New York City outdoor workout with friends!

When it's Summer in NYC, for me there is n better combination than meeting with friends and doing a New York City outdoor workout! One time, our dear friends Ricardo Baldin and Jeanette Linderberg, joined my love Fabio Nunes and I for a nice week of training and eating good food.  I get to see them only once in a while, so it was another reason to really enjoy our time together.

Fabio and Ricardo at the Elevated Acre in the financial district NYC.

Ways to work out outdoors in New York City

There are a LOT of ways to do a New York City outdoor workout:  biking, playing ball, skating, running. And there are a lot of places to do it so too!

After a great smoothie in the morning, we all went for a cardio training that takes only 15 minutes of your time! The goal is to keep your heart rate a bit at a certain level that helps you sweat and burn fat. After all is a great way to raise your energy levels for the rest of the day.

We also had a little fun doing Yoga poses ( Asanas ) and helping each other to improve our technique. We went to the Elevated Acre in the Financial District to do this workout.




Eating healthy after a workout

I am proud to say that our post New York City outdoor workout meal was amazing! : Chicken legs, sweet potatoes, spinach egg whites omelet with avocado topping and arugula salad. Every single ingredient was organic and chicken was free range grade 2. All made with love and care by Fabio's talented chef hands. He is a Model Chef after all, who has cooked many delicious dinners for foodlovers around New York City :)




Riding a bike in New York City

The other day, we rode city bikes and took the East River cycling route with destination: Central Park. The ride was just so enjoyable, the temperature during the day was perfect and it really got into my senses the whole experience exercising, and enjoying the view, good weather and company. We even bumped into few Brasilian friends that were doing exactly same thing as we were: two girls on their skates while the third one was running alongside them. The bike ride was about 7 miles , Uptown to Central Park, and back home with a few stops to enjoy our favorites places in the city. Like the Italian meca Eataly on 5th av and 23rd st - were we went to recharge our fuel with great food.



When at the park it was easy to have a good time!



At Central park - inspired by kids playing around - soft strenght training.


Outdoor work outs with friends are fun

Gather a few friends, get inspired by the good weather and push each other to reach your goals! Share your knowledge and experiences - all that, and relieving stress at the same time! Above all Summertime is here to raise our spirits in a positive vibe !! I strongly advice to stay active,  moving your body every chance you get! That's the way I'm gonna spend my next days, what about you guys ?? ;))





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Stay focused,

XoCarol ;)

First published in 2015, updated in 2020


My grandma's Banana Cake

I love food and all that is involved with it : searching for the nicest ingredients , prepping  and cooking. In my opinion there is no better reason to gather your loved ones than for a good homemade meal. This delicious banana cake is a good choice for that!

My grandmother's recipe for banana cake

When I was living by myself working as a model in France, one way I found to stay connected to my dear ones, specially with my grandma in this case, was to work on some family recipes. My beloved grandma used to make some delicious food in her humble kitchen and my favorite of all times dessert was the banana cake she did with the simplest ingredients.

I took her handwritten recipe note everywhere I went even though I knew the recipe by heart. I liked the way she wrote things down so she would never forget. I was in love withe her recipe books and how disorganized in an organized way they were.

gravar cd - 0396
My friend Elle and I in a picnic reunion in Paris few years ago: we were the queen of cakes

Modeling and baking

Throughout my years modeling around the World, I have made many tummies very happy. My friends used to invite me in so I would bake the cake for birthdays, gatherings and reunions. I was pretty happy to make such a simple task into an event. So I was well known by my grandma's banana cake and now I'm trilled to share it's recipe with all of you.

Like I said, I like to use the simplest ingredients. And the most important one is LOVE.

Enjoy this banana cake!

XoXo Carol

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As usual, I use only organic and healthier choices in my recipes. You can also make it with whole wheat flour - its consistency changes a bit - not the flavour!
As usual, I use only organic and healthier choices in my recipes. You can also make it with whole wheat flour - its consistency changes a bit - not the flavor!


The Infamous Banana Cake
A delicious banana cake ( unfortunately not suitable for those of you that are lactose or gluten intolerant.)

