The water BOBBLE!

I haven't been as excited about something I bought in a long time! Here it is, it's called the Water Bobble. A portable bottle, with a filter in it! Do you ever stop to think how many plastic bottles of water you buy when on the go?

Water filtering

I made the step to use Brita filters at home about two years ago but still hadn't found the solution to the few too many plastic bottles I bought when thirsty running around the city doing my daily things . With my new bobble all I need is tap water to fill my bottle with, when you take a sip what comes out is crisp, filtered wonderful water.

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Good for the environment: Good for your wallet

You aren't only helping the environment by using a bobble: you are also saving a lot of money. A bobble costs about 10 dollars and a new filter costs 7 dollars. You can use one filter for about 300 refills or about 2 months.

The Water bobble is convenient to take on the road

I once took a road trip from Texas to Los Angeles, and I took my new bought Bobble with me, a perfect time to try it out! I was so happy to see how many plastic bottles I didn't buy to rehydrate myself. At any gas station or restaurant I would just go to the bathroom and refill my bobble with tap water.

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They come in several different colors, there are 13 ounce bottles, 18.5 ounce bottles and 34 ounce bottles.

Go out and buy your own, You are going to love it!!

xoxo Mallory June

First published on December 10th 2012, updated in 2019


Stress: How do you deal with it?

Every one gets it: Stress.

Between all the responsibilities we have and all the things we want out of life, stress is understandable. The thing is you need to find a way to manage it. To control it when it gets bad, to not have it make yourself miserable.

I found myself stressing out a few days ago, I had my taxes to take care of and lines to study, my head was overflowing with things I needed to do and achieve. It starting to make me feel sick. I was thinking, this is really unhealthy!

I looked outside the window and saw the blue sky, I decided to put my running shoes on and go outside. I walked all the way to the beach and ran for about 45 minutes along the boardwalk.

The beautiful view of the sand and ocean, the sunlight shimmering, seagulls flying around.

I stopped thinking about the things I was stressing about before, I was just focussing on the pavement, my breathing and the beauty around me.
I felt so amazing after my run and full of energy again!

What do you do to help relieve your stress?

Crystal Body Deodorant

Ok, who else has the same problem as me.. When using organic deodorants without aluminum I smell worse than I smell if I wouldn't use any deodorant at all.

So terrible!
I refuse to use the conventional deodorant with perfume and aluminum. These toxins get carried straight into your lymph nodes, the human bodies filtering system.

I had been searching long and hard for a way to not smell and also protect my lymph nodes when a friend of mine told me about this deodorant made by all natural mineral salts called Crystal Body Deodorants.
The way it works is the mineral salts form a topical layer on the skin, which is inhospitable to bacteria that cause odor. This deodorant is hypoallergenic, contains no aluminum chlorohydrate, is paraben free, alcohol-free, non-sticky, and non-staining. It dries instantly and don’t leave any residue.

This product is recommended by cancer treatment centers nationwide and is good for the environment.

I have been so happy using this deodorant, it lasts all day and makes me smell amazing :)

check out


On my trip to Guatemala in November I got a chance to meet the wonderful Nancy McGirr. My Grandma is the one who connected me with her and told me about the amazing organization she founded called Fotokids. I was instantly interested in hearing more.

Fotokids is a non-profit organization for kids who are growing up in the garbage belts of Guatemala. Once entered in the program children are given a camera to take pictures of their surroundings. They start out learning the basic skills of photography then as they progress in the program they learn about digital imaging, computer generated graphic design, creative writing, theater, advertising, ecology and english. This school gives them hope and a future to work towards. Opening their eyes to a world bigger then the garbage belt.

They are given the possibility to go to college and break their families cycle of being stuck in the garbage belt.

So here is where I am asking for your help... sponsor a child. They can go to school for a year for only $300. You will truly change a life.

To make a payment through paypal go to

 If you would like to send a check, please make it out to:


San Carlos Fdn/Fotokids

And mail to: Fotokids

P.O. Box 661447 

Miami FL 33266


There is so much more I can tell you about this amazing charity. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and I could talk to Nancy herself for you.

