do have a few nice products which I use occasionally. I love skin foods (talking direct application now) like coconut oil, aloe vera, manuka honey, olive oil, cacao, avocado, strawberries, spirulina, clays etc. Be an ‘unconventional beauty’. I love to make up my own masks, treatments etc (see one here) & simple effective face mist (here).

A nice book for people beginning natural beauty treatments at home is this one by Carla Oates, Feeding Your Skin.

It’s funny I’ve been writing so much about beauty lately, & with all the things I’m learning & sharing, I truly feel that beauty is a human need. To behold beauty, to feel beautiful, & to express beauty is vital to life. Looking forward to sharing more on this subject soon!

Love & chocolate xxx Abigail

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11 Responses to Beauty Bites ~ Stuff I Do

  1. Lonneke March 11, 2012 at 2:10 am #

    Your skin is insanely great! Great post with inspiring quotes and smart little tips that we should get stuck in our heads and live by each day! Keep up the good work :D Xlonneke

  2. nele90 March 11, 2012 at 6:40 pm #

    Great post, just what I needed! I usually manage not to be too influenced by the omnipresent adverts esp for make-up and skin treatments but every now and then I do get wrapped up by them and I start thinking “hm maybe that moisturizer for 100$ does actually work wonders”. But so true, beauty comes form the inside so how would we put smth on our skin that we couldnt eat ? Just ordered the ‘Feeding Your Skin’ book, cant wait to read it!!

    • Abigail March 19, 2012 at 1:08 am #

      Awesome! Of course there are some absolutely amazing products, & more coming out every day, the best of science, organic knowledge & even chemical free. I think tho people can underestimate the power of simple nature! Directly FROM NATURE. The book is so good, you’ll love it Nele! xx

  3. Tajna March 11, 2012 at 8:57 pm #

    I think we are MORE than we eat,we are our awareness,our conscious,our brain,our whole Being.You have great genes as well,haha! I have been doing an oatmeal mask,I got a bad allergic acne reaction to too much raw Nori! oatmeal masks followed by a hot steam are so soothing.:-) thanks for sharing,Abi.

    • Abigail March 19, 2012 at 1:04 am #

      Thanks Tajna, well done! Yes we each know our bodies best I think when it comes to healthy foods & which ones work best for us. :) xx
      PS. I thought you may enjoy this little video my friend starred in, so encouraging for girls with acne, a very brave testimony by Sarah.

      • Tajna March 19, 2012 at 8:55 pm #

        Actually my acne turned out to be due to under active thyroid.Has Sarah had her thyroid checked out? Under active is the rarest,never shows up on traditional blood tests.The naturopath who diagnosed it was reading to me from a book of testimonials and my story,with its emotional ups and downs,acne,depression,anxiety,a whole slew of things,mirrored this one testimonial.I hope Sarah is doing better,there is so much beauty in every Being,just society dwells so much on the exterior.

        • Abigail March 22, 2012 at 3:53 am #

          Thanks Tajna, she’s actually doing so amazingly now! The video was made a while ago & her skin is porcelain again, she’s a naturopath herself :) Still, shall pass on what you’ve mentioned xx All the best

          • Tajna March 23, 2012 at 8:21 pm #

            I think I have excess estrogen..something it OFF.I am going to hound out Vitex for hormone balancing,want to consult my naturopath first though.What are Sarah’s thoughts on Vitex,since she is a naturopath! Blessings and thanks

  4. Valentina March 11, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    inspiring post as always! Thank you! I just purchased “Feeding your skin”. cant wait to start experimenting :)
    kiss xx

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