Skin Detox with a Clay Mask

Today, I wanted to introduce this 100% natural and pure organic clay mask.

Clay masks are known for their ability for drawing out impurities from the skin. Montmorillonite Clay is known for its ability to absorb positively charged ions in the body. When wet, the clay develops a strong negative charge. Toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and most viruses are positively charged. The clay draws the impurities out like a magnet. This type of clay was even used to by scientists and farmers in the Ukraine after Chernobyl to absorb excess radiation from their bodies.

I like this AFRICAN HEALING CLAY by Healthway from South Africa for skin detox. What’s unique about this clay mask is that while most other clay masks direct you to let it dry and rinse off, this one directs you to keep the mask wet with wet hands or spray bottle while you apply the mask for about 30 minutes. I personally like using my hands. This product contains very high percentages of Calcium Montmorillonite Clay. When Georgina Grenville, the South African model introduced me to Healthway, I tried it out. For my dry skin, their CLAY-KELP worked wonderfully, and it left my skin clean, supple and re-hydrated. Another time, I recommended it to a friend whose skin breaks out with every product she tries.  She loves it and her skin is improving using this everyday.  In the first few days, some people might see more pimples come out, but it is a part of detox process and it goes away.

Healthway ships to different countries including to the USA.



First published January 2012, updated in 2019

p.s. Another Organice Your Life choice for a clay mask: Green Tea Clay 2.4oz Clay by evanhealy



Sunscreen explained

Top Make up artist and Founder of Mun skincare Munemi Imai is sharing with Organice Your Life® her organic beauty and skincare secrets. Today she explains how sunscreen works and why it is important to stay protected from the Sun.


Always protect your skin from the Sun with a sunscreen. Sunlight contains two types of UV rays: UVA and UVB: B is the good kind which you want lots and lots of, because it helps you create Vitamin D. And A is the bad kind because it penetrates your skin and can create skin damage, aging and could even result in skin cancer! So good protection is vital.

Mineral and chemical filters

There are two types of filters used in sunscreen: Mineral or chemical filters.

Mineral filters create a reflective layer on your skin with Zinc-oxide or Titanium-dioxide particles. It reflects the sunlight to not reach the skin. Benefit of this is that in high concentrations they can block the sunlight totally, it is not absorbed by the skin and therefore has less chance of creating allergic reactions and are photo stable. (it works all day without loss of protection) Less positive is that they leave a white layer on your skin, they are thicker, greasier and harder to smear. Also they can block your pores. So this type of sunblock is less appropriate for dark skin types and greasy or break-out skin types.

A chemical filter works quite differently. It penetrates the skin and absorbs the UV rays there. It doesn’t create a white layer on your skin and can be used in lighter creams, sprays or oils. That’s why they are a better option for greasier skin types and are often used in day creams. Less positive is that they usually don’t block all UVA rays and most of them are not photostable, so re-applying is a must!


What to use on a beach vacation

When I go on a beach vacation I make sure I use the mineral type of filter at least at the start of the vacation. I think it is easy because you only have to apply once, and you are sure you are protected all day long. But creating a nice tan, using this one, doesn’t work that well for me. So usually after a few days I switch to a different one with a chemical filter, when I feel that my skin has had time to adjust to the sunlight. But then I really have to be careful not to get sunburned. I also make sure I am not in the Sun between the hours 12-3pm when the Sun is the highest and has the strongest sunlight.


Choosing a good sunscreen

Most sunscreens have both types of filters at the same time. Just check the label or ingredients so you are sure you know which type of filter you are using.  It is important to know exactly what you put on your skin, some brands add other chemicals in their sunscreen that are harmful to the skin. There are ones with organic ingredients on the market too. Find one that doesn't irritate your skin, and that has a good SPF. (The Sun Protection Factor. the higher the SPF, the more time you can stay in the Sun protected).


Good luck protecting your skin!


Love, Munemi 


First published on May 24th 2010, Updated in 2019


Munemi's own product line MUN is great to care for your skin before and after you have been in the Sun. These include the
MŪN Skin Care Akwi Purifying Cleanser, MŪN Skin Care Protect + Revive Moisturizer and Mun Skin Argan Pure Argan Oil .

