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Did you know that you can actually make your body more beautiful, simply by becoming more ‘alkaline’? Your body has a delicate pH balancing system in which it works to keep equilibrium & stop your body fluids from becoming more ‘acid’ or if needed, too alkaline. I’m going to focus on the alkalising bit in this article as we very rarely get ‘too alkaline’ in our modern day, fast paced, un-natural lives!

Think of it this way…

ALKALINE = Improved health, extra energy, enhanced beauty, toned & more supple body, glowing skin, sparkling eyes, lustrous hair, high libido, healthy nails, faster wound/injury healing, flexibility, strengthened immunity, feeling of lightness & balance within the body, mood enhancing/positive mind.

ACID = Lethargy, sickness prone, cellulite, bad breath, slow healing, sagging skin, bloodshot eyes, dark circles, falling hair, acne, dandruff, low libido, tight muscles, painful joints, aches/pains, headaches, brittle nails, feeling of heaviness, clumsiness, depression/negative mind.

Without going into extensive scientific details here on pH know (Antoniette HELP! lol)… I’m pretty sure the term ‘pH’ refers to the alkalinity or acidity of water solutions. Ie: your blood & body fluids, but can refer to the watery + mineral content of anything from soil to water to plants etc. There are wonderful books, charts & informative material on the web you can discover to educate yourself on saliva & urinary pH testing, which can be a highly beneficial monitoring system. This said I usually gauge my ‘alkalinity’ by the way I feel!

Foods that promote Alkalinity

Raw foods especially vegetables & green foods, spring water, almost all fruits, raw milks & cheeses, cultured foods such as sauerkraut (recipe to come!), kefir, kombucha & others. Lightly cooked vege’s & broths. Freshly pressed fruit & vegetable juices, wheatgrass juice, green drinks & smoothies. Fatty fish. Almonds. Sufficient rest. Yoga. Moderation. Light stress free exercise which is enjoyable. Sunlight, hydrotherapy & fresh country air. The sea. Love, laughter & peace of mind.

Of course, there are more but these are some of the big ones you want to make sure you’re doing or not doing!

Things that contribute to Acidity

Denatured foods such as white sugar, white breads/biscuits/pastries, red meats, soft drinks, smoking, late nights, excessive technology, fluoridated water, overwork, city air, excessiveness, coffee/tea, antibiotics, preservatives/flavourings/colourings, dried fruits, high protein foods (even natural foods, eat moderately), high intensity exercise or labour, lack of sunlight & stress.


Ways to create an Alkaline body

More ways to create an alkaline body would be to indulge in salt glows (scrub moistened skin all over warm body vigorously with sea salt until pink, rinse, towel dry), dancing in the rain, nature walks by the sea or rainforest, loving the dog/horse/budgie or people in your life, deep breathing, walking barefoot on dewy grass, aromatherapy treatments/massage.


Another thought

Don’t you find it interesting to think that the foods which are most beneficial to our health/vitality & wellbeing are the foods which grow in the most abundance & require little or no preparation to enjoy? I’m meaning fruits & vegetables as opposed to meat (needing much land for grazing & spoils easily), grain/nuts/seeds (more difficult to process than fruits & vegetables) etc. Herbs grow in astonishing abundance & almost without cultivation! Herbs are something which I feel we should be consuming more of daily. Also greens, fruits of all kinds, vegetables, grasses/sprouts, & milky grains (such as fresh corn on the cob)…These foods are readily accessible & perfect alkaline nutrition. Even an avocado is rich in valuable nutrients, good fats & is beautiful in alkalinity. These are foods that promote beauty, health & wellbeing in the way we look, think & feel. They fit into our hands perfectly, our mouths & even look like our body systems, organs & sometimes even diseases (now that’s freaky! natures food designed for humans). There’s really so much to discover on this subject of alkalising… The effects upon our bodies is immense so do look into it further if you are passionate about health & especially, healing.


Probably the best thing about alkalising is, YES, we will look more gorgeous, there’s no doubt about that whatsoever. It works, making you more beautiful with every positive choice you make. But to me, what’s even better than the other best part about alkalising, is in the way makes me feel. AMAZING, fresh, youthful & buzzing with ideas. Every. Single. Day.

LOVE & CHOCOLATE (PS. I’m very very busy with my book, so if I don’t write for a while, extra LOVEEE! XXX) Abigail

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  1. christophe May 3, 2012 at 8:58 am #

    Hi Abigail,

    thank you for this wonderful and very interesting article abigail.
    I hope that your editor will publish your book in europe.

  2. Emmah May 6, 2012 at 9:18 am #

    Hi Abigail,

    Thank you for another great post!

    I can’t wait for your raw chocolate book to come out here in England!!

    Much love,

    Emma xxx

  3. mschuckman May 14, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    HI Abigail,

    you are writing a book on raw chocolate, but in the chart you can see
    that chocolade is really acid. Does this mean you should not eat this verry much?

    • Abigail May 14, 2012 at 11:42 pm #

      Hi MsChuckman, there’s a great deal of difference between commercial/regular processed chocolate & the chocolate I make in my recipes which are based on the pure raw cacao & sweetened only with natural sweeteners/organic fruits. White sugar is highly acid forming to the body & so is ‘milk’ chocolate which combines sugar & milk together – very immune flattening. I’m quite sensitive to acid forming foods & I find my chocolate to be both health promoting & delicious! When buying chocolate, look for fairtrade, organic, raw if possible, sweetened with raw agave, raw organic sugar (slighly alkaline amazingly, or coconut sugar, not including milk products, or make those delish brownies (as a treat!) Keep the balance in favour of vegetables, alkalising legumes (such as lima beans) fresh fruits & even more green foods. Our bodies are all different too… I know when a couple of poached eggs are needed & they’re slightly ‘acid forming’ side of life. Another thing, this is one of many charts out there, you can get right into it if you really want too, search for books like ‘Alkalise or Die’ & there are tunz of others, I’ve done lots of reading & practice with it all but find now that if I listen to my body & take time to breathe & tune in, more times than not I’ll know what it needs. :)) xx

  4. Abigail May 14, 2012 at 11:23 pm #

    THANKS Emma & Christophe! It will come out first as an ebook so yes available anywhere! :) xx

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