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2012 Year in review… hello 2013!

Freelance illustrator Joey Holthaus

Follow me, I’ll be your river, river, I’m here to keep you floating
Follow me, I’ll be your river, river, river, river, yeah
Wherever you’re standing, I will be by your side
Through the good, through the bad, I’ll never be hard to find
Emeli Sandé – RIVER LYRICS


Every Monday morning my lovely husband Mark sends me a WhatsApp message with a song that describes what he feels for me. “River“, from newcomer Emeli Sande, was the first song I’ve recieved in 2012. It expressed what 2012 was all about for us. Especially how he supported me. “Through the good, through the bad.”

2012 was mainly a year of saying goodbye. The older you get (yes, 33 and still counting), the more and faster you unfortunately facing death. This year I had to say goodbye to my dear father-in-law Wim (67). He died too early and unexpectedly. “Thinking from opportunities” was his motto. I miss him every day.

Sweet little Abel (son of friends) was only 5 days old. On May 17, Ascension Day, we all lifted up colorful balloons, including a personal message for him. Very special and touching.

Nightsister Hans B, the man who introduced me to the wonderful gay world when I was 17, lost his short battle with cancer. Bye bye sweetheart.

Balloons for little Abel

Mark was there for me, and I was there for him. On December 12, 2012 at 12 PM (what a coinsidence!), exactly one year after our registered partnership, Mark and I got inked! Now we share a common tattoo. It became the symbol of us together, the &-sign in the shape of a heart: never be parted.

Getting inked! Mark’s wrist, Joey’s bicep

In 2012 I asked myself which illustration style is the right one for me: what felt good to discover, to develop? What is really a “Joey”? I collected all my work, to get a closer look. I had so many!

I’ve made a selection, and found out that these are my best styles: Contemporary, Fluent, Sketch & Satire.

Contemporary Style Joey Holthaus- Lady Gaga 2012

Contemporary Style Joey Holthaus- Lady Gaga 2012

My discovery for my best style(s) this year gave me inner peace. I create illustrations for more than 20 years, and only now I realize what kind of style I have really developed.

In 2012 I did so many great things: the exposition in the Gallery room in hotel Modez for two months, the illustrations for Organice Your Life, Newmills, Modetuin, Mippies, Humanoid, eigen! Arnhem magazine and many more. Every day I love to work as a freelance illustrator!

Gallery Room 22 Hotel Modez Arnhem by Atelier Joey Holthaus

Gallery Room 22 Hotel Modez Arnhem by Atelier Joey Holthaus

Three weeks ago I was told that my illustration of Grace Coddington (creative director VOGUE USA) was the winning design of an i-D Magazine competition! What a great news to end a fabulous creative year!

Winner! Illustration Grace Coddington by Joey for i-D magazine

Hello 2013! Mode Biennale 2013 (MoBa 13) is coming to Arnhem, I want to go to Berlin, New York and maybe LA for some inspiration… Can’t wait to start my creativity!!!

So what are your plans? What are you going to do? Share it!




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One Response to 2012 Year in review… hello 2013!

  1. christophe January 8, 2013 at 6:13 am #

    Hi Joey,
    Really sorry for your family died this year at the same time congratulations for the year 2012 and happy new year 2013.
    For the year 2013, I had the plans to participate in marathon in Paris the next
    april 4th, but my friends and I have canceled (I’m really disappointed because
    I hardly ever moved from my home town of Cholet, it would have been really great (Wow !! great trip ! there are at least 3 minutes jet lag !!!!)), so I don’t know yet what I’ll do in my area.
    In my private life, it’s imperative that I solve a problem in a clear, definitive and irreversible.(I think, sometimes being too nice isn’t a good thing !).
    Again, Happy new year Joey.

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