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10 fun things to do in the Weekend

Most people use the Weekend to recharge for the following work week. But when the Weekend comes, all they want to do is relax and do nothing. But some people actually get bored doing nothing. So what can you do on a Saturday or Sunday that is fun, but doesn’t feel like work too much? Here is a list of 10, with 5 ideas following our circle of 5 by Organice Your Life®!

Lonneke- Ralph Lauren

Lonneke for Ralph Lauren.

1. Organice Your Home. The Weekend is a perfect time to just do the chores in your home you have been putting off for so long. So your house is clean and organized for the week(s) to come. Find more tips and articles on how to Organice Your Home HERE

2. Be creative. Draw, paint or do home improvement in the Weekend Also you can be creative with boxes of memories: You know you save a lot of things as memories, but they usually end up in a box. Or more than one box. They take up a lot of space and before you know it you don’t look in those boxes anymore because it is just too much stuff. Maybe it is a good time to take that box and file all your papers you want to keep as memorabilia? It is a nice thing to, to make an album with your favorite memories, pictures and papers. And it is also a great conversation subject next time friends or family come over. Not to mention just for your own history, you need to file it the way you want to be remembered!

3. Organice Your Agenda. Pay the bills you have been putting off. Make a to-do list for the following week so you feel organized in your head. Check your agenda what you need to do that week and maybe you can already prepare a few things! Because putting things to do off until the very last moment brings a lot of stress, and if you have some time to work on it, even on a free day, maybe that put your mind more at ease the rest of that free day. Are there fun events coming up? Maybe you can already look for the perfect outfit! For more ideas on how to Organice Your Agenda check HERE.

4. Check your local newspaper to see if there are fun events happening in your neighborhood this weekend. Like flea markets, street fairs or music festivals. Always fun to go to, even last minute!

5. Organice Yourself. Take some time to pamper yourself. Shave, massage or paint your nails. Put on a mask or do a zen meditation. Work out, or do a session of pilates. Anything that makes you feel good inside and outside, a free Sunday afternoon is a perfect time to focus on that! Plus take a nice long nap to feel great again! For More tips on how to take care of yourself check HERE.

6. Go for a long walk around your neighborhood. Fall or Spring, Summer or Winter, every season it is a great time to go outdoors and see what your city or village has to offer. A great way is to walk the dog if you have one. Not only your dog gets his or her needed exercise, you do too! Walking every day is the best way to reduce the risk of the most common diseases like cardiovascular disease. Walking is in our list of 5 Easy tips for Healthy Living.

7. Organice Your Relationships. Spend time with the people you love! Go visit your friends or family who you maybe haven’t seen in a long time. Spend time with your loved one doing something he or she really loves doing. Trust me doing that in a weekend is a perfect time to bond with each other! For more things what you can do to connect more with your favorite people check HERE.

8. Play a (board) game with friends or family. It is super fun but also really good for relationships to spend time together. Not only that, playing games train the mind And maybe you win and your weekend is even better! Find some of our favorite board games HERE

9. Organice Your Good Heart. The Weekend charity work! Go help out a local animal or people shelter. Or help your neighbor or friends with doing daily chores. Makes you feel great inside too! for more info on charities you can help or other Good Heart project check HERE>

10. Have fun in the Kitchen. Go through the foods you still have in your pantry and create a delicious meal with that. Work on your cooking skills and become a great chef. Cook for friends, or for yourself the rest of the week. Find delicious, healthy recipes on our Recipes Page HERE.

Circle of Five

 If you want more information on our OYL Circle of Five, please read more HERE.

I hope this gave you some inspiration to what you can do in your Weekend!

Love, Lonneke

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4 Responses to 10 fun things to do in the Weekend

  1. Angeleni June 23, 2013 at 12:27 pm #

    Interesting things to do& this topic is very well organized!!
    Thank you stunning Lonneke:-)

  2. christophe June 23, 2013 at 1:10 pm #

    Hello and thank you for your advice Lonneke,
    Aaaaah, the weekend, what a great subject !! To be honest, I don’t like my job (I established forcasts and I also do statistics, bbrrrrrrr, I work with numbers all day !) and every Monday morning I say myself “strongly the weekend,” (This is not the end of the weekend right now !!? Oh my god, noooooo !!!).
    More seriousIy, I think it is important, essential to plan (to organize) his weekends to have a happy and fulfilled life, I find your advice are very interesting and are excellent ideas.
    I also think it is important to leave room to the unexpected, personally I don’t like to know what I’m going to do minute by minute, (then, the unexpected, surprise, the unpredictable is important for me, this is also a part of my organization !).
    Thank you again for your excellent advice Lonneke.

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