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5 tips for a Good Heart

Everyone wants to do something Good for others once a while. You can give money to a charitable cause, or volunteer. You can just give away things you don’t need to others who can use it very well. There are so many things, big and small, easy or difficult, you can do for others. Doing good for others feels good!

Good Heart definition

Here are my 5 tips to do good for others:

1. Take care of yourself first. If you are strong & healthy, you have the best chance to succeed to help others. (Example: when an airplane is in trouble, you first put on the oxygen mask yourself and then help other passengers.)

2. Choose your focus. Choose your charity. What is the most important to you right now? Even if you want to, you can’t save the World and everyone on it. If everyone focuses on their own subject of passion, there will be more results possible faster and without too much waste of time and money.

3. Find out what you can share or give. If you have a lot of money, you can give money. If you don’t have money but you have time, you can volunteer. If you don’t have any of those, you can share knowledge or connections. You can maybe share products or services. Fact is that a lot is valuable. Money or things like knowledge: it is all worth a lot!

4. Look around your surroundings and in your group of friends/relationships to see what is needed and what people focus on. Sharing is caring. Together you are stronger.

5. Organize. The better you are organized (or “organiced”), the more success you will have.

My focus is with Organice Your Life sharing knowledge and information. Besides that I love animals so I focus on charities that care for animals. Because Gandhi said it well:

Gandhi quote animals

Even though I support ALL Charities in my heart, I focus now my support to the ASPCA, NYCLASS, & Dierenbescherming.  I also give my unwanted clothes and household products to friends, and local people who don’t have much to spend. It feels good :)

What do you focus on?

Love, Lonneke

Gandhi quote from World Farm Animal Day

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One Response to 5 tips for a Good Heart

  1. christophe February 8, 2013 at 10:50 am #

    Hi Lonneke,
    Thank you for this great article which is very important I think !
    Honestly, I must be a selfish because I do not do much for others ! (shame on you Christophe !).
    I give every year for 20 euros to somalia, and also 20 euros to “ARC” (fight against cancer), I am part of a Associtation which is called “les restos du coeur” (heart Restaurants) it is an association that collects food for people who do not earn much money.
    I don’t do the collection of food, but the distribution the two previous Saturday Christmas. (the association collects and distributes food all winter).
    Finally, I give blood every year, and I encourage everyone healthy to do so. (Donated blood saves lives).
    I know that for you, animal welfare is very important, what annoys me the most is seeing people hit their animals, or during the summer holiday to see people abandon their pets on the side of the road!
    If you don’t like animals, or if you don’t have time to take care of an animal, please don’t buy one !!
    Thank you for all the work you do for animals (and other associations) Lonneke !

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