Recipe type: bakery
Serves: 6

  • 1 and a half cups of sugar ( of your preference any kind works well - Demerara is a good option)
  • 2 cups of White Wheat Flour ( if your not feeling too evil for the day, you can try the whole wheat version )
  • 1 and a half cups of whole milk
  • 4oz Butter ( 113 grams )
  • Cinnamon
  • 6 to 8 bananas depending on their size.
  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder

  1. Pre heat the oven at 380 degrees F ( 240 Celsius ) before starting. Grease a round baking pan with butter. Cut thick rounds of bananas to glue them around the edges and at the bottom of the baking pan.Cover the perfectly placed bananas with cinnamon powder and make sure they are all covered with a thin layer of the spice. After that in a separate bowl, mix in the flour , milk , butter ( it can be melted or cut it in big numbs ) , baking powder and sugar. There's no need of mixer machines to make this mixture, you can air it out with a simple hand tool. If you opted to not melting the butter, don't bother if the mix doesn't look perfectly smooth and you can still see the numbs of butter, that's one of my grandma's secrets! Pour this tick mixture on top of your bananas and cover the top with cinnamon again and the same amount of sugar, so it gets a little crunchy skin. Put in the oven to bake for about 30 minutes. Check if it's baked sticking a toothpick in the center if it's not, let it in the oven for another 5 minutes os so.

First published on October 29th 2015, updated on May 18th 2020


Great for kids birthday parties, the little ones really enjoyed this yummy treat

Cat's Healing Jewelry by Carolina Fontaneti

There are these moments in life when you discover a passion that is so strong it really overcomes you... that the only way is to totally immerse in that feeling.

My love for jewelry

I was a very loved child by my grandparents, I had the best time growing up with them by my side - it was just pure happiness. They have taught me a lot from their life experiences. But the kindness my Grandma had with everything around her,  always amazed me. She used to put her heart into everything she did and I learned not to take that for granted. We should value it. So when I've decided I wanted to create my own jewelry line, her love and vision was the starting point of all.

My two 'Muses" Grandma and Ninis Cat

I took her old jewelry box looking for vintage treasures that used to strike me as a little girl. I saw my grandma's beauty in those ornaments as she was a proud Leo Woman but her vanity was pure and innocent. Of course I've learned from that- cause I believe there is a bigger reason for women to feel beautiful wearing all types of ornaments: We are empowered by them in many ways. And that's something I really believe in: to be empowered and to be able to self-healed.


I simply love working with my hands : writing, drawing and crafting. My dear friend and OYL founder Lonneke Engel asked me a few questions that I will answer to all of you in the QA below:

IMG_7389 2
The art is a drawing made by my mother. The caligraphy for the name is a courtesy of my father. I thought of having their touch would be special.

Q & A with Carolina Fontaneti on her jewelry

OYL: Why and when did you decide to start to make jewelry?

First of all I started thinking that crafting my own jewelry would be a great idea because I have the smallest wrists in the world and no bracelet ever really fit me... and I'm crazy for bracelets. So about 2 years ago, I started putting a lot of thought to this idea. It was something I really could work with my creativity and my love for vintage amazing finds.

OYL: What or who is your inspiration?

I have travelled to many amazing places working as a model. So I've collected little treasures such as shells, rocks, pieces of wood, indians ornaments. I use them alongside with my grandma's old jewelry pieces ( the ones that broke, feel apart, or still intact) and I transform that into new pieces mixing with also brand new components. Nature and natural elements definitely are big inspirations but I also have a 'live' one that is my dearest, the one I dedicated a whole line for it, called " Catnecklace" : my cat Ninis. My closest friends were also my first breath of inspiration, since I've made my first pieces thinking of them to give it as a present, representing my belief of 'give it to receive it'.

Lonneke and I wearing our one of a kind necklaces made with vintage components
Lonneke and I wearing our one of a kind necklaces made with vintage components

OYL: Who is your costumer, for who are you making Jewelry?

