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The story behind Organice Your Life ®

Top model Lonneke Engel founded Organice Your Life ® in 2008, after she graduated as a Certified Health Counselor. She started a blog with daily updates including beauty & green living tips, recipes and other stories about her life as a successful Top Model traveling the world. Soon enough her model friends started to show interest and joined her on to also share their lifestyle choices. Organice Your Life ® has been growing every since: models, celebrities and industry experts are joining Organice Your Life ® to bring inspiration to you!

Organice Your Life's Lonneke Engel

Photo by Alique for Organice Your Life ®

Where does the name Organice Your Life ® come from?

The name came to us naturally when Lonneke by accident misspelled the word “Organize”, and  wrote a “c” instead of a “z”. She quickly realized “Organice” was the word that was exactly what she was looking for that fit with everything she wanted to express.  ‘Organice ‘ is made up  from the words “Organize, Organic & Nice“, 3 words we believe are key in living a healthy & happy life.

What does Organice Your Life ® we stand for?

Organice Your Life ® stands for sharing inspiration to help you organize your life in an organic and nice way. We believe in sharing experiences & knowledge from people who know best, to get the best out of YOU, and together become stronger to protect our health, our loved ones, our children, the Earth, nature and animals. Each little thing you do for yourself or for others helps to make yourself better, or the world around you a bit better.

The Organice Your Life ® Circle of Five.

Organice Your Life ® revolves around the Circle of Five. These 5 steps can help you to organize and improve your home, your finances, your career, your health, your relationships, and your good charitable work for others. We can give you the tools so you can make each area of your life the best possible! Simple steps can create big positive change, we believe especially when followed in our preferred order.Read more about the Circle of Five here.

More information about Organice Your Life ®:

  • The contributors of Organice Your Life ® are all young, celebrated & successful men and women from within the Fashion & Entertainment industry, and/or experts in their field.
  • We are always trying to look for the best, healthiest, organic, fair trade, animal friendly & humane options when we write our stories and articles.
  • Organice Your Life ® only supports initiatives we believe in. Our articles are our opinion for which we are not paid for, unless specifically mentioned that it is an endorsement.
  • Organice Your Life ® is a news and inspiration outlet. All articles are original. Contributors are not paid for their articles.

So What are you waiting for? Get Organiced®!

Lonneke Engel & The OYL team

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