Organice Your Relationships

Organize Your Relationships was not only founded by me to help others. It also helps me in my daily life. We all need some guidance now and then, and we all need to adjust our lives along the way. This also counts for our relationships, and it is very important to organize your relationships continuously!


Humans are born in a certain family and usually do not have a choice who their parents are and who their siblings are. Sometimes they are a blessing, sometimes they are torture. Remember, the behavior of family members is beyond your control. But once you are a grown-up - or at any other point in your life - you can decide yourself if you want to spend time with them or not.

You decide yourself who you love dearly and who is special to you. It doesn't need to be direct family, but it can be nieces, nephews, far away friends, even animals can feel like family! And I know my dogs are family to me!

My God Child Navy with my previous dog Vito in New York City

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Balance is the key

Family should not feel like suffocation, but like a nice time. Giving and receiving love, attention and time should be in balance. If you give too much: you will feel drained, but receiving too much at once feels uncomfortable too. Always strive to find that balance in family life.

I made a video about how to deal with the sometimes  dreaded holidays, parties and any other interaction or gathering with your familymembers:


When you decide to have children (or not) you do not know what your child will develop into. You could end up having the best relationships with your children ever, but sometimes your child will have the total opposite character or vision in life. Remember that you must not expect receiving anything back from your children. It is a pure selfless act of bringing children into this World and raising them, and you are just there to nurture and educate your offspring as well as pay for everything and also put them first at all times. For some people they have children to fill a void in their own life. But once they discover that they cannot expect anything from their children they sometimes are disappointed, disgruntled or even worse: blame their children for everything that is wrong with their own life. So avoid this all by expecting little and giving what you have to give and hope for the best. If you are not planning to be totally selfless, maybe not having kids at all is a good idea otherwise both will suffer in the end.

Luckily many families have a great relationships with their children!

Grand children, nieces & nephews

Grand children is like getting a second chance that most people are very happy they get. That's why sometimes grandparents are more fun than your parents! (because they only get the good moments and not the bad moments and high bills!) The same you can say from nieces and nephews: you can be that sugar uncle or aunt who they love but who only gets the good times and usually not the difficult moments of raising a child.

I love my nephews Navy & Milo and my niece Lux!


The one thing that is great about friends is, that you can actually choose your friends! Sometimes we are sucked into draining friendships, but most of the time you can build long-lasting friendships throughout life. My best friends have been in my life for more than 25 years, and even though we sometimes don't see each other for a while, we always have video chat and messaging to stay in contact with each other! Because a good friend does not matter if they see you every day or maybe not even once in a year, but when you do see them, you continue where you left off the last time you saw each other.

 I have known Maruja and Lianne since high school!

Honest friends

Friends are there to pick you up when you are down, and to celebrate during good times. But most of all: friends are honest with you and are not just hanging out because of ulterior motives. Even if you don't like it at that moment, they will tell you their honest opinion if you are making a mistake, for which you will be thankful later on in life once you have come to your senses again ;)


Brainstorming with my entrepreneurial friends Maruja & Joey

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Organice Your Life - Circle of FiveLove

It might be a good idea stay single and work on yourself until you find a great match with someone who is worth to spend your life with. Love is give and take, in good times and bad times. It is not always roses and sunshine, but the commitment and Peace you feel once you are in a good relationship are definitely worth it. I see life and love as an every day adventure with my partner. We are making memories together that we will cherish forever and later in life reminisce about.

Dirk, Lonneke and Bane
My husband Dirk and Bane the day we adopted him from Animal Haven!

Your community

You might not realize it, but you can be a pivotal person within your community. Your community always need good people to help others. There are so many ways you can help, that you can find something that you like doing as well! The hardest thing is the first time you reach out because it is something new and unknown and can be scary. But once you have become familiar with your new "family" it will be easy to go there and you will love the impact that you can have in so many people's lives!

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Remember this: At the end of your life you can't take anything with you in your grave, but all the wonderful memories you made with wonderful people. Make every day count.

Love, Lonneke


Lonneke and one of her loves: Cooper Milo

Horse Welfare

I absolutely love horses! I continue to educate myself every day, and am eager to learn new things about these magnificent creatures. Science comes out with new insights every year, and as a horse owner you need to continue to read up and keep an open mind to be able to give your horses what they deserve! That is what horse welfare is all about.

Me with one of my horses: Cooper Milo
Me with one of my horses: Cooper

Horse lovers unite

You don't need to ride horses to appreciate them. Horse lovers come in all shapes and sizes. Since horses are smart, trustworthy, big and strong, they can help us in every day tasks. A century ago they brought us from one place to another, or helped on the land. These days we also compete with them. The past decades competitions, whether in dressage, jumping racing or another discipline have become more lucrative, with horses selling for large sums of money, and people competing for big prizes, even including the Olympics.

