In most areas in the World it is very cold right now! How do you stay warm during Fall and Winter just like my dog Bane. I have a few tips:

Bane in Washington Square Park by Fairest Photo

5 tips to stay warm in the Winter

  1. Layer your clothes. 1 shirt and 1 thin sweater on top of each other will be warmer than 1 super thick sweater! This as the air gets in between the 2 layers and keeps you warmer. Make sure you bring your hat, scarf and gloves everywhere you go.
  2. Don’t go outside right after taking a shower. You will feel warmer right after the shower, but your pores are open, and maybe your hair is still wet, so when you go outside right away, you get (a) cold faster!
  3. If you are cold a smart tip from a model: use your blowdryer to warm up your clothes before you put them on! You can also do this with your coat before you go outside. Plus put your shoes next to the heater, they will warm up.
  4. Working out will make your body and blood move, and therefore all blood will be circulated better to all your extremities, and you will be less cold!
  5. Bring a large scarf or blanket everywhere you go, so when you are cold you can wrap it all around yourself! Enjoy the cold days!

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Love, Lonneke