Free Morgan

Please Help Us Free Morgan!

She is a young female Orca that was found off the coast of Netherlands in 2010, where she was captured as she swimming alone and very sick. She was brought back to the Dutch Dolphinarium where she was nursed back to health and was supposed to be released soon after.. but then she was sent to Loro Parque in Tenerife!

Now Big Marine Corporations are trying to keep her in captivity, just like the keep other killer whales in captivity. Orcas (or Killer whales) do not do well in captivity, physically or mentally, as the movie Blackfish showed us so clearly:

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There was a large court case in Amsterdam, and the ruling was a disappointment but they see chances the appeal would be successful. In the meantime Morgan is still at Loro Parque.

Please visit to see what you can do to help the experts free Morgan.

You can find me and my dutch friends Lonneke Engel and Doutzen Kroes as "Morgan's Angels on their "supporters" list.

in September 2018 Morgan has given birth to Ula, despite the fact that getting Morgan pregnant was a violation as breeding apparently was not permitted. You can read more about her pregnancy HERE.

Please help and do all you can to save the beautiful and precious Morgan and all the other orcas in kept in captivity. A killer whale does not belong in a small confined environment, they need to be free in nature.

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Love, Anne-Marie van Dijk

First published in 2011, updated with new information in 2020

Behind the Orca Smile

I would like to share with you the following story that is close to my heart.

Orca Tilikum and SeaWorld Orlando

In 2010, a veteran orca (killer whale) senior trainer was killed at a SeaWorld park in Orlando. Dawn Brancheau was killed by the largest male orca in captivity, Tilikum. Tilikum, for the past decades, has had an army of fans. Being a magnificent orca whale, he has been mesmerizing people young and old ever since his move to SeaWorld Orlando in 1992 (he was at Sealand of the Pacific – now closed – prior to that). However, darker truths are starting to emerge revealing the more obscure side of the captive whale and dolphin industry. For those of you who have seen The Cove, captivity is another facet of what happens to whales and dolphins caught, in this case, for the art of entertainment.

Changing the lives of the orcas kept in captivity

On April 25, 2011,  an incredibly important hearing took place between SeaWorld and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) which helped change the laws and regulations governing captivity forever.


UPDATE 2013: The documentary Blackfish was released about Tilikum:

UPDATE 2016:

In 2016 the Orca Welfare and Safety Act was signed into law.

In the battle with Seaworld, the Orcas have won.

UPDATE 2017: Tilikum died after a bacterial lung infection.

UPDATE 2019: A former SeaWorld trainer blows the whistle on the terrible lives of Killer whales in captivity

It is said that Seaworld is going to end their shows with orcas at the end of 2019

I have been researching and documenting whales and dolphins in captivity for the past 19 years, and hope they will all one day live a good life again!

I currently support the Whale Sanctuary Project:

We're building a model sanctuary where captive whales and dolphins can be rehabilitated and live permanently in their natural environment. - Whale Sanctuary Project

On behalf of all orcas, thank you so much for your support!


First published on February 14th 2011, updated with new information in 2019


Outside my house there is a big cherry tree.

It’s in the garden owned by my building but no one ever picks the cherries out of the tree. So this year my boyfriend and me decided to climb in there and pick some of the delicious cherries out of the tree.

Well… my boyfriend climbed in the tree, I didn’t dare actually…

But in the end we had one big bucket full, and two stomachs full of delicious fruit!


We had so much that we were worried we couldn’t keep them fresh long enough to eat them all. So we decided to make cherry lemonade out of it. We thought this would be a fun and delicious way to keep the fruit and we would be able to use it all!

We made this innovative construction to get the juice out of the cherries:

  • We took a big pan and filled it with a layer of water. ( I used my BIG pasta pan)
  • In the water we placed a metal bowl to catch the juice
  • And on top of that we hung a net over the pan and filled it with cherries
  • Then we let the water boil so the steam would take the juice out of the cherries

So in the end we had lots and lots of cherry juice and cherry pulp left over in the net, that I used to make a cherry cake!

Jummmmjummmm again!

After that we boiled the cherry juice and added sugar and lemon acid (as a natural preservative)

So now we have a few liters worth of cherry lemonade. We put it in all the bottles we could find and so it ended up in the sapmeesters detox bottles I still kept from the organiceyourlife detox week.

Because this is so much we have started to give away some of the bottles to our family. And it’s fun to see how everybody loves the idea of making your own lemonade and of course also the taste.

It’s has a sweet flavor that’s perfectly refreshing for the hot weather (just add water and icecubes!)

Green Juices

Green juices - Are they good for you? Green juices are potent drinks that can provide great health benefits when made fresh using organic ingredients. Compare them to an instant, active supplement that nourishes your body with live micronutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals.

When should you watch out? When health claims are blown out of proportion. Optimal health is achieved by consuming a varied diet rich in wholesome foods. There are no elixirs, no instant quick fixes - only fundamental changes in one's lifestyle can help one achieve optimal health.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! That's why we're here.

Recipe by Dr. Oz:

Green Juices

Serves: 2

  • 1 lemon
  • ½ cup parsley chopped
  • 1 rib of celery
  • 2 big handfuls of spinach
  • 1 pince of peeled ginger
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 2 apples

  1. Mix all ingredients