My experience with equestrian competitions

Years ago I also competed with my horse Key West and I enjoyed the two of us going to different places and be a team. I just liked going on adventure with him and winning was not the major incentive, even though we won quite a few prizes! As I live in NYC I could not continue riding but stayed involved, and I made sure my horses were well taken care of at all times (or I thought that was the case).

Horse Welfare is in the spotlight

For years riders got all the attention and applause when they would win medals in competitions. But there is a movement going on. More and more people realize that horses have feelings too. They just can't really express themselves like for instance a human or a dog can do. They cannot scream or whine when in pain. That makes it that many people miss the signs of discomfort in a horse, with sometimes terrible results. (just like my court case about my abused horse U2). There is an awakening happening. People realize that many riders "use" horses for their own gains, and maybe sometimes at the expense of the wellbeing of the horse. Just like I had to open my eyes the past years to see the Truth, they want to change the equestrian World and bring more horse welfare to it. Because if we don't speak up, who will?

What is horse Welfare?

Many people have different ideas about what is horse welfare. Some people think it is a safe stable, a clean bed, and a horse that gets a massage or is washed every day. Others think it is a horse that can roam around 24/7 with his or her friends, and can find shelter whenever he or she wants to. I think it is just a horse that can spend his day showing natural behavior, a horse that experience the least stress as possible. A horse that doesn't experience pain inflicted by humans. I think we can achieve that while still enjoying the company of horses. (As long as it is not all about the money or winning prizes)

My horses

My horses U2 and Cooper are doing fine under the circumstances and I have brought them to a place where they get exactly what they need. For me ever since I owned horses, it has always been the most important to give them the best care I could find.

The future of equestrian

Recent articles (in the Netherlands) questions the wellbeing of horses at competitions like Jumping Amsterdam, as well as discussing the idea if we really should ride horses at all. This is a discussion that the equestrian World wants to dismiss as "just wanting to put the amazing equestrian sports in a bad light", instead of actually listening to these claims, which have Truth to them and working on making the sports better. If they continue to dismiss and continue life as is, the opposition will just get stronger and it will start hurting the equestrian businesses and competitions. It is in the riders' hands how they treat their horses and work to improve the wellbeing of the horses that will determine the future of the sports.

There is a lot to discuss about horses, for instance on how we treat and keep them, and I will continue to be a voice for them!

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I have made a video about horse welfare (see above) I hope you check it out and subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

Love, Lonneke

Some photos by Joey Holthaus

5 Reasons to shop locally

Shopping is fun for most people. You go shopping and usually you buy what you need or like. It is a fun process for many. Most of the time the criteria to shop are if the items are of good quality, and if they have a price tag you are willing to pay. But there are more criteria for shopping that will be very interesting for you to think about for a moment. For instance, do you know the whole history behind the product or the shop you purchase goods? Do you know where the money you spend goes to? Besides you buying something new and exciting, you spending money at a certain local shop can be life-changing for many people, for many reasons.

Some communities make easy guides to their local shops.Some communities have easy guides to their local small businesses and shops 

5 reasons to shop locally and support small businesses

1. When you shop at a local shop, you spend your money in a way that helps the shop owner and his or her family directly.

You are not sending your money off to another big corporation. If these small business owners earn money, they can take care of themselves and their family, and keep their business open. Sometimes you even get a better deal than at a big brand store. But most important: you are basically making sure these people, your neighbors, can make a living. Isn't that alone already a really good reason to spend your money in local shops?

Lonneke at AUH20 I love the cute finds and incredible low prices at AUH2O in the East Village! (Still in business!)

2. You get the best service

Small, local business owners care about the goods they sell very much. They have the most know-how of the products they sell, sometimes they make it themselves. In that case you can find out exactly how the products are made, something I always like to know. You just can't get any better advice on these products anywhere else. (Imagine big shops with employees that really don't care about you or the products they sell?) In the case you experience a problem, it is easy to speak directly to the person who owns the shop. These small business-owners exist on giving good service, and will find a product or service that will custom-fit your needs. They also will be helping out when there is a problem. They just want you to be a returning and loyal customer, and will do almost everything to make you, the customer happy with your purchased goods. When shopping locally, you can feel like people really listen to you, and really want to help you.

I did not know what bubble tea I should choose, so the owner of Thirstea NYC made me a custom-made bubble tea.the owner of Thirstea NYC in East Village made me a custom-made bubble tea (unfortunately out of business)

3. You support your local community

When you get out of your house, and see how the streets and shops in your neighborhood look, or how the local children's playground looks, imagine that when you spend your money in a local shop, your money will help care for these important building blocks in a community. Whether through taxes, or through direct payments from local business owners, they all together can make living in your community a pleasure. So putting it simple: when you spend locally, most of your money stays locally, and is spend again locally.

