The nicest thing about Thanksgiving is being with your family and/or friends, and eating good food! Food is the best when it is shared.

When I am in New York City during Thanksgiving, I usually make a big vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner with the help of my friends. And all my friends without plans for Thanksgiving are always welcome to join. This always gives a nice and spontaneous group of friends that get to know each other over a nice dinner.

The preparation for Thanksgiving is to me the most fun. I buy nice plates and napkins and decoration for the table. I go to the farmers market to buy the veggies of the season.  I make fresh soup and hot spiced apple cider. I make a sweet pie and chocolates for dessert.

Most families will eat turkey this season, but there are many vegetarian options too for the main course.  Like this Hazelnut cranberry roast by Field Roast:

I am also obsessed with Candle Cafe restaurant. They just came out with a Holiday Cookbook. That is also available for the Kindle so you can cook with it for Thanksgiving. They bring delicious vegan recipes for the main course of your vegetarian Thanksgiving.

Here are some recipe ideas  to have a very Organice Your Life vegetarian Thanksgiving:


Roasted Artichokes.

[youtube id=”eoGXoPofUCY” align=”center”]

A Warming soup like this crunchy broccoli soup


Red Wine Vegan Risotto

Stuffed bell peppers


Raw Chocolate Fondue.

Old fashioned Apple Pie.

Abigail O’Neill’s Pumpkin Pie

What are you cooking this Thanksgiving?

Love, Lonneke