It has been all over the news: the Coronavirus. Every few years there seems to be a new virus that is making people sick or even killing them. People are worried for a pandemic. Some are even panicking, buying all the face masks they can find, and hand sanitizer as well. I look at it from a social perspective.

Viruses and bacteria

Bacteria and viruses are part of life. In a healthy person their immune system will take care of it. But sometimes a virus or bacteria can seriously attack a person, and even send the immune system in an overdrive. It makes sense to ALWAYS care for your health and your hygiene. Wash your hands, put on a correct face mask in more risky environments, and stay home when you feel sick so you won’t infect other people. Every year many people catch the flu. it even kills many people. So whatever the Coronavirus will do, we already have a flu season with many people suffering each year so not getting sick and focusing on our health is something we need to do each day of the year.

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Substitute for coffee

Worrying is sometimes a good thing?

While in certain areas the Coronavirus is becoming a serious problem with many people infected, in other parts of the World people seem to have become much more vigilant and careful. People take their hygiene more seriously. I wonder if this will make a difference in the yearly deaths and people getting sick from the seasonal flu as well. Because improved hygiene of many people together, especially in a populated area, is always a good thing. I would advise people to listen to your doctor, your local health care providers, and just be smart in your day to day life. We just have to be prepared and see what harm this virus will cause. We have to do this together. If you don’t feel well: do not go into public, let your doctor know and if he or she advises so: stay home to heal.

I am really curious to see if we get answers to the following questions:

  • Where does this virus come from and was it altered by humans?
  • Why do some people seem to be more affected than others by the coronavirus?
  • Does age, gender, ethnicity and medical history have to do with it just like with other diseases?
  • Does the air pollution in China have anything to do with certain people getting more ill than others?
  • What helps people heal from this virus?

You might have a few questions yourself too.

Be Prepared

In any case, I always tell people to be prepared in case they are stuck at home because of illness or a quarantine period. I make sure I have enough water and food at home, for a week at least to make sure if we have to stay put, we have the water and the food. Medication is also an important one: Never run out and keep a few weeks worth of it at all times.  Candles, batteries, flash light, battery pack, warm blankets… Keep all your electronics charged. I learned about this during Hurricane Sandy. We did not have power in our area in NYC for at least a week, and some areas it took weeks! Many friends of mine did not have power. We all had to scramble, people were looking for food and ice to keep their stuff in the fridge cool because the power went out. Many were not prepared. It was a disaster. So next time a whole city is on a lockdown for a natural disaster or a viral disaster, it is important that you are prepared whether it is just a few days or a few weeks you have to be at home. This also counts for the ones you are responsible for: Your children and your pets. Make sure you have everything in order when you have to stay put for a while.

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Sleep, eat, breathe and move well

One thing that is important is to get your immune system in the best shape possible to combat any virus coming your way. One easy thing many people forget is that sleeping enough hours every night is very important for the immune system to fight intruders. Also eating well, drinking enough water and breathing fresh air while going on regular walks to move your body is helping your body heal and keep up a good defense system.

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Inform authorities, and check on family and friends

You should let your doctor know if you have traveled to an area with the coronavirus, or if you have been in contact with someone who has a chance of being exposed to it. The more informed everyone is, the more everyone can manage this virus. Also, check in with family and friends. Especially the elderly that you know. They might need some help. Also, stay informed yourself!

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Coronavirus Racism

Since the coronavirus appeared in China, many news outlets state that there has been increased racism towards Chinese people around the World, which is unfortunate. They (at least the ones in NYC that I experienced) are just as worried about the virus as other people. We need to be better than this. The reality is: any person can give you a virus if you are unlucky. As long as people have interactions, people will transmit viruses. That’s why quarantine periods do work most of the time to stop viruses from spreading. During any virus season like the flu season, it is smart to just think a bit more if you have to go out in public or if you can just stay at home (a cosy home is a great place to spend your time!)

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It is part of life as well that sometimes disaster strikes, and it is up to the people how we deal with it. The more flexible and prepared we are individually and together as a community, the more chance we will survive this calamity, and many others to come.

Stay healthy!



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