Lonneke Engel at Sustainable NYC

My friend Munemi and I at eco-friendly shop Sustainable NYC in East Village (unfortunately also out of business)

4. Bringing diversity to products offered

If we only buy products from big companies, the diversity in offered products will decrease. That's why it is important to shop with people who offer different products, and maybe even show their true craftsmanship. Also, by giving individuals a chance to make a living, it can pave the way for new ideas to develop into better products than the ones that already offered.

Actress Jennifer Esposito has a gluten free bakery in the East VillageActress Jennifer Esposito opened an 100% gluten-free bakery in East Village NYC: Jennifer's Way. (also out of business)

5. Social contacts

If you shop locally, you get to know who lives in your neighborhood. Your social contacts will become stronger. Remember, a community is build on the people who live in it. The more active the people in a community are working on strengthening their local community, the better and nicer it will be to live in it. And you might even make new friends too!

Vito the Dog, Navy Lamey at Local NYC

Vito the Dog and my nephew Navy Lamey are chilling at Local Cafe NYC in Soho after our trip to the East Village. Local has since become a bar to have drinks at night instead of a café.

What I like the best about shopping locally is the enthusiasm of local business owners. They are passionate about what they sell, they really chose to be in that business. I love all the information I get from them, and I am always excited to return. I hope my 5 reasons to shop locally has inspired you to explore your local community.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Because of the coronavirus hitting the USA and especially my hometown of New York City, I hope you can commit to at least try to buy locally and support small businesses, because many, many families are suffering and otherwise go bankrupt. We all need to step up and help these hardworking small business owners as they are the engine of the USA economy. Thank you!

Shop in NYC

After the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many family owned restaurants and businesses are suffering. Now more than ever you need to spend your money with these stores if you want to keep your neighborhood doing well. In New York City this nice initiative started called ShopinNYC, where you can shop and support local NYC businesses in one spot.

WATCH MORE: Check out my daily update of the NYC Lockdown due to the Coronavirus

Love, Lonneke

First published on July 29th 2015, updated in 2020

p.s. As you can see most businesses I gave as an example have gone out of business. Unfortunately that is what happens if too little people support them so they are financially strong to survive. So if you know of a small business in your hometown, please support them, so they can stay in business and feed their families!



10 fun things to do in the Weekend

Most people use the Weekend to recharge for the following work week. But when the Weekend comes, all they want to do is relax and do nothing. But some people actually get bored doing nothing. So what can you do on a Saturday or Sunday that is fun, but doesn't feel like work too much? Here is a list of 10, with 5 ideas following our circle of 5 by Organice Your Life®!

Lonneke- Ralph Lauren

Lonneke by Regan Cameron for Ralph Lauren.

1. Organice Your Home

 The Weekend is a perfect time to just do the chores in your home you have been putting off for so long. So your house is clean and organized for the week(s) to come.

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2. Be creative

Draw, paint or do home improvement in the Weekend. Also, you can be creative with boxes of memories: You know you save a lot of things as memories, but they usually end up in a box. Or more than one box. They take up a lot of space and before you know it you don't look in those boxes anymore because it is just too much stuff. Maybe it is a good time to take that box and file all your papers you want to keep as memorabilia? It is a nice thing to, to make an album with your favorite memories, pictures and papers. And it is also a great conversation subject next time friends or family come over. Not to mention just for your own history, you need to file it the way you want to be remembered!

3. Organice Your Agenda

Pay the bills you have been putting off. Make a to-do list for the following week so you feel organized in your head. Check your agenda what you need to do that week and maybe you can already prepare a few things! Because putting things to do off until the very last moment brings a lot of stress, and if you have some time to work on it, even on a free day, maybe that put your mind more at ease the rest of that free day. Are there fun events coming up? Maybe you can already look for the perfect outfit!

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4. Local activities

Check your local news to see if there are fun events happening in your neighborhood this weekend. Like flea markets, street fairs or music festivals. Always fun to go to, even at the last minute! (not an option during a stay-at-home order or lockdown!)

5. Organice Yourself

Take some time to pamper yourself. Shave, massage or paint your nails. Put on a mask or do a zen meditation. Work out, or do a session of pilates. Anything that makes you feel good inside and outside, a free Sunday afternoon is a perfect time to focus on that! Plus take a nice long nap to feel great again!

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6. Go for a long walk around your neighborhood

Fall or Spring, Summer or Winter, every season it is a great time to go outdoors and see what your city or village has to offer. A great way is to walk the dog if you have one. Not only your dog gets his or her needed exercise, you do too! Walking every day is the best way to reduce the risk of the most common diseases like cardiovascular disease. Walking is in our list of 5 Easy tips for Healthy Living.

