The World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Exactly one year ago, Brazil was having a historical moment. The entire month of June was filled with protests involving millions of Brazilians, many of which left the comfort of their homes to join the voice of the people for the first time in their lives. A voice that didn’t always scream for the same ideals, that didn’t always agree with the one right by its side...

Many were the reasons these Brazilians had to yell at the top of their lungs, but one of them, a BIG one, was the millions and millions from public coffers, spent in the construction of stadiums in a standard not common to public facilities like hospitals, schools, public transportation, among many others, all of which are decaying in quality.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.20.44

The World Cup is here and the last few days preceding it were overwhelmed with speculation and divided opinions all over the social networks and the Internet. It feels like a passion has been yanked out of my chest. Brazilians feel coerced to be ashamed to root for their country, we are afraid of judgment for being “pro-world-cup” or against it. Meanwhile, with only a few days to go, stadiums and airports were still unfinished, which only increased the people’s state of indignation.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.21.28
...very clear message from the people at the street. One of their many subjets that impulsionated protests in Brazil


Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.22.24
Patriotism and anger - at one of many protests in Sao Paulo last year

Politicians assured people there will be no demonstrations during the World Cup and affirm they will use military power if necessary to contain the people. Meanwhile, those apposed to our current government, fear Brazil winning the series could strengthen the chances of president Dilma’s re- election. Celebrities go to the media in support of police brutality against manifestations during the event, and declare themselves ashamed of how the World Cup has become an excuse to revolt against the government, reason for protests and violence, and how it all reverts into bad publicity for our country. That’s the real shame!

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.19.00
Meanwhile in the fashion world, our soccer super star Neymar, poses with Gisele for the cover of Vogue Brasil magazine.

Pessimists, contaminated by indignation, want everything to fail during the cup believing that international disgrace would serve as a lesson to our politicians and “kick-off” a possible intervention from other nations to help our country change; but it goes unnoticed that this self-destructive attitude brings no benefit to the people. False-optimists, on the other hand, have a lot to gain and take advantage of the low moral to spread effect phrases compelling us to react with courtesy and receptivity. One said, “what (there) was to be spent, stolen, is gone”, insinuating we should move on, but I don’t believe anything should be stolen! Texts stimulating our patriotism and at the same time showing how degrading our situation is, are spread and shared all over social media by people that no longer know what to do think or do.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.35.37
National passion: brasilians can't hide their love for the sport that gathers diferent ages and races from all over the country


Until a few weeks ago, it had not rained in São Paulo in over 30 days, which brought the levels in our reservoirs to an ultimate low -- fines were given to those unable to reduce their use of water during rationing. Last month São Paulo reached record traffic: 344 km (214 miles) throughout the capital, but expected when bus and metro strikes still frighten workers and all of those who depend of public transportation in the capital. Still today, many of the metro lines – that already don’t service the entire city for lack of structure – are not operating and their employees stopped.

The image shows how the traffic stroke Sao Paulo in that day...

Despite all of it and with the growing expectations that precede the beginning of the games, we watch our streets fill with “gringos” and I’m reminded that soccer is an internacional passion and our national pride above it all. Some may still claim our government uses “bread and circuses” to seek public approval, but I truly believe these are times of patriotism, passion and emotion, after all soccer is a sport that brings masses together and creates opportunities to all social classes of our country.

Captura de Tela 2014-06-03 às 18.34.01

What’s most important to me in this moment is to create awareness of what we are going through as a country and that we may use our conscience at the elections to fight for our rights and ideals to build a brighter future for Brazil, rich in all of its beauty. May we be proud of our country, value and speak highly of it to those who wish to visit and live it. Ultimately let us help create a better BRASIL, never forgetting that every day we are presented with small opportunities of change for the greater good!

And let the games begin!

Love, Carol

My photoshoot in Aspen

Working as a model has brought me so many opportunities, and one of the most challenging is to deal with the constant change of weather.

Dealing with the weather as a model

As for now I'm enjoying a great warm Brazilian summer, but a month ago I was in NYC with the blizzard invading the American sky, I was freezing! This past November I got to work at a photoshoot in Aspen, Colorado. It was my first time visiting a place with ski stations in the mountains. I got really excited as soon as my cold feet stepped into the city so I went straight to exploring this different kind of city that was all new to me!