To see more beautiful pictures taken by the children and for more information please visit:

lots of love


Blue Print Cleanse

Blue Print Cleanse

Hi all! I needed something to get back on track (o just this one day of eating sugars, carbohydrates, drinking wine turned into way longer)

After trying the Blue Print Cleanse about a half a year ago with great success I decided to embark on it again before heading back to Europe for a few weeks of modeling, to get myself back into a healthy eating mindset. This cleanse also helps boost your immune system as well as clears your skin! (sounds good to me!)

Today is day one of three. Thankfully these juices are tasty... I'm not going to say I havent thought of pancakes or a sandwich or mmm..ok need to stop this is making me hungry.

The best part about these juices is they get delivered to your door the night before you start. The bottles are numbered from 1 to 6 so you cant screw up the order you are supposed to drink them in. You get all sorts of tips from blueprint cleanse via email throughout your cleanse which I like.

go to the website to order your own juices!


My quick healthy delicious dinner

I was starving, it was raining out. I didn't have much at home.

I remembered I had some ezekiel sprouted grain penne pasta.

This kind of pasta is my favorite, this sprouted pasta really healthy for you because sprouting is the only way to release all of the vital nutrients stored within whole grains. The sprouting process starts by germinating whole grains in pure filtered water. This activates beneficial enzymes, which causes sprouting and releases the nutrients within the whole grain that would otherwise lay inactive.

I still had some tomatoes from the farmers market, garlic, and some organic tomato puree in the fridge.
I boiled the pasta in some salted water, in another pan i sauteed the garlic and the tomatoes, added the tomato puree some salt and pepper and red pepper flakes. I drained the pasta and tossed it through the sauce.

I put a handful of arugula salad through it on the end to give it a little spice and crunch :)

delicious, quick and super healthy!

More Healthy Hair!

Last night before going to bed I gave my hair a really good brush through, I know for all you straight haired people out there thats a normal thing to do every day or even a few times a day..

I happen to have wavy/curly hair so just a quick run through my hair with my fingers is enough. (to check for knots, I dont want a "dreadlocky" type hairpiece hiding somewhere)

Back to the reason why I started brushing my hair before bed. A great hairstylist told me I should brush my hair lots to get the blood flowing to my head to stimulate the growth of hair. Creating thicker more luscious locks!

Sounds easy enough right!

Have a great day :)

xxxx Mallory June

Breakfast YAY!

Hi everyone!

Im sorry it's been a while since I've written anything!

Well, Its January, And I have lots of New Years resolutions. One of them is eat as healthy as possible and workout a minimum of 4 times a week. (and try to keep it up for longer than a month) ;)

Sometimes when I get motivated to eat healthy and to tone up a little more, I think of a drastic quick way of doing it, but that would end up in me over eating at the end of the week because I felt so deprived.

The way to eat healthy is ofcourse something we have all heard a billion times. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, grains, low-fat dairy (if you aren't a vegan) Lean Proteins (if you are not a vegetarian)

So now to not fall back into old patterns here's a tip I want to share that helps me stay on track and doesn't make me feel starved during the day..

-Eat a great breakfast. A breakfast you actually enjoy to eat. Of course make it as healthy as possible. So for example if you love pancakes, make them but use whole grains, top it with fruit and alittle agave nectar. That will give you fuel throughout the day (and make you happy!)..

For my favorite breakfast at the moment I cut up a banana, I put it in a bowl, I add flaxseeds, raisins, muesli (nuts and dried fruits added in there) and scoop yoghurt (sometimes soy yoghurt) over it. I make sure the bowl is completely filled, no stingy portions aloud especially when its healthy like that! I take my time to eat that with a cup of green tea..

I dont feel the urge to eat much for the rest of the day because breakfast satisfied me so much. If I feel the urge to eat a lot of something that I know if bad for me later on in the day I say no, wait until tomorrow morning..(ok it doesn't always work haha)

Then for the rest of the day I do like to eat lots of greens and fruits.

I look forward to start the day and don't feel depressed because I'm thinking "argg another starving diet day" ;)

I hope this tip helps!






The real you

Good Morning all!

I woke up this morning thinking about Organice your life, and what I want to share with you all in my articles.

I dont need to tell you all how great I am always doing/feeling and how organized I am. I myself dont really care about always reading how perfect peoples lives are. So why should I pretend I'm always great. Because for the most part thats not true.. I find it so refreshing when I find out that somebody that seemingly has everything going on for them, and look up to and think "I wish I had what she has..." has insecurities, and feels lost at times. just like the rest of us..