7. Organice Your Relationships

Spend time with the people you love! Go visit your friends or family who you maybe haven't seen in a long time. Spend time with your loved one doing something he or she really loves doing. Or if you live far away, Facetime or Skype with the ones you care about. Trust me doing that in a weekend is a perfect time to bond with each other!

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8. Play a (board) game with friends or family.

It is super fun but also really good for relationships to spend time together. Not only that, playing games train the mind And maybe you win and your weekend is even better!

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9. Organice Your Good Heart

Charity work in the Weekend! Go help out a local animal or people shelter. Or help your neighbor or friends with doing daily chores. Makes you feel great inside too!

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10. Have fun in the Kitchen

Go through the ingredienst you still have in your pantry and create a delicious meal with that. Work on your cooking skills and become a great chef. Cook for friends, or for yourself the rest of the week.

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Circle of Five


I hope this gave you some inspiration to what you can do in your Weekend!

Love, Lonneke

Smoothies for dummies

You want to incorporate healthy foods like smoothies into your life but don't know where to start? I give you some easy simple tips so you can start right away! 

STEP 1 Smoothies for dummies:

Buy a GOOD BLENDER. The quality of the blender is really important because a smoothie really needs to be blended well to get best result for taste and texture. The more watts usually means better crushing of tough foods like kale or ice. I like the ones with a square glass container as it helps the blending process. (foods are thrown into the corner and bounce back into the middle.) There are many good ones. Vitamix, Magimix and Breville are good brands. Check out reviews online before you buy yours. the sound of the machine while working is important too. I don't like it when it is making too much noise.

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STEP 2 Smoothies for Dummies:

Work with FRESH CLEAN FOODS. The most important thing is that you always work with foods that are good to eat, and cleaned thoroughly. As it changes the flavor right away and maybe ruins the whole smoothie if you put in only one ingredient that is not totally clean or fresh. Leafy greens are great as they have A LOT of essential minerals and vitamins. in a smoothie with fruits you won't taste it but you do enjoy the vitamins. Try it! Options are: Spinach, Kale, Parsley Collard Greens, Romaine.. anything you like. (if you suffer from thyroid diseases like hypothyroidism go easy on the green raw vegetables)  Other vegetables like adding fresh  carrot juice or beet juice can work too. The more vegetables you put in, the more fruits you should add to balance the flavor out.

READ MORE: Find more smoothie recipes here on  in the recipes section, right here.

Fruit Juice by Joey
OYL contributor Joey Holthaus also likes to make smoothies with fresh ingredients. Doesn't it look great?

STEP 3 Smoothies for Dummies:

SAFETY. Place the blender in a safe place when you work with it and make sure the lid is tight.


  • 1. 1/3 liquid (That can be anything you like: water, almond milk, rice milk, milk, hemp milk, soy milk etc)
  • 2. 2/3 fruits and vegetables you want to blend. (the more fruits, the sweeter it will taste.)
  • 3. spoonful of extra ingredients like vitamin powders.
  • blending takes +/- 15 seconds. So making this is like less than 5 minutes with cleaning the ingredients and the blender included!



  • -Almond milk
  • -Kale
  • -Banana
  • -Vitamineral or Detox powder or any healthy powder.
  • Just blend and enjoy!

Love, Lonneke

5 things about losing weight

A LOT of people want to lose weight or stay in shape, because in modern society it is considered beautiful to be thin. I don't necessarily agree. I think there are many different body types in the World, and only a HEALTHY body is pretty to me.

My 5 "secret" tips to stay in shape or for losing weight:

1. Eat Wholesome, Fresh and preferably Organic Foods

Cook yourself so you know what goes into your mouth. Avoid as many additives and prepackaged food products as possible. Check Organice Your Life Recipes for yummy recipes!

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2. Do not go on a Diet, but make a Lifestyle Change

Eat 2 or 3 good meals a day! It is a myth that not eating helps you lose weight. It might help a little bit in the beginning as your intestines are empty. But the moment you do eat, your body is so eager to hold on to the nutritious elements as your body is afraid you are not going to eat again and not have enough energy at some point.  If you go on a diet you are deregulating your natural body rhythm of eating, digesting, absorbing essential vitamins and getting rid of the "waste" in the end. This is hurting the health of your body. Therefore it is important that when you decide you want to lose a few pounds, you keep eating regularly but change your eating habits to only eating the right healthy foods for you (these are different for each person so you have to find out what foods work best for you). Losing weight costs energy and you need to get that right energy from eating food. Again: NOT GETTING ENOUGH CALORIES FOR A PERIOD OF TIME DOES NOT KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF IN THE END. There have been some positive results with periods of controlled fasting, by not eating before or after a certain time in the day. These people still get the right amount of calories during the rest of the day.

