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Lonneke Engel and her love Cooper Milo

The love for horses

Funny moment with Lonneke & silly horse. Picture by Joey Holthaus

The relationship between a horse and a human is an old one. It goes way back.

Before 3500 BC humans knew how to deal with the wild horses. They used them for agriculture, hunting, carrying luggage for long yourneys, and later on sports!

Nowadays horses are still bred, for many sports like dressage, jumping, western riding and driving (horse-drawn carriage). For the most success in any horse-related activity, you have to build a good relationship with the horse to get the best of the best.

My friend Lonneke, who is the Founder of this amazing website, has been riding for years and has 3 horses that she visits when she is in Holland. When she is away she has her friends take care of them each day so they get the best treatment possible.

I know Lonneke now for more than 10 years, but this last year we got closer. I really enjoy our funny moments (I love it when she’s laughing!), but also our serious talks about everything.



I was excited to go with Lonneke to her horses and we spend an afternoon cuddling with the horses, taking pictures and I even got to ride!

Lonneke’s 3 horses:

Key West & Lonneke Engel. Picture by Joey Holthaus

Key West & Lonneke

U2 & Lonneke

Lonneke and one of her loves: Cooper Milo

Cooper Milo & Lonneke

Lonneke told me that I could ride Key West, because of his kindness and his patience. Key West is already a Senior with his age of 20 years, but he is still in great shape and has a nice stable and field all for him and his friend, a tall brown horse named Woody. And indeed: Key West was so sweet and calm, like he knew I did not have that much experience.

Lonneke Engel, Key West & Joey Holthaus

Lonneke Key West & Joey.

The last time I was riding a horse was in 1999, when I visited Iceland. I was there with my boyband All Of Us, for some teambuilding. It was so cool to ride a horse in the snow!

Now I was a bit scared in the beginning, but when I saw this sweet horse all my worries vanished. Even in the open field he behaved perfectly and gave me trust to ride him. Riding horses is based on trust from both sides. You have to trust the horse and the horse has to trust you.

Key West & Joey Holthaus. Picture by Lonneke Engel

Key West & Joey Holthaus by Lonneke

Lonneke Engel & her love Key West. Picture by Joey Holthaus

Lonneke & Key West

It was so nice to be around these kind and lovely horses! I fell in love with them too.

So, what do you do to spend time with friends? Let me know!



All pictures by Joey Holthaus

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2 Responses to The love for horses

  1. Lonneke August 9, 2012 at 8:31 am #

    My biggest loves!!! Was such a fun day Joey! Xlonn

  2. jota August 10, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

    Dear friend,
    Knowledge gives ( usually) freedom

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