Like I said before, I believe we are beings that have the ability to self-heal, and who can be empowered by natural resources such as crystals, gemstones and fossilized materials. We can create a supernatural power at the palm of our hands. People who search for this kind of connections and 'powers' or those who are aiming to reach well-being, a wholesome life - they are my intended audience. I also have a big passion for two other groups, they're the children and the animals - who can also benefit from the power of healing stones.

OYL: What is your jewelry made with?

Meaningful vintage components; healing gemstones and crystals ; natural findings ; tiny very delicate seed beads; hemp and satin cords; and LOVE.

Fontaneti Jewelry works with the power of crystals and gemstones to make you beautiful and protected.

OYL: What is your personal motto or quote that reflects your jewelry line?

'Believe you can and you are halfway there' . Adding my personal touch to the quote I would say:  The other half consists of doing what is in your hands to do it... then if it's meant to be work out for you, it will. If it doesn't, it's just not the right time yet. Learn how to wait and follow life's signs. That's the way I see life and try to understand it. So everything that I ever accomplished was due to believing myself, trusting I was capable of.

OYL: What is your favorite piece , and/or your signature jewelry  piece?

I would say my signature piece is the 'Cat necklace', and my necklaces with amber. They are necklaces made for Cats, my beautiful exotic shorthair Ninis been wearing them for a while and he looks so adorable while also benefiting from the healing stones properties, since animals are also affected by their power.

Ninis Cat wearing his Anchor Cat necklace made with healing Tanzanite gemstones.

OYL: What are you hoping for in the future and for your jewelry line? Any dreams of pieces you want to make? And for who?

I wish that I could be able to make positive changes in the way people see and wear their ornaments. It's important to recognize how inner energy is affected by outside factors. I do believe that everything in this world is made of the same ever changing and transforming matter. So everything and everyone could 'transform' or 'transmute' into anything desired... I do aim for the day I would be able to bring this transmutation into my jewelry and people are able to feel , almost touch the 'power' of my pieces and use them as empowered tools , customized for their needs and wishes. Every single person that connects with that idea, is the one I would love to see wearing my jewelry.


If you want to check out my current collection, visit Cat's Healing  *****






Hello guys. Inspired by my life and love I have to share some words with you!

True Love

Everyone wants to love and be loved. I hear it a lot that isn't an easy journey to find TRUE love. Actually it can be really simple, in my opinion. Listen to your heart , to your true self that knows everything... it doesn't look that simple to you?? I will explain:

1. Love yourself first

It is impossible to give and receive love without loving yourself more than anything! Loving YOU first means respecting your opinions, your feelings and your wishes... and that makes it all easier. It comes from the inside out. Your true voice will talk, your heart will feel and you'll respond to your feelings.



2. Finding love

I won't say love is around the corner, because I know we don't find it every time we cross the street. But when you find it, you will know. There is no other way around, there is no doubt! It is just there... it's not a PERFECT feeling... nothing in this World is perfect. But it is just right, just the way it has to be, it's just enough, it's FULFILLING.

I know, I know you must had heard that a million times: " one day you will find it"...

So don't torture yourself on your way to this beautiful path. Just go with the flow. Do never forget, YOU always come first.


3. Little tips to follow when you have found love:

  • FOOD tastes much better if made with love! So cook with your heart and for the ones you cherish. Try these 5 recipes for chocolate lovers (1 is my recipe!)
  • Give yourself some little "me time" once a while. Take little breaks only to do your hobbies, or something that makes you happy.
  • Sunbathe. You won't believe how wonderful you'll feel after some sunshine on your skin (don't forget the sun screen)
  • Be around people that make you feel good and share good moments with them!
  • Have a pet if you can... loving the animals is one pure great feeling!
  • Spend time with children! They make you happy, they make you LOVE them.


love my cat Ninis with Fabio

All those little actions will surround you with love and great feelings!  We know we attract more and more of whatever we're feeling or experiencing. So treat your whole World with love, an be loved along the way!

The pictures in this article represent LOVE to me, including my love Fabio Nunes!


Love under the water!