I couldn't help but noticing that I wasn't prepared at all for the low temperatures, and after 15 minutes walking and taking pictures, I could barely feel my fingertips anymore and it only got worse... So I took my strong Brazilian body back to the hotel, but only after finding my supplies for the night: fresh pressed beet,carrot,ginger, lemon juice and a yogurt parfait with organic berries - I was lucky to find a nice café house opened out of season.

Getting ready to shoot in the cold weather
Getting ready to shoot in the cold weather

What I ate during this photo shoot

I ended up eating my homemade bowl of food for dinner and the juice and yogurt parfait in the morning. As you guys know, I always carry some food with me for unpredictable moments. I wrote an article about in the past read it HERE .

Nothing better than my own food made with love
Nothing better than my own food made with love

Basically it was made of organic veggies such as brussel sprouts, aspargus, carrots and a fish fillet with organic quinoa, SO Yummy !!! I ate half of portion in the airplane and the rest of it comfortably chilling in my hotel room. Next day I was ready to work hard whenever they needed me at my photoshoot in Aspen... I got lucky we shoot most of the pictures inside a beautiful location house in the middle of the mountains.  So inspiring!

The other "model" for the day and I . Feeling happy!
The other "model" for the day and I . Feeling happy!

Aspen seemed to be a nice warm and cozy little place despite the white mountain tops covered in ice...I really like to come back another day to enjoy some ski fun and hot cocoa with friends ;)

Will share more stories of my shoots and healthy foods I take with me with you in the future!

Love, Carol

The Heart of Fashion

I've spent a lot of time asking myself what's the best way to do something that really helps people in need. Every year, when the month of December comes, I want to make even more of what we've been doing all year around...

Organice Your Good Heart

Back in 2007, couple of my dearest friends had the amazing idea of creating a non profitable association, about the time we were all living in France. What got them inspired was the work made by another friend that worked for Brazilian organization called "GOL de Letra" that  it's organized by famous Brazilian soccer players. Differently from its source of inspiration - The Heart of Fashion was created to gather the fashion industry together for a greater good.

logo brasil

The Heart of Fashion

I have loved the idea from the beginning, and got involved with the whole project. After all these years, the people we helped putting smiles on theirs faces, meals into their plates... It feels so great being able to share some of this happiness to inspire your Christmas to be whole and complete - if you also are willing to spread love trough your actions... There are so many ways to do so !

The Heart of Fashion is well known among Brazilian models and other fashion people but it's quickly spreading around. Top models like Michelle Alves, the Canadian Coco Rocha and the German Julia Stegner have been supporting the cause from its first days.

Brazilian supermodel Renne Castrucci and his father just before Christmas helping to spread the love at the nursing home in the state of Minas Gerais - Brazil

The Heart of Fashion supports 3 different institutions

  •  a nursing home (Lar de Velhinhos de Sao Tomé das letras)
  • a program that help favela families (Favela Maraba)
  • a Home for kids and teenagers found in the streets (Casas Taiguara)
Pictures from the "Favela Maraba" project - more than 130 families got their food for Christmas eve dinner and lot more!

It's pretty basic - but the association is helping a good range of people and ix growing!


Part of The Heart of Fashion founders and contributors : Michelli Provensi, Livia Gabriel, Alex Schultz, Francisco Gassen, Ana Paula Barros, Thiago Volpato and Renne Castrucci - in four different events : goodie bags and linens shopping; partnership with english school CNA and just before Christmas eve giving presents.
Part of The Heart of Fashion founders and contributors : Michelli Provensi, myself, Livia Gabriel, Alex Schultz, Francisco Gassen, Ana Paula Barros, Thiago Volpato and Renne Castrucci - in four different events : goodie bags and linens shopping; partnership with english school CNA and just before Christmas eve giving presents.

I do it whenever I can with all my heart and love especially at the end of the year. I find myself more energized and ready for a brand new YEAR after that.

You can always give back to others!

O Coração da Moda

Xo Carol :)











Cashew pudding recipe

It's a true fact that after only one week eating less sugary foods, our body does already respond to it not craving for sugar. But in case you are a big sweet tooth, there is a lot of desserts and sweet treats you could satisfy your craving with. I used to drink a delicious and very nutritious cashew milk as a kind of "dessert" before going to sleep. When making this recipe, I found out a beautiful new version where I can turn the milk into a pudding only by adding less water to it!

So here it goes the cashew pudding recipe :

ingredients cashew pudding

cashew pudding
A delicious and nutritious dessert or snack for when you crave something sweet but healthy!

