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Be healthy on the GO!

I’ve been asked a lot what I do to avoid unhealthy eating habits , so this article is dedicated to that. Some basic actions can really save your day! Everywhere I go, I try to look for new places where I can find exciting organic food options. Also I go for greener options as much as […]

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Cashew pudding recipe

It’s a true fact that after only one week eating less sugary foods, our body does already respond to it not craving for sugar. But in case you are a big sweet tooth, there is a lot of desserts and sweet treats you could satisfy your craving with. I used to drink a delicious and very nutritious […]

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Change Brazil

I was born, raised and educated in a country that I’ve always loved but that never exceeded my expectations. That’s because every single one of us Brazilians knows how valuable our land is – talking about ALL aspects !This is the first time after a long period, people are finally going to the streets to […]

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Hello guys. Inspired by my life and love I have to share some words with you… Everyone wants to love and be loved…I hear it a lot that isn’t an easy journey to find TRUE love. Actually it can be really simple, in my opinion. Listen to your heart , to your true self that […]

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All ingredients used on the Brocolis/ Corn soup

Warm it up your winter with SOUPS!!

Hey guys! I’m back after a looong time after hurricane Sandy damages … There was a time when I did take electricity and warm water for granted. Not anymore, lesson learned. But these are subjects for a whole new post, gonna let you all know how I handled things. Now I wanna share with you […]

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My favorite Fall Menu

Hello Everyone! I’m so happy fall season is all over New York City, and it’s time for some cozyness when it comes to homade food! We love to cook amazing food at home specially at this time of the year cause we can fell in the atmosphere that a nice meal it’s been prepared – […]

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The power of Himalayan pink Salt

Hello guys! Today I wanna share a little bit of my previous habits and what I do today for a healthier eating routine… Coming from a Portuguese background, I grew up eating very well seasoned and salty dishes as my Mom was taught to cook this way. About that time i loved this kind of food […]

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Plate the shrimps and tomatoes beautifuly cause we all like to "eat" first with the eyes!!

Lemon Shrimp Salad Recipe

Hi everyone! Counting on all the votes and views I had on my previous post, instagram and Twitter, the winner is…. 5.0 from 1 reviews Lemon Shrimp Salad Fresh, healthy and delicious taste !! Author: Carol Fontaneti Recipe type: Entree Serves: 2 Prep time:  20 mins Cook time:  6 mins Total time:  26 mins Ingredients 8-10 wild […]

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Shrimp Meslum Salad

My TOP meals of the month!

Hi everyone ! This last august I’ve been trying even harder to cook meals at home using some nice , raw, fresh and organic ingredients. I was very proud of myself cause i really did accomplish my goal ! I shared on my Twitter account some of the dishes me and my boyfriend prepared and I […]

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Brasilian Carol & hair dresser Marco Antonio

As a model you need to take care of your hair!

Hello Guys! So happy to be sharing my first post to you all! As a model I get to work a lot for hair campaigns ( I’ve been blonde, light brown, dark brown, reddish…)  – so I take extra care about it in my daily routine. We heard a lot about homemade hair care… many […]

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