Want to change your diet and achieve a radiant health? But don’t know where to start? Start with your kitchen.

5 tools to make your kitchen a healthy kitchen.

Here are 5 essential tools that will help you to create delicious and healthy meals. I have all of them and use it every single day. I can’t imaging a healthy kitchen without those 5 musts.  Ok, here they are:

1. Blender

To blend smoothies and soups as well as salad dressings and batter.

2. Juicer

To juice those healthy fruits and vegetables.

3. Bamboo steamer

To steam your vegetables and other foods like dumplings.

4. Nut mylk bag

To make almond, hazelnut, brazil any kind of nut milks.


5.  Ceramic knife and bamboo cutting board.

Like these Kyocera knives, or these bamboo cutting boards.


 Love, Valentina Zelyeava