Recipe type: dessert

Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

  • 350 grams of raw cashews
  • 1 tablepoon of coconut oil
  • 3 tablespoon of agave ( or more depending on how sweet you'd like )
  • 1 cinnamon stick or cinnamon powder ( 3 teaspoons in case you prefer to use powder )
  • 3 units of date
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract ( alcohol free )

  1. Soak the cashew overnight.
  2. then wash the cashews before putting to freeze.
  3. Next day: use the frozen cashews, put them into a good blender together with all the ingredients listed adding a cup of water ( about 200 ml).
  4. Blend it well until you get to a creamy texture.

In case you wanna try the milk version to drink, add 800 ml of water. Shake well before drinking, cause I don't usually drain my milk. It can be stored 4 days in the fridge!!






Warm it up your winter with SOUPS!!

Hey guys! I'm back after a looong time after hurricane Sandy damages ...

There was a time when I did take electricity and warm water for granted. Not anymore, lesson learned. But these are subjects for a whole new post, gonna let you all know how I handled things.

Now I wanna share with you the winner recipe from my previous post : the SOUP. Me and my boyfriend had been eating soups almost every night since the fall season arrived, and there is a very large variety of recipes we've been improving.

One of the best is brocolis/corn, even though I love buttersquash/carrots and cauliflower/chedar cheese. So I'm gonna give all the recipes and you can choose your favorite!

I use the same preparation technique to all of them, so it's very easy you just have to use different ingredients in each one.

So first of all, you need to boil the vegetables, 3 garlic cloves and half onion in filtered water for about 15-18 minutes. Once it's done, drain the water reserving it ( cause it's full of minerals and vitamins) and let vegetables coll it down a little. Put it in a blender and add 2 cups of the reserved boiled water. Blend it well. I like to add a litlle crunchy element in the soups, so it could be aspargus, corn or splitpeas - they all work really well! So I boil it separately and after they are sautee in coconut oil, I add it to my mixture on a big pan and let it heat. And... DONE! Easy like this.

You can follow my steps through the pictures above.

All ingredients used on the Brocolis/ Corn soup
Boil it for 15-18 minutes
Blend it !
Prepare the crunchy element in a different pan - i use coconut oil for it.
Maybe the texture looks good for you, if not add a little bit of the water used for boiling
...and DONE!
Another GREAT one: Butter Squash/carrot soup
Boil it!
Done! delicious... I used a bit of nutmeg on this recipe
Cauliflower/carrot ingredients ( you can use mild chedar for extra flavor)
Aspargus is responsable for the crunchiness in this one
I use coconut oil for sautee a little adding salt and pepper
If you opted for the chedar version, add it while heating up the soup at the moment its already warm, so the cheese will just melt.



xo Carol

My favorite Fall Menu

Hello Everyone!

I'm so happy fall season is all over New York City, and it's time for some cozyness when it comes to homade food! We love to cook amazing food at home specially at this time of the year cause we can fell in the atmosphere that a nice meal it's been prepared - our home becomes warm and with a nice aroma in the air.

So as you could see on my previous posts, I LOVE colorfull tasting plates... this is also true when it comes to soups. When I was a little girl, i used to eat soup at home during not so rigorous brasilian winter - so I grew up enjoing it a lot. Now I've been trying to make and improve some different recipes, and each time it comes out tastier!

So I'm going to introduce you to my favorite fall dishes of all times:

This creamy hearty cauliflower and raw chedar cheese is one of my favs!


All homade veggie burger- the STAR is the whole wheat bun


The inspiration for this plate came from a visit at "Le Pain Cotidien" - half sandwich, italian prosciuto crudo, shaved parmegiano cheese and arugula salad with a poached egg on top!
Wild caught Tilapia fillet and sweet potato puree topped with organic portabella mushrooms
This Wrap has a golden zuchinni and cabage filling with pesto sauce

So let me know each one is your favorite, I'll be happy to share the recipe with you!!

I'll be counting votes on my Instagram (@carolfontaneti), Twitter accounts and reading your comments in here!

Love, Carol

The power of Himalayan pink Salt

Hello guys!

Today I wanna share a little bit of my previous habits and what I do today for a healthier eating routine...

Me and my grandma: Portuguese background

Coming from a Portuguese background, I grew up eating very well seasoned and salty dishes as my Mom was taught to cook this way. About that time i loved this kind of food because I was used to eat that way, but as I wanted change my  eating habits I've been trying to reduce the amount of salt in my meals.