Xo Carol


First published in 2013, updated in 2019

The secret to a long-lasting modeling career

 I've heard many times people in the industry talking about how certain model's career will finish after she become pregnant,  or because she gained weight ...  There are too many reasons people could say a model's career is over. But what is the secret to a long-lasting modeling career?

The fashion Industry

As a model working for several years in the fashion business, I've learned people can talk too much and change their mind very quickly : today's special face will not be so special anymore tomorrow ... it can happen so fast - it could be next season... So I feel nothing is guaranteed, and nothing is so unique and special anymore. I have an absolute respect for the industry I'm working in, and that's the reason I had to find a way to take the most advantage of my opportunities and to develop a way and face all these 'ups and downs' every model's career has. So what is the secret to a long-lasting modeling career?

Captura de tela 2015-02-16 15.37.54
When my first French magazine cover came out - standing proud in front of the newstand


What modeling is really like

If you are reading this as an aspiring model or a new face, or if you're just out a curiosity ( it can suit you too ), I ask you to pay close attention and do not misjudge my words. Modeling is a tough path, only suited for tough girls and boys. It takes a lot of work, commitment and mentality. The faster you learn how to bring out the best of you, the faster you will succeed finding your value in the fashion industry. Nowadays, because of internet, everything in Fashion has gone as fast as the speed of light. For agents and fashion directors becomes easy to find a new spectacular face within seconds from all over the World, a new exciting new model who is ready to rock all the catwalks and social media platforms...

What modeling was like in the past and how it is now

I think I come from a different generation, where I saw fashion as a mysterious World , you did not really know the moment a  fashion show finished what was the designer inspiration and best looks... You were discovered by a model scout, or send in some pictures to a modeling agency by mail. Photographers took Polaroids and did not know what the real pictures would turn out to be until they were developed. You waited for it to be revealed in the magazines. The magic of the pictures of world-famous photographers, accompanied by the words of the most renowned fashion experts. But today everyone's competing for what's new, what's hot - who said it first, who saw it first, and who posted it first.

Captura de tela 2015-02-16 15.39.33
As a new face in Milan - makeup and hair tests before the ETRO show at Milan Fashion week in 2004


On instagram, I get to see the same image that until a few minutes ago was 'new', all over again on at least 5 other different accounts... so the magic only lasts a few seconds... Before you know it, it already is old news.

The secret to a long-lasting modeling career

Now, the reason I am writing this article, is to share the secret of of a long-lasting modeling career, with the rules of the Fashion industry as they are now. The key to deal with all that "fast fashion", is to reinvent yourself. You must be willing to change, to show a new face of yours , a new side of a better you, every time. Surprise people with yet another side they didn't see before. Does that makes sense ? For me it fits perfect... For instance, I've seen the transitions between analog cameras to digital , I've seen photographers who used to shoot with film, now holding digital cameras and asking their assistents to hand them SD cards... These photographers also reinvented themselves. The industry has changed, and so the top models of our generation need to reinvent themselves too. And social media can help you with that.

Captura de tela 2015-02-16 15.39.07
My manager Giovanni and I in Paris when we were both starting to work with the French fashion market. He'd also reinvented himself, after years working for IMG Paris he went to open the brand new office in Milan as he was  Italian , he liked to be near his family. His achievements improved on the years to follow : today he's the director of another agency in Milan: MP management.


Social media and modeling

So how can you do this with pride, and without overexposing yourself? For me it is simple: Boys and girls, as today's victims of social media, victims of the hyper exposure these channels are providing... be careful of what your showing! Ask yourself first before posting an image: Am I sharing something that's worthy to be seen? Am I sharing too much, overexposing myself? Am I sharing positivity? Or am I just trying to stand out? Am I following what I believe, and what others believe to be right? Am I showing the real me the unique being that I am?

Because what you post online, will stay online forever, so it better be something good. It is a great way to share your personality, and different sides of you with your followers, that you are more than "that pretty face". Because you  become more interesting with sharing your different layers of personality.