3. Drink enough Water

When you want to release excess toxins out of your body, drinking water helps to do this faster. People are recommended to drink at list 1.5 liters of water a day, or more, but make sure you don't drink too much (drinking too much water has minerals move out of the body without replenishing them, and this is very dangerous and life threatening even believe it or not. Some minerals your body can't do without). The best is to test the water you are drinking, and check for the amount of minerals in that water. The more good minerals are left in your drinking water, the better. We are looking for water with at least  140 micrograms of residue. More is better.

READ MORE: Why you need to drink enough water each day.

4. Be Happy & Do Not Stress

It is said that stress makes you gain weight. Or even worse: make you crave bad foods! So do enough fun things and delete the stress factors out of your life. Make sure your bills are paid, you don't forget appointments, make your house a happy place, have memorable moments with loved ones, and take enough time a day to enjoy your life and relax: sleep, meditate and do fun things!

READ MORE: Mind over Body, the cortisol effect. (about stress & gaining weight because of it) >

5.  Move Your Body

Maybe this is the most important one. The places in the World where people are considered to live the longest, and also the healthiest in a recent study - the so-called "Blue Zones" - all have something in common: they people there are constantly in motion. They collect food, cook, care for their family and keep working until a very old age. Retirement? No way! They keep moving their body.  But not in a drastic way. Doing hardcore fitness are not always the right way to go. Energizing, calming movements like Yoga and Pilates can work too. At least we all agree that sitting behind a desk or something each day is just not what humankind was made for. We need to move. So the more you are busy during the day running around (maybe after your kids?), doing house choirs, working in the garden or working out, the better! An electronic device can help you monitor your daily step count.

Enjoy and remember: love your body. Maybe that is the best way to get to the perfect shape you want. You are beautiful when you are healthy, just "Organice" your life!

Love, Lonneke

My Chili Con Carne

We eat this Chili Con Carne recipe now at least once a week, because it is warming and filling. It is easy, nutritious and delicious, and it can't go wrong!

Youtube Live Chat

During one of my live chats on Youtube, My husband Dirk asked me what I was going to cook after the show, and I said: "Chili!". We eat this at least once a week in the Winter,  because it is so simple and delicious. So after the 2 hours speaking to our audience I ended the live stream and went on to cook dinner!

Cooling pack

The funny thing is that Dirk needs a cooling pack every time we go live to cool the computer, but this time he couldn't find a pack. instead he used a bag of frozen peas and carrots. Organic of course! I don't like to waste food so I used it in my chili con carne!

Meat or no meat?

Since I eat meat again I enjoy these simple recipes. But you can also make it with a ground beef substitute and it is just as delicious! it is all about the herbs and quality ingredients. I buy my vegetables at a local organic grocer, and my meat at a local butcher who gets his animals from 1 small farm that is focused on biodiversity and grass-fed meat.

Premix spices are great

Instead of using separate spices, I like this mix of Non-GMO verified spices by Frontier Co-op "Mexican Fiesta Seasoning".

Side dishes

Also great to accompany this dish is avocado, add chopped lettuce for an extra crunch, put it in a burrito, or eat it with a side of corn on the cob!

Cancel Cancel Culture

Since there is a cancel culture movement of people who will cancel someone just because they don't like that person's opinion, I started a countermovement called "Cancel Cancel Culture".

I even made my own merchandise with my own design 'cancel cancel culture' on it!

Shop my 'cancel cancel culture' merchandise or click on the mug below for the mug.

Cancel Cancel Culture White T-Shirt Front

READ MORE: How to deal with Cancel Culture


Because the company Goya was being targeted by the cancel culture, I bought a bunch of products and started cooking with it. It turned out I really like the Adobo seasoning. It is great after you served the chili con carne to add a bit of extra flavor.


Love, Lonneke

My Chili Con Carne
A delicious, easy and nutritious recipe with beans, minced meat and veggies

Cuisine: Mexican
Recipe type: Dinner
Serves: 4

Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

  • 1 pound ground beef (or vegan meat substitute)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil or avocado oil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 jar with tomato paste
  • 2 cans of kidney beans, rinsed and drained
  • salt
  • paprika
  • chili pepper
  • cayenne pepper
  • onion powder
  • cumin
  • oregano
  • 1 glass of water

  1. stir fry the garlic in oil
  2. add the onion and stir until golden brown
  3. add ground beef en stir until it disperses into small bits all over and it is browned
  4. Add the bell pepper
  5. add the spices to your liking (start slow especially with peppers and cumin, add a bit more and taste along the way)
  6. add the tomato paste and a bit of water and stir
  7. add the rinsed beans and stir
  8. turn heat low and let simmer with lid on for 20 minutes
  9. Serve and add cilantro, chopped lettuce and sour cream to your liking

optional to add:
Different veggies like peas and carrots
You can use other beans like chick peas as well.

optional to garnish:
handful of fresh cilantro
handful of chopped romaine or iceberg lettuce
sour cream


How to deal with Cancel Culture

A few years ago I fell ill with a burnout/PTSD and suddenly had time on my hands to rethink everything in my life. So I did. My eyes opened to reality and I could not stay silent anymore, so I didn't. I started following my own path, with, as well as transitioning into a complete new life. My newly found voice as a "free thinker" came with some resistance, and I also had an encounter with "cancel culture".

