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Opening Party Amsterdam Fashion Week

A great night out!

Opening Party Amsterdam Fashion Week

As having a good time is important in life, I am going to tell you about yesterday night,which was one of the most fun nights I have had in years! The night started with my sister, my boyfriend and myself going to a really nice restaurant in Amsterdam. After that, we went to the Style Today/ Amsterdam Fashion Week Opening Party at People’s Place in Amsterdam, which was part of the AFW Downtown program:

Amsterdam Fashion Week logoStyle Today logo

Lonneke & Lieke van Houten

Lonneke Engel & Lieke Van Houten, winner of Talent Award 2012.

I was there to present the Award of their Talent of the Year 2012 to pretty 15 year old model Lieke van Houten. Dressed in a beautiful burgundy Tony Cohen dress I did the presentation, and then enjoyed the party with my sister Marloes and boyfriend Bas, and other friends who came to celebrate. They served great drinks, in the shape of a closed sphere with a light inside and a straw coming out. Very original! The goodiebags, that included rhinestone flipflops by Uzurii, skincare by Dr. van der Hoog, Grazia magazine and a great diary with a design of horses, also included a first free botox (!) treatment. Not sure if I am going to use that gift card… haha!

Guests included singer Caro Emerald and astronaut Wubbo Ockels and rapper Sef performed. Bas Kosters was deejaying the night away. Find more pictures on Afterwards we went out with other friends until late at night. We danced, chatted and laughed so much I was crying and almost peed my pants because of it! We got into situations if I told you them you probably would not believe it as it came out of a movie. It was all good and really funny!

Marloes & Lonneke having fun

Sisters Marloes and Lonneke having fun!

I was the designated driver of the night, so I did not drink at all, but that does not mean you can’t have a good time! Actually, alcoholic drinks make me tired, and it is much more fun if you are the one who can remember everything that happened that night (wink wink) Even though I did not get my beauty sleep (I was in bed at 5.30am as driving home takes about 1.5 hours) I just want to say it was totally worth it. I am so happy with the loves in my life, my friends and the people I have met. Celebrating together is really living life!

Amsterdam Fashion Week has now officially begun. I will present the finale of The Green Fashion Competition on Friday January 27th. We are expecting amazing guests and great green fashion! So stay tuned to find my story here the coming days!

Lonneke The Green Fashion Competition

For now, enjoy this video of the beginning of the night!:

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