Captura de tela 2015-02-16 15.38.23
Nathalie it's a great example ... when she was younger, I saw her face throughout Japan on magazine's covers.. she had this beautiful doll face that enchanted the japanese market...
Captura de tela 2015-02-16 16.06.30
... she grew to be this incredible bombshell with piercing eyes. Her 'plus'? She's an extremely talented artist , and she's showing her creativity through her art of modeling and painting...
Her talents merge into beautiful strong images ( like this one right here) , making it possible to others see the expression of the way she sees life.


Going on castings

All these questions can help you to improve your career as well. As a model going on a casting, I get little time to impress the client, to show something that might connect with the brand I am being cast for. There are more models, less time and everything needs to get decided and done fast. There is a lot of competition. But remember, everyone is special in their own way. The fashion people want to see something new, they want to be inspired by you. In a short moment you want to show your best you. The more you know  what that "best you" is, the better you are prepared to wow the fashionistas.

Make a comeback or reinvention

But if you can't show your best, take a break if you need - and come back stronger another time.  For instance A lot of supermodels that got pregnant and left the industry for a while, came back better to an improved version of themselves. Because their lives became more fulfilled and they found more meaning to life, they have reinvented themselves as a mother. Recently we could see Gemma Ward's returning after having a baby, and Sasha Pivovarova after giving birth to her daughter, she's luminous and in every single campaign my eyes could reach. Caroline Trentini and Lara Stone are other examples of that, and even less known girls , are radiant after giving birth and are on their 30 somethings years of age, happy and with a bright future ahead of them...

But a reinvention can also happen if you come back with an amazing new photoshoot, a new haircut, or have a change of careers, like Nathalie who I mentioned above which gives your modeling career another push.

No more age limit in modeling

Another good thing with the ever changing fashion industry, is that due to photoshop, there is no age limit anymore. You can be 20 or 80 years old and work as a model. So don't get stuck on one look, or one side of yourself. Explore your personality, and find out what things in life you find important or like to do. When you keep changing and reinventing yourself, like life changes all the time, you will always be significant in the fashion industry. The secret to a long-lasting career is to reinvent yourself, every day, every moment of your life and share that new YOU with everyone to see.

Captura de tela 2015-02-16 15.36.25
Remember : everything changes so fast! Be the change you wanna see around you, that's never out of fashion... unlike my sunglasses and swimsuit in this picture ;))



xo ;) carol

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First published in 2015, updated in 2019


Making of Model Chocolate part 2

Hello beautiful readers! I share the cacao love with Organice Your Life® contributor Abigail O'Neill, so what's better than getting together for some model chocolate making with friends? As Lonneke already shared her favorite recipe from Abigail's Model Chocolate book, I'm gonna share mine with you all.

READ MORE: The Making of Model Chocolate part. 1

First of all, I wanted to congratulate Australian supermodel Abigail O'Neill with her wonderful work on the amazing book Model Chocolate ! Much more chocolate LOVE to you my dear, thank you very much for the effort of turning your passion into something everyone could benefit from!

foto 2
Getting ready to start our "Chocolovers" cooking in the Organice Your Life® kitchen. All ingredients and of course Model Chocolate cook book by Abigail.

I'm crazy for cookies... only the smell of cookies coming from the oven drives me crazy! So I chose the Chocky Bikkies with almond butter and honey. They are made with cacao nibs for a bit of crunchiness... I absolute love IT ! These are the healthiest I've ever made... Ingredients such as coconut, macadamia , vanilla and honey are the heroes of this awesome mixture above...


We used to spoons to make the shape..._MG_0764-7... and a fork to help 

And it all together turned into ...

THIS! Beautiful leafs made with lots of LOVE

The other day at home, my boyfriend Fabio reproduced another great recipe to one of our good friends and everyone was absolute blown away by how easy and tasteful were the Protein Cocoballs!! We've tried out eating them either before and after getting our workout done. It felt good to my body both ways, increased my energy level and helped recovering muscles. They're good as sweet treats after lunch or dinner, as it's made with the best ingredients and superfoods on Earth, so you don't get to feel guilty about eating them. It's pure goodness ;)

foto 5
Delicious Protein Cocoballs ready!