Cancel culture

What is that, that "cancel culture" you might ask? Well I made a whole video about it, and how I deal with it. I encourage you to watch it.

Cancel culture is a movement that attacks a person or business, their families, friends, social & professional relationships with the goal to hurt that person's/business' social and/or professional life, hurt them financially and harass them publicly, just because they do not like what that person/business stands for, or what he/she has said. It is a type of censorship encouraging people to join in the activities, the so-called 'mob', to go after people, with the aim to completely 'cancel' that person or company. I used the example of Goya in the video, you can read more about it here:

READ MORE: The story of Boycott Goya

Cancel cancel culture

Even though I am a positive person, and always weigh my words carefully (because words matter) I decided that I was going to make sure nobody could ever threaten me by taking away my job or good name. Here are some tips that helped me a lot:

  • Become an independent and strong thinker. Do your research. Make sure you work on your mental stability to withstand the negativity that will come your way if you do not follow the mainstream. Being an outsider can be lonely, but it can also make you stronger and give you Peace and focus on the important things in life.
  • Think before you talk or act. Realize what the result can be and prepare accordingly.
  • Research the latest tactics of the cancel culture mob. It changes a bit periodically, so it is important to stay up to date of their behavior.
  • Become financially independent, and/or make sure your employer is supportive of you, so the impact of the mob going after your job and livelyhood is minimized.
  • Always be cordial, nice and do not engage in the cancel culture's mob way of communicating.
  • Be calm, but don't be complacent. Be vigilant and prepared.
  • Stay positive!

I hope you will do just fine with these tips.

Stay strong, and never bow to cancel culture!

Love, Lonneke

The Power of Bone Broth

Everytime Fall arrives I can't wait to eat lots of stews, soups and broths! 

Warming up inside

One thing that I discovered is making me feel good and warm inside, is a warm broth especially a bone broth. Yes, you can also drink vegetable broths, and I do love them too. But decades ago bone broths were very normal to drink, they were all over the place and made people feel better. The past few years in NYC, I noticed that bone broth has definitely made a come back! While vegan food was the hype these past years, some vegan and organic businesses have gone out of business since. (think my favorites Organic Avenue, Gusto Organics and Souen) The new kid on the block is bone broth, and more bone broth places are opening up. (like Brodo.)

What is bone broth

Bone broth is made of leftover bones and tissue of animals, like chicken, cows and meat. Some broths are more thin because they are made of only the meat, others are called bone broths and they are thicker due to the gelatin of the bones. A good butcher will use everything "nose-to-tail " of an animal and the leftover bones will go into a big stock pot with water and maybe other ingredients like herbs and vegetables that help the bones release their powerful marrow, gelatine, amino acids and minerals.

Broth can also be made vegan with mushrooms, seaweed or vegetables.

When do I drink bone broth

I like to use bone broth in cooking stews and soups following the AIP diet (Autoimmune Protocol Diet) which I try to follow as many days of the week. But I also like to just drink bone broth on its own. Where other people order a $12 cocktail, I like to order a $12 bone broth like I did the other day at lunch at Cafe Clover in NYC.  Their bone broth has the following ingredients: grass fed beef broth chaga mycelium, wild kombu, daikon radish, ginseng. Delicious!

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Eating meat again

I started eating meat again recently because it made me feel better. It was a choice between my values and my health. It was a hard decision but I do not regret it. I still love vegan food and vegetables a lot. I actually am now more excited to eat local, with a small footprint using everything while honoring the animal. True food from a farm instead of from a factory.

100% grassfed

I learned that 100% grassfed beef and bone broth is the best as grass is the only food a cow should really eat! make sure the beef is pasture raised, 100% grassfed and grass finished. Luckily there are nice butchers in NYC that offer these options, whether they offer it at the local farmers market, or they have an actual store. I like to go to Hudson & Charles They also make great bone broths and organic chicken soup. If you eat meat, you need to find the best meat out there, of people who humanely raise their animals. You will also taste it.


Recently I have been thinking more and more that supporting small, local and sustainable businesses and families that care for the planet and who do not have a lot of waste are maybe the best way to tackle animal cruelty, erosion of lands, economic problems and social issues. if we all eat like our grandparents did, from local sources, we create less carbon emissions that come with the transport of avocados from Mexico or shrimp from Thailand. Also, while a lot of people who eat vegan rely on colorful vegetables from all over the World, and vegan products that are made in a factory, maybe just going to a local butcher and eating foods with only 1 or a few ingredients that are not processed is maybe the way to go? What about a circular economy of animals that replenish the earth with essential minerals?... what about using all parts of an animal, and not letting anything go to waste? Don't get me wrong: I LOVE vegan food, but I also learned that I feel better eating a diet like the one I grew up with (Will elaborate more in another article.)