I used to pretend like I was always great, always smiling..I feel like my friendships didn't have that much debth, because I didn't really let them know who I really was.

My point here is that you're friends will appreciate you more if you can let them in, they're there to help talk you through the tough times. Its funny how we even still "pretend" to the people were closest with.

I love going to acting classes, especially  method acting classes where everyones job is to really get in touch with how they're feeling, no lies. no pretending. Just you sitting in your own stuff. Its scary putting your feelings out there, because were scared of being judged.

But honestly I feel closer to people who are honest about the tough parts of life. I admire them for sharing. I have so many moments in class where I'm like "fiieeeww thank god I'm not the only one that feels that way!"

I know I am a very happy and fortunate girl living a great life. But theres also the side thats really confused and gets really sad and feels insecure a lot of the time.

So theres that :)

Believe me when I say you're not the only one who feels the way you do, even though it feels like that a lot of the time..

Have a great day!!!!


Here are a few tips I used today to make my home made cookies even more delicious and healthy at the same time.

  • Add some super healthy flax seeds for a little nutty flavor and crunch (it has lots of omega-3 oil and fiber in it)
  • Substitute half of the white flour with wheat flour
  • Use less sugar than asked for in the recipe and add more vanilla extract and coconut flakes
  • Use dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips

Enjoy! Kisses, Mallory

New York Cares Coat Drive

I saw this great add in the subway, it was talking about the charity company New York cares who are having their annual Coat Drive from November 15th to December 31st.

Last year they collected 58.000 coats.

If you have a coat laying around that you dont use or need, donate it and someone less fortunate would be wearing your coat to keep warm through the winter.

Such a small gesture can really change a life!

See below for locations to donate your coat


1st Precinct (212) 334-0611 16 Ericsson Place
5th Precinct (212) 334-0711 19 Elizabeth Street
6th Precinct (212) 741-4811 233 West 10 Street
7th Precinct (212) 477-7311 19 1/2 Pitt Street
9th Precinct (212) 477-7811 321 East 5 Street
10th Precinct (212) 741-8211 230 West 20th Street
13th Precinct (212) 477-7411 230 East 21st Street
Midtown So. Pct. (212) 239-9811 357 West 35th Street
17th Precinct (212) 826-3211 167 East 51st Street
Midtown No. Pct. (212) 767-8400 306 West 54th Street
19th Precinct (212) 452-0600 153 East 67th Street
20th Precinct (212) 580-6411 120 West 82nd Street
Central Park Pct. (212) 570-4820 86th St & Transverse Road
23rd Precinct (212) 860-6411 162 East 102nd Street
24th Precinct (212) 678-1811 151 West 100th Street
25th Precinct (212) 860-6511 120 East 119th Street
26th Precinct (212) 678-1311 520 West 126th Street
28th Precinct (212) 678-1611 2271-89 8th Avenue
30th Precinct (212) 690-8811 451 West 151st Street
32nd Precinct (212) 690-6311 250 West 135th Street
33rd Precinct (212) 927-3200 2207 Amsterdam Avenue
34th Precinct (212) 927-9711 4295 Broadway

For more information check out this link:

Guatemala Fruits


I just got back from an amazing 2 week vacation, first  a week in TEXAS (yeehah!) visiting my boyfriends family. Then we went to GUATEMALA to visit my grandma who has lived there for 33 years now.

I wanted to share some pictures of the amazing fruit and avocado (which im not sure is a fruit or vegetable at this point haha)

My grandma has the most beautiful tropical garden. I cant tell you hooowwww exciting I got when I saw her avocado tree and the beautiful avocados hanging from the branches.

yes, I ate avocados plucked from her tree..

this is what it looked like when I cut them open


I also had fresh squeezed orange juice from the orange tree in my grandmas garden...

We went to lots of fruit and vegetable markets, there are so many crazy looking fruits you would never find in New York. We found this one particular, spiky looking fruit, I feel terrible but I forgot the name (I will ask my grandma and let you all know)

It was so sweet and delicious. The way you eat this fruit is by pulling it apart..


AAANNDDD finally, my favorite ever..PAPAYA!