So let's get inspired , get your friends and start cooking!! If your are interested in having access to all these amazing choco blast, please go to OYL shop and get yours! E-book and hardcopies are available HERE. Join us and share your love for raw chocolate too! Share your love for chocolate too!

Xo Carol ;)

pictures by Carol, Fabio & Fairest Photo

First published on November 11th 2013, updated in 2019

Model Hair Care

As a model I get to work a lot for hair campaigns ( I've been blonde, light brown, dark brown, reddish...)  - so I take extra care of it in my daily routine.

Model hair care

We hear a lot about homemade hair care... many of them really work, some only help a little, but great improvements takes BIG actions! Let's face it , nowadays we have very effective hair treatments/products at the local supermarket and we can use that to make really smart creations at home combining some of them with organic ingredients.

To show you I am really into haircare for my work, look at a few of my advertising campaigns below:

Carol for Wella
Carol for Wella
Carol for Garnier
Carol for Garnier
Carol for Nutrihair
Carol for Nutrihair

My good friend and amazing Brazilian hair dresser Marco Antônio Di Biaggi  (he is the Twitter KING with hundred thousands of followers, nobody beats him ) , gave me some tips that I would like to share with you:

Marco Antonio & I at his salon.
Marco Antonio & I at his salon.

Haircare tips by Marco Antonio Biaggi

  • The "must have" product in my opinion and also in Marco's - is the Argan Oil. A variety of brands make this Morrocan oil their main ingredient to help nourishing damaged hair. As rich and powerful as the Argan Oil, is the coconut oil, the quinoa oil and the grape seed oil. Hair products containing these ingredients can be find in stores such as AéSOP, Lush and Whole Foods Market.

OYL choice:Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Travel Size - Organic and Natural Oil that Nourishes, Conditions, and Heals (15ml/0.5oz)

  • So here it goes my first tip: Take your regular moisturizing/ hydrating treatment mask you're used to and add 3 to 5 drops of the Argan Oil to a little amount on the palm of your hand, apply on your hair as usual and leave it for 15-20 minutes washing away later then. Marco Antônio says that for better results you may start the treatment with previous cleaned hair.
  • As a Brazilian girl, I LOVE coconut water! I've tried combining the power of the coconut oil and the coconut water itself and I found very satisfying results. So just leave 5 drops of the coconut oil acting on the length of your hair for 20 minutes and then wash it away with coconut water from the coconut. WARNING! Do not use those coconut water sold in boxes!! The idea is to be totally organic and this water contains a bunch of other ingredients such as added sweeteners or preservatives which doesn't any good for the hair.

OYL choice: Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure & Natural Premium Therapeutic Grade - Coconut Carrier Oil for Aromatherapy, Massage, Moisturizing Skin & Hair – Huge 16 OZ

  • Today's final tip is to complement two strenghts : Olive oil and raw honey. Olive oil is good for conditioning and dandruff control, and the honey attracts and holds moisture - perfect for damaged and dry hair. Mix it up 1/2 cup of honey and 1/4 cup of olive oil , then warm it in a microwave for 15 seconds. Apply a small amount of the mixture on damp hair down to its ends. Cover the hair with a towel and have it for 30 minutes. Finalize giving it a nice shampooing, rinse and dry. You will feel the difference with the very first touch!

OYL choice: Ys Eco Bee Organic Honey 1 Pound Jar

Carol & friend at a photo shoot with her hair done
Me with my boyfriend Fabio at a photo shoot with my hair done.

I use these recipes every once in a while and look how beautiful and healthy my hair looks!! Thanks Marco Antônio for the tips!

Kisses, Carol

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Healthy hair for every day!

First published on August 27th 2012, updated in 2019

Get the right running shoes for you

I have been trying to improve my running skills for the past years ,and I have learned and experimented with things that really makes "the ride" more enjoyable. Usually listening to the perfect playlist, having good earphones and controlling your breathing were the first steps I had in mind, but it seems to be not enough!

The right shoes for running

I have found out that wearing the right running shoes is mandatory if you're looking to have the perfect run. In the past, not only did I not ever get a good run but also and most important: I could injury my body pretty bad.