Commercial bone broths

I also like these bone broths from Kettle & Fire to add to stews or just to heat up when I need to warm up. (especially the chicken and mushroom one). Instead of a coffee or a tea, it is a great hot drink!

(click on picture below for more information or to purchase a variety pack to try out!)








Drinking bone broth warms my soul and grounds me for sure!

Love, Lonneke

p.s. I have not been paid for this article, actually I buy these products myself, and am just giving my honest opinion! :)

Detox your information overload

Thanks to technology, our lives have become so much easier and better organized. We can search for and find anything we want, whenever we want, on the Internet. We read and learn about everything and anything. Now there are even apps for everything you can imagine. We order fashion, food and gifts online, we read the news, we watch videos. It is pretty great!

Social Media and information overload

Some of us interact with people even more on social media than in real life. But maybe all that technology and information comes at a cost. Many of us are suffering more and more from a so-called “information overload". How can we filter what we need to know without getting obsessed? How can we detox our lives from the ever-increasing amount of apps, websites and information that is thrown at us each day? And how can we keep focusing on things that matter in our own lives and live in the moment without losing sight of what’s going on around us? How can we find balance?

When I realized I had a problem

I once received an email from YouBeauty stating:“Distressing world news can make you feel worse about your personal life.”Yes, it’s true for me as well! When I read too much of the bad things that are going on in the World, I can feel pretty down because I feel the need to help everyone, fix the situation myself, and use my voice to let everyone know what is going on. I especially feel I need to inform the clueless people who have no idea what is going on because I think that they are not aware, and maybe even ignorant.

Protecting myself from an information overload

But maybe some of those people are not ignorant; maybe they are just better at filtering all the news and information. Maybe they are better at shielding themselves from bad news and too much information, and choose only to work with what they find the most important, and in the meantime live their lives the best way they possibly can. I used to check my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram multiple times a day, like every hour or more. I would send out messages to the World so much, and be interactive with others, that it swallowed up a large part of my day. I felt it was my duty to use my voice to inform people about global disasters, about why it is important to eat organic food and not GMO foods, why fracking is a no-go and why you need to adopt a pet instead of buying one at the pet store. I was doing so much at once, and I was not focusing at all.

The strange thing is that in the end it seems I did not make much of difference. It just took up a lot of time, and after every day, my head was spinning. I only realized how much time I spent on social media when I accidentally left my phone at home. I also realized most of what I was doing in my day on social media, even though it came from a good heart, wasn’t making me feel that great emotionally. It actually made me sad. I asked myself: Does it make me any happier seeing people “like” my picture or my story? Do I really make a difference this way right now? Do I really need to read all news? Do I really need to share all that makes me sad? The answer: not really. Also, when I noticed that every picture people took of me captured me typing away on my phone, I realized it was too much. I became a bit of an addict and I need to change that so I can live more in the moment, be consciously hanging out with the people I am with at dinners, and only take in the information I need so it does not drive me crazy.

Now I spend more time away from my phone, and doing fun things like walking my dog!

What did I do to change my addiction to information

  1.  First of all, I don’t sit on my phone or computer too late at night anymore. When you work on your computer or phone, or watch TV just before going to bed, it can disrupt the making of melatonin (sleep hormone), and it can make it difficult to sleep or have a good night of sleep at all. Sleep is so important for a healthy body and mind. Also, your head might still be working hard to process all that information you read, and you might still be thinking about it at night. It is good to do some meditation, or cuddling with your partner or pets just before you go to sleep, to have a better night’s rest.
  2. Check your phone at set times and only a few times a day. I do that when I am behind my computer working, for instance. I checked news and social media every hour before; now I check only one or two times a day. And not when I am in the company of people. People don’t like that because you are just not really present in the moment—your attention is somewhere else.
  3. Have a goal when you go online, and only visit websites, apps and social media with that goal in mind. Don’t just go surfing because before you know it, you are online for hours... information overload! And if you are shopping online, know what you are looking for, because you can get distracted easily and end up with three new dresses and a new handbag.
  4. Set a time limit if you want to just roam the Internet or social media, because it’s so easy to lose track of time.
  5. Leave your phone in your bag or even at home when going out to meet friends or spend time with your loved ones. When I don’t have it with me, I don’t feel the urge to check it every five minutes. Or turn all notification signals off if you want your phone with you for safety reasons.
  6. I deleted the social media apps on my phone. Not only does that save storage space, but you can’t log in easily and you are not reminded every time you get a “like,” tweet or message. It takes your attention away from your phone and social media.
  7. What also makes me feel more productive is to make a to-do list every day and just go at it point by point. With a to-do list, my work behind the computer became increasingly more productive. I was not surfing away on the Internet and wasting time and reading too many unnecessary articles.

