Today our population has hit 7 Billion People.

9,512 people are added to our global population every hour.


Imagine. We are but one of these 7 Billion people on this planet. Makes your daily troubles and worries seem minuscule, hey?

With already 1 billion of our population starving and in poverty, and literally without food, how are we going to feed our growing population, when in most cases our neighbors and fellow city dwellers are having trouble providing healthy food for their family? How do we solve this? Does a solution exist?

Personally there are many theories, I  believe that helping women in the developing world to finish their education, earn more money, and break the cycle of poverty that they were born into. To learn that  children is not the only and final way. And perhaps slow the blistering pace of global population growth. When I was living in Africa, these women, it is all they know, they aren’t allowed to get an education, and if they do they still fall pregnant early because of family pressure and culture.

In any case, what are some ways we can live more sustainably and green. I know it sounds quite unmountable, when you think of these numbers, BUT we can’t have that mentality, we CAN’T keep on living the way we do.I fear this will be our demise. People thinking that trash on the ground is ok, not recycling won’t make a difference, leaving the water running or the lights on because we are too lazy, or eating foods that are continually causing illnesses, disease and our planet to disintegrate before our eyes! Look at Mother Nature (!) I don’t think we need a bigger example… she is NOT happy, and neither is our planet.

We all have to take part in make our planet and world a better place, if we don’t who will? Educate your family, friends and children. Live the life, and through that you won’t only be making a difference but you will be encouraging others to follow suit.

We also need innovation and optimal use of our natural resources – through this we will hopefully be able to provide food for everyone, as it should be a basic right.

  • plant an herb garden
  • switch your lightbulbs to CFL’s
  • create a homemade compost bin
  • switch appliances to energy efficient models
  • use reusable bags
  • buy a reusable water bottle
  • wash laundry in cold water
  • turn OFF the lights
  • ride your bike/walk/car pool
  • shop at the farmer’s market
  • turn off and unplug appliances at night
  • pay bills online (Go paperless!)
  • stop junkmail
  • shop vintage
  • buy antique furnitures
  • support local restaurants that use food from the farmer’s market
  • fix leaky faucets
  • make your own household cleaners
  • learn about other cultures and people around the world- expand your horizons
  • lower the temperature in your house
  • eat organic and drink organic coffee!
  • use cloth napkins
  • watch Food Inc, read ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’
  • donate clothes
  • 5 minutes showers

These are but a few tips that I wanted to share.

7 Billion people, but it all starts with 1.

LOVE, Lisa