So I did some research and visited couple shoe stores  to find the right running shoes. After a treadmill test, I had discovered my feet were over pronators, which basically means that I strike the ground with my heel and it rolls inward onto the front... Then I bought the model with most support on the back and construction to wrap up my mid foot giving it a glove- like fit. Stability and support are strict needed in my case.

See back support of my right running shoe
See back support of my right running shoe

Get yourself a good posture

Also because all of that, I have started to rebuild my sense of good posture, as before I did not have good shoes, but now feeling confident and protected by my new companions, I gained the consciousness on how to move my whole body. In my daily walking routine I  have been trying to correct some mistakes made in the past by continuously repeating bad habits -  it's not as easy as it seems-determination and focus are keys to success!

my improved posture
my old bad posture
















THIS video shows how I do walk on regular basis

THIS video shows how I used to walk over pronating my feet

You might also have either over pronation or under pronation. If you're lucky, you have a neutral running gait. Check your most worn running shoes soles to see which kind are you, they should look like one of these:

The most damaged area are the ones in RED

Don't forget to ALWAYS stand on both feet!

And good luck running with in your perfect gait!

xo Carolina



Edited. First published on March 24th 2014.

Healthy Brigadeiro

Every Brasilian knows that 'Brigadeiro' is an old time favorite. If you are craving for sweet and willing to indulge on some very much worth it little treat, here it comes my ultimate much healthier version: the healthy brigadeiro!


I teamed up with my Dutch squad, Lonneke and her husband Dirk and after a happy and healthy organic brunch, we had a Brazilian sweet healthy Brigadeiro for dessert. As tradition tells, one must take care of the pans and spoons used for cooking the brigeiros, so like a couple of little happy kids, Lonneke and I enjoyed the leftovers very much!


So here is my recipe for a healthy brigadeiro:

Healthy Brigadeiro

Serves: 30m

  • 1 can of Condensed Milk ( you can find it easy at regular grocery stores )
  • full tablespoon Raw Cocoa Powder
  • full tablespoon Coconut oil
  • Toppings as you wish: Shaved Coconut, chocolate covered chia seeds or cocoa nibs are the best.

  1. Put 1 tablespoon of the coconut oil to hit up on a small pan and before is too hot, add the condensed milk and warm up the whole mixture. Add the cocoa powder before is too hot, and make sure to spread it well. After adding the cocoa you must incorporate the powder to the mix, be careful to not form crumbs, it must be stirred for a while and consistently. You will know when its ready because the mass will become uniform and it will stick out from the botton of the pan.
  2. Put it to rest/ chill and after spreading it on a surface. after that grease your hands with coconut oil , it helps to roll the sweet without sticking. Nice and easy!





xoxo Carolina Fontaneti

First published on May 29th 2015, updated in 2019

Healthy snacks on the GO!

I've been asked a lot what I do to avoid unhealthy eating habits , so this article is dedicated to that. Some basic actions can really save your day!

Everywhere I go, I try to look for new places where I can find exciting organic food options. Also I go for greener options as much as I can, re using plastic and paper bags or water bottles for example - and always manage my diet to be the best as possible in the most different situations.

foto 1

Airplane Food

I don't like how plane food tastes and how it makes you feel bloated - so I've found a solution for it: always pack a few healthy snacks and a nice home made meal to eat on the plane...

I spend so much time in airports and airplanes that if I don't take proper care, I will end up eating something not good for me. The first time I made my own bowl with plenty of healthy food I felt much more vitality and energy to handle those never ending 10 hours seated on a plane. Everyone should try it! No shame! Even the plane staff helped me out heating the meal, and there it goes a tip if you wanna do the same: take an aluminum bowl to make it easier, then ask someone to heat for you just the way they do it with regular food they serve it.

fotoThis beautiful plate was made with love by my boyfriend and it's all organic quinoa beets and carrots with tilapia filet and caramelized onions and some boiled egg whites! YUMMY

foto 3That meal was the first one we made to eat healthy on the go: Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes and fish filet

Snacks at work

Sometimes at work, snacks before or after lunch time, are not nutritious enough to help me get going through my day of hard work. So again I've found a solution. I ALWAYS take with me energy protein bars, nuts and other organic healthy snacks in little bowls that fit in my bag. I will never go to work unprepared, because we never know what's for breakfast and lunch. I'm known by stylists and beauty artists for doing it ( they usually sees me sneaking in my purse ), they call me "smart girl" and I have the pleasure to share my treats with them.

foto 2


These are a few simple things you could integrate in to your routine, or if you don't have a routine (in my case).  You just need to think ahead of all difficult situations you're gonna be dealing with, so you are prepared for everything!