I need to focus on my life, and I’m working on it! I need to live a life that I am proud of by focusing on things I find important, like only buying products from people and places that are either fair trade, organic or locally sourced. I also try to focus on doing something fun each day—cooking good food and spending time doing things I love with the people I love (and for which I did not have time before). Without my technology distractions, I get more out of my day and am much happier.The fact is, we can’t change the World all by ourselves, but we can change our own lives and hopefully inspire others with that. We need to use the information and technology at our disposal to our advantage, but without letting it take over our lives.

We must LIVE IN THE MOMENT, as once it has passed, that time will not return.


Copyright text Lonneke Engel. First published on Youbeauty in 2013

Organice yor Documents

Organize Your documents

Nothing is worse than losing all of your important information! Like what happened a few times in my life: My computer crashed. It is not only that I cannot regularly update this website when it happens, but also, all my important information is gone if I don't take the right precautions and "organice" my documents and paperwork.

What can you do to Organice your Documents?

  • You can get an external hard drive, which is a good option, but those can crash too... What I found is the best solution, is to save documents that I need in the future, or that I am working on, online!
  • Google documents is a great way to online work on documents, order them, and save them. Also, you can invite people to read the documents, and you can also decide who can work on them or not! There are many other, virtual places where you can save your information, like Dropbox.
  • Share documents and emails with loved ones so we all know what's going on. Like Facebook saves your friends, thoughts, pictures and words, Flickr saves your pictures, you can basically save anything! ( and have the world see it if you decide too!)
  • You can share documents and large files with Wetransfer.

Online you can find more places that are suitable for every bit of information you like to be saved, secretly or for everyone to see. I still love the old-fashioned handwritten documents though, nothing beats real paper documents in my opinion.

As you can see it has become so easy to organize your documents!

Love, Lonneke

Organice Your Home

Organize Your Life: Make Your House Your Home

The first step in the Organice Your Life circle of 5 is : Organice Your Home. Let me give you a short introduction to how you make your house your home!

Organice Your Life - Circle of FiveTo start “organizing your life in an organic and nice way", also known as "Organice Your Life", you should start with your home base, and do a complete inventory and organization of it. You can’t see clearly what part of your life needs improvement, when the place you live or staying at, is not organized. A cluttered home equals a cluttered mind. Whether it is your home or a temporary stay, you need to know what your foundation is made of. See your life as a house. You can’t build a solid house from the ground up, if the foundation is weak. Your place of residence is your foundation. So, how does it look? Start first by cleaning up, organizing and fixing things. Maybe adding some TLC . After "organicing" your home, you know exactly what you have, what you don’t have, what you need or don’t need. Getting rid of things feels like eliminating toxic waste. Plus, next time you go shopping you only buy what you truly need. By making the place you live comfy and nice, will make everybody present feel good.

The Five steps to Organice your Home

1. Organice Your Living Spaces

Settling the different areas of your house. 

The layout of your home is very important to create a good "flow". Are all the rooms and spaces used the right way? Is all the furniture in the best place? Maybe reorganize and make it flow better!

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2. Organice Your Household

Managing the cleaning & organizing of your house.

Hygiene is important. Find a routine in cleaning your home. The more of a routine you have, the more clean and organized your space will look most of the time, and you won't create a big mess that takes even longer to clean up! This way you will also know where everything is. When you need those items, they are easier to find.

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3.  Organice Your Home Design

Making your house feel like home.

This is all about renovation and interior design of your home!  Paint and the right furniture, pictures, you name it. A little bit of updating here and there, painting and maybe a new piece of furniture? Add those special ornaments that mean so much to you, or those pictures that bring back memories.

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4. Organice Your Home Ambiance

Bringing some nice atmosphere to your home.

You can create a nice "vibe" by adding the right lights and candles, heat, scents and a good air flow. Anything that makes you "feel" great inside your home! I love salt lamps, essential oils, little candles and an air purifier to help the environment of my space.

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5. Organice Your Home: Flora & Fauna

Taking care of your plants and pets, indoors and outdoors.

Plants can be beneficial for the air quality and bring joy to a home. They need care and attention just like your children, pets, relationships and of course, yourself.

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Many households have pets. These loving animals also need their space in your home. When you have given them a spot that they love too, you will see the whole home is coming together just right.

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Get a schedule together for the care of your plants. Get a schedule for the care of your pets. Make it a routine and they will do really well.

Start organizing your home by following these steps and think about how you can make your house your home!

Love, Lonneke