These are my grandparents and I in Portugal last year

I researched for the heathiest salt, and my favorite one has been the "Himalayan salt" ever since. First time I bought it , I didn't know it was THAT good and I'll tell you why... Here it comes the FUN part: there is a way to have a little salt, much flavor and less worries at the same time!!

Himalayan salt has millions of years under intense tectonic pressure creating an environment of zero exposure to impurities. It's free from that many toxins / pollutants that pervade other forms of ocean salt . So PURE as it is, that's the best for you cause refining is not needed.

My favorite brand!

As important as the "pureness " are the benefits to your health and body:

  • Promotes stable PH balance in the cells, including the brain;
  • Controls the water levels within the body, regulating for proper functioning;
  • It encourages excellent blood sugar health;
  • Aids and reduces the common sigs of aging;
  • Increases absorption capacities of food elements within the intestinal tract;
  • It lows incidence of sinus problems;
  • Reduces muscle cramps;
  • Increases bone strenght;
  • It even prevents cellulite in comparison with regular table salt;
  • Naturally helps healthy sleep patterns;
  • It contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body.
Little pink good rocks!

source:  Dr. Edward F. from GHC - Global Healing Center 

If all this isn't good enough, be aware that tremendous amounts of energy  must be waste to metabolize chemical table salt and to keep the body at optimum fluid balance. Studies show that for each gram of table salt your system cannot process, your body will use over 20 times the amount of cellular water to neutralize the sodium chloride in chemically-treated salt, what easily leads to cellulite, rheumatism, arthrits, gout as well as kidney stones.  Instead choose pink Himalayan salt and avoid that.

Hope the Himalayan salt light pink color will "brighten" your dishes too!!

XoCarol ;)


Lemon Shrimp Salad Recipe

Hi everyone!
Counting on all the votes and views I had on my previous post, instagram and Twitter, the winner is....

5.0 from 1 reviews

Lemon Shrimp Salad
Fresh, healthy and delicious taste !!

Recipe type: Entree
Serves: 2

Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

  • 8-10 wild caught shrimp ( I used the Gulf type cause they're big )
  • 1 carrot
  • Grape tomatos
  • Organic german mustard
  • 1 sicilian lime
  • Spring mix salad
  • Coconut Oil
  • Black peppercorns with lemon ( "Frontier" brand )
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Pine nuts
  • Organic olive Oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Garlic

  1. Rince the shrimps really well, clean it and if you wish leave the shell ( I cannot eat it much, but actually it is good to lower the cholesterol level, so if you can manage to eat some, it's not bad for you at all! ).
  2. Here it goes my first TIP: soak the shrimps into a mix of water and lemon drops and some slices of it, so you gonna get rid of the "ocean/fish smell". Leave it for about 10 minutes.
  3. While shrimps are soaking, peel one carrot using a grinder.
  4. After 10 min, drain the shrimps and reserve.
  5. I use a garlic press to turn a beautiful garlic clove into a kind of puree, only one teeth is enough, so press it into the pan with hot coconut oil and add the shrimps and lime slices.
  6. Season it with salt and pepper ( i always use pink Himalayan salt and the "Frontier" black peppercorn with lemon for this recipe ) and grind some lime zest and squeeze its juice ( of half lime ) on top of it.
  7. Take care not to overcook the shrimps, they should be done in about 6 minutes and then reserve it to cool down.
  9. Take the remaining coconut oil from the cooking process and add a teaspoon of german mustard and a touch of balsamic vinegar and olive oil to the mix.
  10. PLATING:
  11. The mix green salad should be in a big bowl before serving, what makes it easier to dress and to add the carrots.
  12. Plate the salad adding the cooled down shrimps on top of it - i like to spread some pine nuts and add some grape tomatos to finish!

I swapped the fresh mozzarela to the grape tomatoes cause I'm trying to be away from cheese so this is the main difference between this salad and the previous posted.


Wild Gulf from "Whole Foods" market
Fresh, Organic ingredients!!
Soak for about 10 minutes
Carrots are so good for you! with their high dietary fibers helping on intestine function and stimulating Vitamin A production, so good for vision and skin.
Garlic is such a good antioxidant
Garlic, Salt, Pepper and lemon juice/zest and DONE!
VERY important: reserve to cool down
Plate the shrimps and tomatoes beautifuly cause we all like to "eat" first with the eyes!!


Summer or Fall, we must eat salads the whole year!

Hope you enjoy it!