Follow these tips on a daily basis:

  • Try not to stay more than 3 hours without eating, ALWAYS have some good snacks with you, otherwise will won't even notice that it's been hours since you bite something.
  • Drink water! sometimes your body will trick you, so you might think you're hungry and would end up cheating with bad snacks, when your body it's JUST thirsty !
  • If you don't exercise that much ( or as much as you'd like to ); always goes for smart choices: stairs instead of elevators, go walking or biking to work  - do not ever lose a chance of moving your body!


Stay healthy!

XO Carol

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First published on October 8th 2013, updated in 2019

The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck NYC

I do love street food. Period. I love healthy street vendors even more, and my all time favorite is "The Cinnamon Snail" vegan food truck NYC.

I love vegan donuts

I have been crazy for vegan donuts since the North American culture got into my life and I have to thank Cinnamon Snail for making the most delicious yet ' good for you '  donuts, brownies, cookies, bars and other treats. I'm sure it would catch your eye if you're wandering the streets of NYC and spot the cinnamon colored truck...



I have good news for you if you're not a crazy "Sweet Tooth" like myself, they also have these incredible delicious gourmet sandwiches made with seitan and more cause there is a plus : they serve vegan and organic food only.

Favorite treats at Cinnamon Snail

For a non typical day in my routine, I had the "special of the day" featuring maple hickory bbq seitan with smoked chili coconut bacon, marinated kale and roasted garlic aioli on a grilled baguette. It was way to heavy for my morning, but it was worth the experience cause I've never had a tastier vegan sandwich before.  Champs!

People working at the truck are super nice and helpful!

I also need to recommend the cinnamon roll, and my number 1 donut -the vanilla bourbon creme brulée : It is mindblowing!

You can find all the info you need on their instagram @cinnamonsnail , but I can bring you good news: they cater and have pickup locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Hoboken.

Have you spotted a green one and guessing what flavor is? It's Basil coconut!

When my favorite friends Dirk and Lonneke were about to leave NYC for a while, Fabio and I run earlier that day to grab an assortment of our favorite bites, and paid a visit to share some goodness and free the stress of traveling abroad for a while... I was lucky to bring some leftovers back home!

xo Carol

A healthy Lifestyle for Reebok magazine

Hello my dear friends!

I'm so happy to announce that this month of June, Reebok magazine featured allowing many Brazilians to know more about our healthy lifestyle. Fabio and I got the opportunity to show this through a beautiful photoshoot that took place at one of our favorite places anywhere in the world :  the Gym . LOL

There's nothing better than doing what you love , with the the ONE  you love , plus at a place you spend lots of time doing great things to your body and soul. This all benefits a healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy the images shot by photographer Lucas Fonseca , make up by Alex Origuella and style by Cesar Cortinove. Special thanks goes to Dinho Batista my super agent!

xo Carol ;)

Captura de Tela 2014-06-10 às 14.12.45


Captura de Tela 2014-06-10 às 14.13.36
"Couple Carol Fontaneti and Fabio Nunes shows their quemistry goes beyond the catwalk, fans of a healthy life style, they're photografed together for this exclusive spread"
Captura de Tela 2014-06-10 às 14.15.55
Ready to fight!
Captura de Tela 2014-06-10 às 14.14.45
Top model Carol Fontaneti, contributes to where she share with fellow model Lonneke Engel , gold tips on how to live an organic and nice life! 
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All kind of "fights" , like martial arts are ideal for those looking for dynamic activities - wrote the magazine.

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Captura de Tela 2014-06-10 às 14.14.10