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Get the right running shoes for you

I have been trying to improve my running skills for the past years ,and I have learned and experimented with things that really makes “the ride” more enjoyable. Usually listening to the perfect playlist, having good earphones and controlling your breathing were the first steps I had in mind, but it seems to be not enough! I […]

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My Fontaneti Jewelry

There are these moments in life when you discover a passion that is so strong it really overcomes you… that the only way is to totally immerse in that feeling. I was a very loved child by my grandparents, I had the best time growing up with them by my side – it was just […]

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Carolina and friend with cake

My grandma’s Banana Cake

I love food and all that is involved with it : searching for the nicest ingredients , prepping  and cooking. In my opinion there is no better reason to gather your loved ones than for a good homemade meal. When I was living by myself working as a model in France, one way I found […]

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New York City outdoor workout with friends!

It’s Summer in NYC and this one is the mildest of the last few years… We are in mid July and the thermometers haven’t reached 100 degrees yet. For me there isn’t a better combination than meeting with friends and doing a New York City outdoor workout! Last week our best friends Ricardo Baldin and his […]

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Healthy Brigadeiro

Every Brasilian knows that ‘Brigadeiro’ is an old time favorite. If you are craving for sweet and willing to indulge on some very much worth it little treat, here it comes my ultimate much healthier version: the healthy brigadeiro! I teamed up with my Dutch squad, Lonneke and her husband Dirk and after a happy […]

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The secret to a long-lasting modeling career

 I’ve heard many times people in the industry talking about how certain model’s career will finish after she become pregnant,  or because she gained weight …  There are too many reasons people could say a model’s career is over. But what is the secret to a long-lasting modeling career? As a model working for several years […]

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The Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck NYC

I do love street food. Period. I love healthy street vendors even more, and my all time favorite is “The Cinnamon Snail” vegan food truck NYC. I’ve been crazy for vegan donuts since the North American culture got into my life and I have to thank this guys for making the most delicious yet ‘ […]

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Captura de Tela 2014-06-10 às 14.16.22

A healthy Lifestyle for Reebok magazine

Hello my dear friends! I’m so happy to announce that this month of June, Reebok magazine featured allowing many Brasilians to know more about our healthy lifestyle.  Fabio and I got the opportunity to show this through a beautiful photoshoot that took place at one of our favorite places anywhere in the world : […]

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The World Cup 2014 in Brazil

Exactly one year ago, Brazil was having a historical moment. The entire month of June was filled with protests involving millions of Brazilians, many of which left the comfort of their homes to join the voice of the people for the first time in their lives. A voice that didn’t always scream for the same […]

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My photoshoot in Aspen

Working as a model has brought me so many opportunities, and one of the most challenging is to deal with the constant change of weather. As for now I’m enjoying a great warm Brazilian summer, but a month ago I  was in NYC with the blizzard invading the American sky, I was freezing! This past […]

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Organice your Good Heart: The Heart of Fashion

I’ve spent a lot of time asking myself what’s the best way to do something that really helps the ones in need. Every year, when the month of December comes, I want to make even more of what we’ve been doing all year around… Back in 2007, couple of my dearest friends had the amazing […]

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Making of Model Chocolate part 2

Hello beautiful readers! I share the cacao love with Organice Your Life® contributor Abigail O’Neill, so what’s better than getting together for some model chocolate making with friends? As Lonneke already shared her favorite recipe from Abigail’s Model Chocolate book HERE, I’m gonna share mine with you all. First of all, I wanted to congratulate Australian […]

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