The MUN skincare Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner is amazing to calm down skin. (click on picture for more information and to purchase)


World Vegan Day dinner at Caravan of Dreams

I spent November 1st as a Vegan, for World Vegan Day!

I love how the numbers came together this year!   11/1/11.

In the evening Kate, fellow OYL Contributor, and I finished up our day at our favorite organic vegan restaurant, Caravan of Dreams in the East Village.

After the meal, we were all in smile:)

During the dinner, we also talked about another important issue of:  Going Organic to protect our soil's health.

When conventional, commercial farming and GMO farming are practiced, the soil gets heavily damaged.  Especially, when GMO farming is practiced, as it requires a heavy doses of chemical fertilizer and pesticides for it to be productive. In a short span of time, the soil becomes “dead”. There are no longer nutrients and living beings that nurture the soil left. On the other hand, the organic way of production helps to keep nutrients in the soil and nurture the soil to produce the most optimal growing conditions.

We are part of the food chain and we need to protect the health of our soil, where our food grows because at the end of the day it comes back to us in the form of what we nourish our body with.

How do we start and keep it up?  Individually, we might have a very small voice, but we can vote with every dollar we spend, and if more people do the same, we create change. The current trend of people getting into organic food, wanting to be healthy and avoiding unwanted chemicals is a positive start. And this how I started going for organic too.  And when we also think about the soil’s health and the circle of life on the earth as whole, the taste of organic food is better and healthier for your mind and body even more.

Caravan of Dreams



Thai Pumpkin Soup

I just made the most delicious Pumpkin soup with a twist! It has a Thai flare to it!

Unfortunately I forgot to make photos in the beginning of cooking but it's super easy to make so it shouldn't be a problem.

First you bake chopped unions, garlic and rasped ginger root. Add curry powder and add stock ( I used mushroom stock).

Then add pieces of Pumpkin (I grilled them first).

When the pumpkin gets soft then use your blender to mix everything up.

Then add coconutmilk or concentrated coconut cream.

Mix everything up and add salt and pepper.

JummmJummmm... enjoy!

KOMERA PROJECT Event with Kate

KOMERA PROJECT Fund raising night

Hello- everyone,

I am a freelance makeup artist who works in the Fashion and Beauty industry.  I have been a contributor to the OYL Magazine for the past few issues and I'm really excited to be a contributor on the website now!

You will hear from me with everything regarding the natural approach to beauty and health for both inside and outside the body, and can't wait to share my inside secrets with all of you.

Kate with her supportive husband, Gabe

But for my first post, I wanted to start with one of OYL’s mission ,“Good Heart”, as it's also a big part of contributing to your healthy mind, and is a major factor to your overall health, skin and inner glow. Everything is connected, body, mind and soul.


Kate (middle) and Munemi(right)

I attended the KOMERA PROJECT fund raising event last Thursday night to support our contributor, Kate, who is also a co-founder of the project.  KOMERA PROJECT is founded by Margaret Butler who is a former primary school teacher, who spent a year in a remote village in Rwanda and saw a major need for a support system for girls who have the courage and desire to pursue secondary school, but who don't have the resources to do so.  In the area, only a few made it through elementary school and the others are expected to stay home and help with household duties and who do not have the opportunity to attend secondary school.  And the only way for them to change their life and get out from the circle of poverty is to gain more education.

The event was filled with people who care for the cause.  I later received an email with how much they raised that night and I firmly believe that this amount will change many girl’s lives, and they will be able to continue to grow and pursue their dreams.  For their $500 scholarship program, it includes; Full ride scholarship, uniform, books, pencils, pens, health insurance, transportation, feminine hygiene products, soap, mattresses, and soap.

I can’t wait to hear an update on how these girls are doing and what they will be doing in the future.  Kate, congratulations on the successful night and please keep us updated on the wonderful news...

For those who would be interested in the cause, please visit;

Just your love and small contributions can make a change.